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  1. hmm maybe thats where revan had put the mandalores armour (w00t) the unkown world
  2. you can gain a lot of influence on her on Dxun/Onderon. in dialog with her i always use the following order: 1. why she never kills - followed by the [awerness] line. 2. apolagize (i think you only get this after the above) 3. tell me about Hanharr. 4. raised on Nar Shadaa. 5. Why restless (only onboard the ebon hawk) this way i can "turn" her without leaving nar shadaa. sadly this only work if your LS - so i usually fall to the dark side after i trained her to become a jedi. (in my opinion the greatest challenge in the game: get handmaiden and mira to become DARK jedi
  3. i totally agree to that!!! but malak was kind of funny to.
  4. Meatbag but where is the "finally the apprentice had learned his lesson!" quote??? :cool:
  5. hm, i thought you asked about JEDI not SITH!?! the worst jedi was: Anakin Skywalker
  6. Darth Nihilus - hes sooo cool - well until you actually meet hin that is. LOL
  7. the ravenger. ok, it looks like some kind of old star destoyer but not exacly.
  8. hmm, the engine is actually from NWN and for that the look is really cool. :D
  9. possibly spoiler: you first go and talk to the one. after that go to the elder temple and kill them. you have to get a book from one of the elder and bring it to the one. he then will let you enter the temple. when you finished the temple (kill jollee and juhani) you can return to the one with bastila and tell him that the knowlage he secks is in a computer and he is to stupid to use it. <- after that he gets mad and attacks you. good by rakata :D (you have to do this before returning to the ebon hawk of course)
  10. lol - have you tried to to talk to the duros droid merchant on telos while your b4d4 (or whatever the czerka droid is called) - t3 laughing at atton when he ask bao dur about the (female) exile - the mandalorian in need on dxun. [push button] you mean this button here! can
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