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  1. Wow. Lot of trolls today. I would answer you guys but I have to get ready to leave town to visit my parents. But then again most of you are too pathetic for my notice. Like the buzzing of a fly caught in a spiders web. Just making noise in the vain attempt that someone will hear you and a miracle will occur. I might have some time left this evening though. So please entertain yourselves until then.
  2. heh heh heh. No. My mind is already far too bazaar for me to try and alter it with 'experimentation'. I'm just trying to live my life by a rule I set for myself when I was a kid. "Never grow up, no matter how old you get" As long as you retain the childlike outlook of wonder at the world, you can do anything and still be responsible. I've been happy with it. I think other people would be too. It also helps if, after buying something that is not required to continue living, by saying, "I got a new toy, YAY!" I convinced my mother to do that and she admits that it is a lot more fun
  3. Heh. I'm 22. I'm trying to finish collage and get a job before I start making pitches to software companies. Or, if something unprecidented happens and the Never-Gonna-Happen-Chance of someone reading this board thinks that my stuff is good enough, then I would go right for a job. But basically, I just spent my years observing trends in gaming, listening to what the fans want, what types of games go under for what reasons, and basically create games that would entice me as a gamer. I place a lot of value on my own Gamer-Sense-Tingle when I think up an idea. I've come up with some g
  4. Well, I can certainly understand the lazy part. Now. As for the "Spamming". I explained what I was doing in the very first post in this thread. It's purpose. I have also modified all my previous posts so that the only parts containing unneeded information were condensed into a single post label very clearly as a "Thank you post that does not contain any valuable information in it" after some other people complained, and rightly so I suppose. Perhaps you can take another look back to see if it meets with you requirments now about non-spamming, and then tell me if I was yet again incorre
  5. REG, no offense, but learn to use a capitol letter. The post you quoted was one of my original posts. I moved it to this one because people at the old one encouraged me to do so. And now, because you have used a quote that is non-conforming to the question you asked, I am confused by you. Therefor I cannot provide you with any answer. Please ask a clear question with a proper quote and I will give you the answer to the best of my abilities. And yes. I know it's Revan, because someone pointed it out on the old board after that post. I left it like that of purpose. Because I am lazy.
  6. Aegis, since I have no intention of having this go on forever, how about this. I have already deleted half of my abrasive posts, simply because I do not like the way they reflect on me. If you delete all of your abrasive posts, I will delete the other half of mine and this topic can go back to normal (post deletion will include this post of course). That way it'll be like it never happened for the most part. And in the future, if we want to rumble we can create a new thread for it. Let me know your answer when you see this.
  7. He he he. You're free to quote anything I say that you like Laozi. I would just like to get the credit for it if you use it in a forum post. Just as a favor mind you. If you don't that perfectly fine too. Like I said, have at it.
  8. I would say I am really creative. Especially since I have been fleshing out ideas for...how many...7 games in 3 different game series for possible pitches to game designers. I can give info on characters and plots because I have this info Date Stamped already. But I won't unles someone asks me for it. The first series is best described as SquareEnix inspired RPG style, but following the myths of anchient Europe, including Quintessence, and a multi-dimensional universe to explain new chatacters and worlds with different rules of physics to them. I have the broad plot, character designs
  9. I have already edited my posts and condensed all my "thank you"s to a single post. Which will make it far easier for people to either read them, or if they don't wish to see them, skip them entirely. Even though you never suggested anything like that during you "tantrums" you were still the one that convinced me it was a good idea. Also I removed the "Biography stuff". As it usually turns out, writing something in public just because you are bored is not a good idea at all. So, after comments from multiple people, I understood and removed them. Sugi, sugi. If I felt like posti
  10. Really? A gleefull grin crosses the face of the Kunai Then I think I'll like it here. Very much. In fact, to quote MST 3K "I LIKE IT VERY MUCH".
  11. Okay. The reason why I included all the posts? I wanted to thank everyone by name on a more, 'one on one' basis. I can't help but feel that that kind of gesture is more heart warming than just saying "Thank you". And as for your possible reasons for my rereading them, you missed a fourth possible reason. Why do people looking at pictures of family vacations, or read love letters, or listen to songs they heard when the were happy? Because there are good memories and pleasant feelings associated with them. I reread them while I was reposting them because they give me a warm and fuzzy
  12. Thank you JMR. I will do so. I still have at least 3 subjects to cover on my own, but most of their content is pure conjecture. As such I will have to be careful about how I present my ideas and arguements. It will take a little time and a clear head to do that. And as of right now I have neither. I hope to experience yours and everyone elses patience in this. Domo Arigatou Gosaimashtah
  13. You know Aegis, out of that whole thing, all I really feel the need to respond to (because it is simply not worth the time to write anything down about your other arguements, since I have answered them several times over already) is this. I included that because I felt it was an accurate description of you and your attitude. I decided to use a mature term because the words "a wah-wah-cwy-bwaby-snoty-snot-snot-snot-doody-head" would have been a little juvenial, and thus, mean. Thats not to say it is not an accurate term to use, but I didn't want to take the risk of offending you. Thats
  14. Give me some credit! I left a link on GameFaqs for people to follow. I also told them to check for my gratitude. Also, after I figured out that I was going to be throwing a bunch of stuff in here that doesn't really matter at all I decided to make it Orange. Color coding the part that is not needed gives people the ability to see, and skip it if they want. As for why I put it in in the first place. I was bored. And whenever I write something it is always stream of conscousness and by the seat of my pants. Sure I'll revise it later if I have the mood to do so, but for the most part I wr
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