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  1. I think the Obsidian progression works a little better because it gives you more control over when you progress.
  2. I had LS mastery and kept it easily, I don't think I refused every reward but most of them. My character was no "wussie" or of real low intelligence. I had an int of 12 and 15 strength and high dexterity.
  3. For me #1 will always be BG II, David Warner as Irenicus was awesome.
  4. I did not think Visas was all that great. I did like all of the voice acting and it would be hard to chose a best, and Obsidian should be credited with good taste. If I picked a favorite I would choose the Handmaiden and Mira (who was lively in her role). I would choose Bao-Dur for the best male voice. To bad Kevin Michael Richardson did not show up.
  5. My review of KOTOR II: To all of the game reviews that said KOTOR II was just as good as KOTOR; they are full of bologne! KOTOR II was much better! KOTOR was o.k. but did not capture me in the experience, I did not feel attached to the game and it did not feel like an RPG but more like an action game. KOTOR II was much more involved with a great story line, better dialogue, and much more game depth. More versatility existed and I enjoyed the parts where you had to play as a different character. I could say more but I don't want to do spoilers. Also I must add that I had little
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