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  1. It's been awhile since I played both games (about to reinstall 2 though :D ) but here were my guys... KOTOR 1 Male, Light Side Bald shaven young black guy Some nice jedi robes brownish or whatever. I forget exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was a double-bladed orange lightsaber. Class - I was the medium sized class then went to guardian. KOTOR 2 Male, Dark Side Bald young black guy (but now with beard) Dark black jedi robes 1 single silver lightsaber Class - both of the heavy classes. When I got KOTOR 2 I had assumed that I would still play as Revan. I was also OVERJOYED to see that the young black guy had made a reappearance (has grown a beard now) and my kotor 2 char was intended to be an 'older' Revan.. well I guess after playing kotor 2 it all changed lol..
  2. Mockery: Of course, you and your bootleg line of HK droids have fully "opposable" thumbs, with a mind of their own. Extrapolation: This thread has gone long enough that I think it's safe to say it won't be locked.
  3. In Kotor 1, my guy was Karent Kerner. He was the bald black guy that looked really cool. (Turned damn evil too hehe) Then my second playthrough I named him Revan. I Just HAD to get those lines like, "Don't worry. I'm changed now. I'm not Revan, I'm Revan." "The name's Revan. Thanks for asking." "That's impossible. I can't be Revan. I'm Revan." In Kotor 2 my evil guy was Karent Kerner. When I first made a character the first one I noticed was the bald black guy, except he now had a beard (I know this is in the future). Of course I didn't know what KOTOR 2 would be like, so I picked the same bald black guy in hopes that I would be Revan again. But I wasn't... <_<
  4. When you see the thugs with Lorso and they run DONT talk to Grenn, go on with your game, when your in the restoration zone (where you crash and meet bald dur) youll run into them, kill them, then tell Green.
  5. Its really funny when you first go up to him and you have Visas. He's like: "We could use an attactive dancer like her over there" "No."
  6. Two come to mind right now.. On Telos if your going Darkside, and Atton comments on your face getting old and your starting to look like Kreia, he says some sort of insult like "Your getting eaten up by the force and now your showing it" then immediately after I say "Let's Play Pazaak." Also on Telos when you steal the medical supplies for the evil dobo smuggling merchant, the guard runs in and asks what's going on, and my exile was like THE CANISTER JUST BURST OPEN! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. ROFL!!!
  7. When Master Vrook stared at me I said "That Jedi belongs in his cage" and then I waved as he got shipped to Nar Shadda. :D Good bye Vrook. I thought that after Kotor 1 you would have died before 2 started.
  8. Doesn't Neelix from Star Trek have voice dialogue's in the game? I'm pretty sure he was in Kotor 1 also. The only place I see him in 2 is on Telos in docking bay 2 when you take the droid and thugs come in. The TSF guard that mentions having to do all this paperwork (now that the thugs are dead) is Neelix.
  9. I haven't used G0-T0 much but I'm starting a 3rd player where I play as "Goto" and I'm gonna use primarily HK and G0-T0.. :D
  10. But when the clans are reunited, he says "Get the rest of your clan..." so I guess that's everyone on the planet.
  11. It would be neat if, in Kotor 3, they ask you what revan and the exile looked like (to set them up right like how you set male/female in kotor 2) then you surprisingly meet them sometime.
  12. The bond is real. When one of you buffs, it affects the other. That's proof. You talk to others about it, they say "yeah, blah blah blah" but then you say "There's a catch. It's lethal, it works both ways" and they say "oh never heard of that"... The force bond is there, it's just not actually lethal, she just tells you it's lethal. And for those that asked why you don't get hurt in combat, she specifically said "I think our minds are enough to shield us from harm during battle".
  13. After you leave peragus and your going through the blue vortex (look outside the ship in ****pit) theres an option to ask kreia about something about how the wars went, and bam thats your quest.
  14. When you fight Master Vrook (gay old jedi from kotor 1) and he says "You are arrogant enough to distract yourself while fighitng me?" (also notice how his lightsaber turns off). The funny thing is when I say "Your form is like a charging boma. I will show you how it is done." It just seems SO FUNNY to me how my guy says "I will show you how it is done". LOL ROFL Edit: here we go..
  15. Here's one that I thought was a little funny, but I also liked the way my guy looked when I took it.
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