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  1. What you said about Canderous is every bit as applicable to Anakin. As for saying it wasn't necessary for Anakin to kill the children, it most certainly was. He was told to go to the temple and to kill all the Jedi he found, and that sadly enough does include the younglings and the padawans. His orders were pretty clear. The Emperor didn't tell him "Go to the Jedi temple and kill all the Jedi... but only those over the age of 12! We need to convert the young ones!" So the blame here lies mainly with Palpatine for giving the order. Evidently, Anakin could have chosen not to obey, but that pro
  2. You wanna go to Duro? Better bring a breath mask is all I gotta say about that. Place is polluted like you wouldn't believe.
  3. Skor II. How can you go wrong with a planet full of Squibs whose capital is named "Metrobig City"? (Though if I MUST vote for one of the ones listed, then I guess Coruscant.)
  4. It sounds like you may be referring to the Anzat species. Although they are not a "vampire" race per se, the Anzati do feed on others' life energy, particularly on Force sensitives. There's a pretty in-depth description of the species in the Star Wars d20 sourcebook "Ultimate Alien Anthology". There's also a description on Wookieepedia, though it's nowhere near as disturbing as the one in the Ultimate Alien Anthology. Basically, in game terms (if you're familiar with the d20 system, which you would kind of have to be if you've played KOTOR), once the Anzat inserts its proboscices in
  5. Hey, Master Ikrit rocked! Bunny with a lightsaber! Come on! (...and I'm working on it... I unfortunately recently got distracted by Oblivion )
  6. Well... no, I already established that Yaddle was as well. I didn't ACTUALLY just photoshop a wig onto Yoda, you know. She was on the Jedi Council around the Clone Wars, mullet and all. However, if there are any other instances of this species, I haven't come across them yet. That would be the Chadra-Fan. Very sociable little rodents... In fact, in the Star Wars d20 system, if a Chadra-Fan spends more than 24 hours alone, they start losing Constitution points until they eventually die of loneliness. True story. Chadra-Fans do rock. However, I will see your Chadra-Fan and raise you a Sq
  7. Yaddle as well. You would think though, that with two members of the same species on the Jedi Council at the same time, someone would have thought to give the species a name.
  8. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that she was 19... I can't remember where I saw that, and I can't seem to find a source... But it makes sense, because after all, she is still a padawan at the time of KOTOR I. So yeah, Revan would be easily 10 years her senior, but really, who cares... The older you get, the less age matters. Besides, Han is something like 13 years older than Leia, and nobody ever seemed to think it was an issue.
  9. Are you kidding? "You're so beautiful." "That's only because I'm so in love." "No! It's because I'm so in love with you!"
  10. By removing Hayden Christensen and putting in someone who can act instead? I'd be all over that. Granted, no amount of good acting could make up for the dialogue in episode III. I picked up my DVDs after work today. Does that make me a chump? Perhaps... But I'm a happy chump who'll get to see Han shoot first. :D
  11. I'd be really hard pressed to pick a single one... hell, I'd be hard pressed to pick a single one per era. So I'd have to say... Old Republic: Obi-Wan and Mace Windu (because he saved Skor II. Nice man.) Rebellion era: Han Solo New Republic/NJO: Thrawn (cause, really, how can you not like Thrawn?), Mara Jade, Anakin Solo As an aside, while I don't have a specific hands-down favourite character, I do have a hands-down most hated character... and that would be Borsk Fey'lya. He is the reason I have come to hate all Bothans.
  12. I concur. I'm pretty sure if his home planet had been mentioned somewhere, I'd have noticed it during my extensive fanfic-related research. I always sort of assumed he was originally from Corellia, seeing as he has a bit of a Corellian attitude, and since he's effectively a ripoff of Han Solo.
  13. I'll... uh... keep that in mind. Funny, you never struck me as a furry. ANYWHOO... this is literally how long the Revan/Thrawn argument lasted in my household: Silver: Hey, who do you think would win--Revan or Thrawn? Silver's bf: Well, Thrawn, duh! Silver: Thank you.
  14. Wow, this argument's still going on? You go away for a few days, and you figure that thing would've died down... Guess not! Wait... are you saying I'm a mythical creature? Sweet! Can I be a unicorn?
  15. Yup... Revan = not a chance. Anyone who says otherwise needs to read the Thrawn trilogy.
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