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  1. In the same vein, I suspect that they need a swoop-racing scene to the tune of "Greased Lightning" or maybe War - Low Rider. Are we allowed to use stuff that was cut out of the final games? If so, then I daresay: Atton End Scene - Cutting Crew - "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" Any of the space combat stuff - Apollo 440 - Lost in Space
  2. Kreia: You are not a Jedi. Not truly. And it is for that that I love you. Exile: Why Mrs Robinson, are you trying to seduce me? *ducks*
  3. Working my way through Telos Station, doing favours for assorted people. I just got the blaster from the attackers when I picked up the Ithorian droid, and asked Chodo about it. He, as usual, told me to talk to Lt. Grenn... who has no option to talk about the blaster. Have I missed a step out somewhere? I'm almost sure I did it this way last time and it worked (only difference is that I'm running the patched version.)
  4. The Jedi actually tend to be somewhat flawed in their approach. Their (given what happens to the sith, quite sensible) idea about not letting emotions rule, and peace and serenity seems to have fallen into a kind of monastic ascetic kind of idea. Rather than confront, and deal with emotions in their proper place (or let them run unrbidled as the sith do), their teachingss are nothing more than a self-denial/head in the sand concept, which, as anyone who's ever read any of the headlines about some of teh things catholic priests get up to will know, is liable to backlash sooner or later.
  5. You find out later that the navicomp was voice locked by T3 (though Revan voicelocking it so only T3 could use it also makes sense.)
  6. True. And just to show that I have absolutely no respect for anything... "We few, we happy few!" "We band of buggered..."
  7. What a pity activision support pages don't appear to know that the game exists. It's all a crock
  8. That must be how Kreia killed the Jedi Masters... it was the salmon mousse.
  9. Darth Tedious - He's patient. Damn patient. Maybe too patient. The dark side gave him longevity, so he used it to defeat all his enemies by outliving them. No fun at parties though. Darth Bilious - He's just plain sick. Darth Taff - Sometimes known as Jones the Dark Side.
  10. You're free, little gizka... Go, run, multipl.. oh, too late....
  11. Sure, I got your Gizka right here.... ...and here, and here, and here, and... oh bumeyes.
  12. I still say he's insanely crap compared to handmaiden, in terms of what he brings to our character. That meditation thing cannot remotely compare with the wis bonus to def ability that the handmaiden teaches you.
  13. It does beg the question though. Can a simpler plot, if better written and implemented, with more depth on characterisation, and character interaction, outdo a more complex, subtly nuanced plot that's just badly implemented? I'd say yes, far far too many people I've talked to say no.
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