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  1. I generally go Nar Shadaa, Dantooine, Dxun/Onderon, Korriban. I might try switching Dxun/Onderon and Dantooine around and see how it goes, loot-wise, but I like having Atton and Mira in my party when I pick up Disciple.
  2. I'm so glad they gave T3-M4 a personality in this one. I'd used him as my rescuer in kotor 1, so in my head he was already kinda R2-D2-ish, but in a recent replay I realized how little the game actually supported that.
  3. Yeah, the baby's not the goal so much as a side effect. If humans and Iridonians can't interbreed, so much the better!
  4. I strongly prefer female LS Revan, slightly prefer female Exile. The Bastila/Revan bond might be improved by a male Revan, but nearly every other relationship is either the same for both genders or better with a female, IMO. When Canderous tells female Revan he's her man forever, I get the feeling he doesn't just mean as a soldier (she won't take him up on that, but that's her choice- he's there if she wants something done right *cough*). I like the dynamic between Malak and a female Revan, and maybe he took his shot from afar not out of fear of his Master, but some sort of "never hit
  5. I get the impression that the deaths at Malachor (and the deaths at Alderaan), caused a 'sound' in the Force that is really more of an emotional pain, rather than physical. If most of the Jedi who were fighting in the war had chosen to do so for emotional reasons, they would have already been a bit unstable from a Jedi Code point-of-view; MalV probably tripped their emotion circuit breakers, so to speak. The cascade of emotions that would likely ensue would have nudged most of the Jedi over to the dark side. Because of all the bonds, the Exile must have felt the physical pain of havin
  6. I love your Disciple! Good luck on your exams! (Would it be selfish of me to hope you do really well on your exams and then find something new to stress about? )
  7. I insulted the trapped Mandalorian mercilessly before rescuing him. :D I thought about tattling, too, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Actually, I tried to make my very light-sided character fall at the Dantooine Enclave, but couldn't manage it. I can't bring myself to play dark-sided the whole way through, but I want to see the ds ending for completion's sake. Nothing I did after that point in the game gave me dark side points. :angry:
  8. I loved T3's "giggle" when he picked a lock. My top 3, though, are probably: 1) Bao-Dur 2) Kreia 3) Atton/Mandelore tie
  9. Same here, kind of. As soon as Carth said his "They say the Force can do terrible things..." bit, I went "Hrm," and the longer the game went without a pronoun, the more sure I was. The funny thing is, at some point an NPC (I want to say the Twi'lek that speaks Basic, but I'm not positive) does refer to Revan as a he, but the subtitles were pronounless. I assumed the voice-file was badly proofed or whatever, rather than an invalidation of my growing suspicions. On the other hand, if you saw Malak consistently referred to as "he" but Revan referred to as "zie" I think that would be an ev
  10. Wheat Gejen That's with my maiden name, though. If I use my current last name, my first name becomes Ea'atl or something.
  11. I eventually stopped hating Atton, but his obsession with my underwear got real old, real fast. I don't mind scoundrels, and I definitely don't mind teasing, but I also like not feeling like meat. Disciple was sweet, I thought, but undeveloped. I did Dantooine 3rd, though, so maybe I missed stuff. Doesn't matter much because he was still not my favorite. The biggest question (since Carth's not an option) is Bao-Dur or Mandalore. I loved Bao-Dur's voice. I mean, I /loved/ his voice, and I thought he was the perfect balance of Atton's masculinity and Disciple's sweetness. :">
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