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  1. I didn't notice either. Now I'm going to have to go back and look at them both.
  2. I always have Atton in my party unless forced to do otherwise, then I usually switch between HK-47, Kreia and Bao-Dur for my second companion. My favorite two are probably Atton and Bao-Dur, I enjoy their dialogs and I think they've got great/useful skills. Disciple gets the pick if I'm in need of an excellent melee character.
  3. I'm having the same issue not getting past 99% mastery either. The high charisma thing makes sense. I had no problem gaining Mastery for the NPCs with my high CHA Counsular/Master, but I'm not having any luck at all with my Sent/Watchman with more moderate CHA (13 or 14 at present).
  4. The artwork is great on both [edit: all three] counts. The 1st one with Atton and the frustrated Exile just kills me - hilarious! I was so sick of the pazaak line by the end of the game... but I kept clicking in hopes that he just might have something else to say. LOL Well that, and to hear the voice.
  5. LS Female Jedi Sentinel for my first game. She was by far my favorite character to date, even though the Tarentateks and Malak were a big challenge for her (as opposed to my Jedi Guardian). I've always been too caught up in the redemption story to play DS myself.
  6. Only three?! That's really hard, but here are my favs: 1. Kreia - Superb voice acting IMO. Made the character very real and believable. 2. Bao-Dur - Just wow. 3. Scion - I really liked the way he delivered his lines, and I was totally intrigued by his character. I'm also a sucker for a Scottish accent.
  7. Yes, I had a hard time unlocking all of the conversations (most of them actually) the first time around. It was a little frustrating especially since I did Nar Shadaa last and that's where most of your party members are picked up and where you get the triggers for Atton's dialog about his past. I'd like to see a combination of the two coversation triggers (influence & level up) in Kotor III.
  8. Ah, that clears things up a bit. Thank you for that post. Yes, that too. " I just found him to be a little too worshipful at times, and honestly kind of strange looking. As weird as it sounds, I didn't really get terribly annoyed with him until I had Mira ask if he and my PC linked up a power-coupling. That just freaked me out because I never saw that comment coming. That's when I realized that Disciple was in love with my PC instead of Atton (oops). Since I did Nar Shadaa last, any hopes of an Atton romance/dialog were pretty much dashed. I was having the "I killed Jedi" conver
  9. Your artwork is really fantastic. Thanks for posting it (hope to see more).
  10. I was wondering about this, because my 2nd play I went to Nar Shadaa first so I could get Atton's influence as high as possible before heading out to Dantooine. I actually didn't get the scenes between Atton and Disciple even though my influence was in the positive for both (but higher with Atton). *shrugs* I did manage to get the "Meditation Envy" and "Power-coupling" dialogs and the one with Bao-Dur and Atton as well. The first time I played, I went to Dantooine first and Nar Shadaa last (not knowing any better) and I missed the entire Atton "romance". Instead I had stalker-boy
  11. I'll second that. I did Dantooine/Korriban/Onderon/Nar Shadaa on my first playthrough and Mira was a huge pain in the rear to keep alive. My second time I did Nar Shadaa/Dantooine/Onderon/Korriban. Much, much better IMO for many reasons. For one, I wasn't able to make anyone a Jedi except for Disciple in my first game. In my second game, I had my party members earlier so gaining influence wasn't such of a last-minuite-rush. Also, I think some of the best items are on Dantooine (lightsaber crystals & parts) and Nar Shadaa (HK parts come to mind, but I liked the Twin Sun's blades too
  12. Ditto. Even if schedules and responsibilities don't allow you (the Developers) the time to reply/interact on the boards, it's still a great place for fans of your games to congregate and discuss things. At the very least, it's one way for you to get lots of feedback. (w00t) Hope to see these forums around for some time to come.
  13. I thought this game was outstanding in almost every respect. I encountered a few bugs here and there, but nothing earth shattering, and the only disappointment I had was the end. But that said, I'm playing through for the second time and plan to play through again and again with different character builds. I'm so addicted to this game that it isn't even funny (at least not to my starving hubby who hasn't had a hot meal in 2 weeks :D ). I love the influence system. I think that it truly enhances the replayability of the game. I'm even going to play DS (which I've never wanted to do be
  14. I just have to add my voice to the masses here. I just can't even describe how disappointed and totally let-down I was at the end of this game. *pouts* The ending was almost a shock after having played through what was, up to the point of Malachor V, an outstanding game. I still can't believe that all of that fantastic material was cut. I can only imagine that Obsidian's disappointment runs as deep as ours. This game was their baby after all (well adopted from Bioware to an extent, but you know what I mean), and I'm guessing that it probably wasn't their decision to put in some hack '
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