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  1. Well, I'm 39... which makes me one of the oldest around me thinks... dunno if that's a good or a bad thing around here though...
  2. Same one who did the Bao-romance flash =) I just looove her sense of humour! *wacks Atton over the head* "
  3. Heroes?! Hell, You'll be up to your necks in worshippers! *we're not worthy* type kind of thingie :D
  4. Or you send your husband off to buy a new harddrive so you won't have to delete all those files... And end up with even more KOTOR related files in your computer... "
  5. No, I really don't mind. I think this is so funny it ought to get spread as long as the credits goes where they belong. To Irien and her friends who put together this master piece .
  6. It's been moved to this location... http://web.telia.com/~u42704646/Kotor/
  7. It's just too good not to be hosted somewhere...
  8. Well, here it is with Iriens' permission... enjoy it! http://web.telia.com/~u42704646/Kotor/
  9. ... when you suddenly find youself writing fan fiction in your spare time... ... or all the wallpapers you've done end up with a KOTOR theme... :ph34r:
  10. Nope, but severe pain... for the last 7 years... although I don't look have as many scars as he does, but the ones I have aren't pretty.
  11. I'm joining the choir and applauding, this is just marvelous! :D I'll be eagerly waiting for your mod to be finished and will glady start a new game all over just not to miss out on any of the additions. This game deserves a better faith than it got! Keep up the good work and don't exhaust yourselves... oh wait .. please do.. so you finish early
  12. Darth Sion... wrong gender, but we got the pain in common...
  13. Still wondering where the iridonian stud muffin option is?
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