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  1. atm i have 3x-92 right hand and 2x-8x left. and im far from the end. so i guess 110 max is possible in my case. btw sith marauder :D lvl 23
  2. afaik bastila is on telos with carth later in the game. thats why i was kinda surprised since it wasnt any projection, echo or wotever. but well it really doesnt matter, your story with Carth beats mine
  3. Ola, i was just curious wot special skills/abilities/feats/blahblah can u learn from your sidekicks/jedi masters. i played the game twice already LS consular and DS guardian. now as LS Cons i learned handmaiden: wisdom modif adds to def visas: force vision kreia: alot force breath something to controll beasts some increase in FPoints jedi masters: various lightsabre forms few force abilities (afinity, blah blah) Dark side: Furrbag (harnarr or wots his name) : +2str/+1conc perm bonus now ill play the game prolly again for like 5 times but i w
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