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  1. Right. Like when you are level 30 on the Ravager and you loot all those high-DC security rooms, the suspense can really kill you. What'll it be? 37 Components? 23 Chemicals? An Ion Grenade? A Verpine Prototype Shield? A medpack? Even TSL's ancient precursor - NWN - was lots better in this regard, because there a treasure chest yielded some sort of treasure every time and not useless junk 99.9% of the time and something valuable 0.1% of the time. The supporting mechanisms are probably still in the engine. And even if not, how difficult could it have been to handplace certain strategic ite
  2. KOTOR2 was probably one of the best games I had ever played. The characters had depth, the theme was grim and depressing (Much like Dragons of Winter Night in Dragonlance) The second installment in any trilogy is always depressing. They set up the story just right... But they friggen ruined the game with that ending. Now the only way they can make up for it is to continue your companions' stories. The solo mission on Malachor V ruined the entire game for me. The long winded ending that really ticked me off. Now as for a game, I'd have to say that KOTOR was great
  3. I had this problem as well. It *could* be an influence bug. I have also heard that if you gain too much influence with Visas, Handmaiden will not give you some dialogue options. I *HEARD* this and haven't tested it. Testing this would involve me playing TSL again... and I still HATE THE ENDING SO MUCH that I just don't have the motivation to play it again =\
  4. Aww NOW YOU TELL ME. Dear Mom and Dad, I just had a fight with Darth Nihilus. It lasted a whole 5 seconds and I took his mask. After that, Visas and I did some more 'nasty' stuff with the force. She's hot, I think you'll like her. Did I mention she is blind but can put on lipstick without smearing it on her face? Lightsabres are cool.... Love, your son. Dear Son, What the hell are you talking about? Are you on the crack again? You riding the white pony, son? And what about this whole mask business? I know you're ugly, but you said your gi
  5. One of the best ideas I have heard to date on how to fix this problem. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Disagree disagree disagree........ If you make K3 like that with no connection with it's predecessors then why even call it K3 when it's completly a new game, makes no sense.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I still think they should explain what happened to Revan and the Exile in a History format like Exar Kun and Naga Sadow etc. Make them into the new legend for the new generation. I think everyone is missing the point though. Obsidian opened the 'Revan Story' up
  6. Well here are the things I DO know. 1.) They can't use the exile. In doing so, they'd have to give him/her a name. They didn't do that in KOTOR2 like Revan in KOTOR1. 2.) Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Obsidian left the story WAY open to keep us 'wanting more'. The sad thing is they made the story so open (unfinished ) that any sane writer wouldn't touch that mess with a ten foot pole. 3.) Sooner or later they are going to have to tell us what is up with Revan. Thanks to the writing team for KOTOR2 they brought revan back in the mess. I was quite happy with Revan's st
  7. I forget where I read this, but if you use a cheat and your stats are over a certain number (3 digits or more I think it was) then the game will go 'wonky' with the alignment and influence. I had this happen to me only once in a game (I haven't used the cheats yet... thinking about it now to see things that I may have missed and not really into building another 'legit' character)
  8. Depends on what class setup my own character is. If I go Guardian, I like to have Visas in my party because she can do it all if you select the proper skills for her. The other slot is filled with HK. I don't know why, but I just like having a droid around for those pesky area effect force powers. HK is always able to fight when I am not. If I go as a consular, I take Mandalore and Handmaiden with me. Mandalor is just plain and simple, a tank. I take Handmaiden for the extra jedi factor with blaster deflections and back-up force powers. For conversations, I enjoy t
  9. Carth didn't die in KotOR1. I've played it through many times as a dark-sider and each time he runs off up the hill from the beach. So maybe he started his own Sitcom called 'Onasi's Island' where a stupid Gizka ruins all of his opportunities to leave the island... err planet. He was still alive though Also if you recall, Revan was a sith before KotOR2. And if I recall correctly, there is a reference that Revan turned from the light side AGAIN (or left the sith to find the other sith and remained dark-side depending on your choices in the dialogue with Atton). Carth
  10. It was definitely worth their while.... for the folks who get the game from this day forward or who have waited for the patch while not playing the game. Sadly I loaded up the patch, didn't crash once (patch worked nicely) when I played through Peragus and then i just stopped because the game's ending still makes me not want to play. I'll be happy when that content mod done by the modding community is out.
  11. ROFL. I was about to make a post of how they won and I had lost all interest in the patch... and then much like Wayne Gretzky, OE makes the clutch play and scores the overtime goal (A very extended overtime I might add ) I have a date with the auto updater!
  12. ROFL. I heard they already made a game like that. It was called Star Wars: Galaxies. You know... that game where you can be anything BUT a Jedi The flaming hoops they made the players jump through to become a Jedi made the training Luc went through look like a piece of cake
  13. Yeah, pretty much sums it all up here in this thread. 1.) The ending sucked. You sliced and diced Kreia up into tiny bits but instead of the obligitory last words she has a 'Last Essay' and if I recall correctly, she even allows you to ask her to repeat what she just said with her grievious wounds and all 2.) One ending I had did not make ANY sense. One moment on Malachor V the ebon hawk is falling into a chasm (and doesn't fly out) and then after Kreia is finished lecturing me on what is to come, I am flying off of Malachor in the ebon hawk? I think what they en
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