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    The beautiful river, which my death relatives are waving, calling me at another side of shore with the spooky boatman begging me a coin for he could get me across.
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  1. Three Jedi for Planetary revolution
  2. crashing each other at the cross road.... That's already really vevy original bishojo love story style ever!!!!!! I love IT!!!! :D Anyway, I wish to know who is these girl under Mira and Visas. And, oh, Kreia? where is she? Is she a sort of school headmaster or dreadful nanny? "
  3. I love to clear the Exchange from the face of galaxy...whatever side I chose.
  4. That would be frigging awesome (w00t) starts drooling now <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah... I wish you increase some space on the top of canvas and draw Revan bigger. Anyway, that's wonderful work, Eisu.
  5. Great jobs, Aimo. BTW I wish to see....ummm.... Younger Kreia? From the first time Atton talk to you about 'an old witch' and told you she might used to be a good looking one. I begin to imagine how does Kreia look when she was 20s yr ^^; ? Ah... Forget about her eyes, anyway...
  6. From 2 times ending the game, I can't let Visas teach me her Force sight. No matter how I speak. How can I get this force?
  7. I've tried. When I got a save of peragus mining facility from kiwegapa. His save, however, is playable in my comp (never before....) and that's the first time I could move the exile through the outer part of mining facility. His character was in space suit. I've walk around, talk to atton, and meet an event that the Republic ship is harboring at mining facility. The last thing I could do is go through another door that lead into mining facility again, and that's the end. The game was crash...back to desktop with the last view inside the facility, freezing just like that T3's vision whi
  8. Oh... giant strom beast, I remember it well... First time I see in from the cut scene I've thought the It's a pack of formal strom beast come across my light saber again... But when I close to it...... "My LS consular Exile : Oh, shhit..." It's just giant like its name And I ran like there're no tomorrow. :"> ... haha that's shame Last creature I found and match that big is Krythe Dragon from K1 but I didn't fight him, pity... In Fact, I want to see such big Rancor in K1 like our neighbour Xbox... Great job, Obsidian.
  9. I love this conversation... Half-naked Female Exile on Peragus : ....Blah Blah Blah, And I've found some cloth here. Atton : Dammit!!!
  10. I just think positively, and i don't want to be called moron here. 1 month from the first day they entitled "Patch coming soon" in this site, we still wait. Last time I saw Chris, he just said about bug patching and stabilizing such content... Until now I've never heard of patch progression, any.... Sometime I think they're working more than that. What if they're response to our moan and try making some cut scene?? Bah. It's just a day dream... = = But we still need patch, surely... So Fight on your way. Obsidian... I'll wait until I died
  11. Dear Fettman, They ain't little bugs. Not little at all. if you're the one of us you'll know how we feel it we can't play the game quite well and meet such interuption all the time you start to play. Another time I say,They ain't little bug at all. That's why we start moaning and complaining. If you don't know, I will tell you that some of our people can't even play it... get pass from character creation many people stuck in Dantooine and wherever they go. All we complain, it's not too much, really. And it's our right of customer to comnplaint what's pervent us from playing "your e
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