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  1. Romances are a fun addition to the story of the game that adds a lot of re-playability and variety. They shouldn't be vital, the story and game should stand up without it, but without some romance choices, the game does feel limited. I played a female exile in KOTOR2 fine without the romances, the story was that enjoyable on it's own for me and I played it a bunch of times, but I still feel the lack of romance on the female exile side is a big flaw. Especially since the male side actually got choices. Playing Fallout, it felt like a flaw but far less severe since the male side didn't have any choices either. Actually what was really annoying to me (in New Vegas, haven't gotten all the way through FO3 and I can't get the classics to work on my PC), was the fact all I could find playing as a female courier was a bunch female prostitutes open to same sex relations. I mean, realistically, a woman would probably not want to get accidentally pregnant considering the setting and story. But hell why can't I head canon her infertile or maybe she falls down the stairs a lot (oops). Also I think I read something in the FO wiki that condoms do still exist. I ran into male prostitutes that were strictly gay. Go figure, the women are like if you're getting paid you're getting paid, swing both ways for that cash. But then the guys all have standards. Then there was that glitched guy that would offer but the option would not appear. sorry I'm done now.
  2. The more options in an RPG, the more playability and characters a player can have, which is as people stated the point of an RPG. It makes no sense to have fewer options, the more options the merrier. Variety is a good thing. If people want to play themselves in a RPG, that's their business and it's still role playing because they are putting themselves into a role in another universe. Sounds boring to me, but honestly I think everyone puts a little of themselves into the characters they play. If I, a straight white female, wants to be creative with the characters, as many options as possibly should be there. One play through I may want to play a transgender, black character with a heart of gold. Then another play a flat chested, masculine and eastern looking woman who is very feminine in personality. Then play in another game, a white, very feminine, pretty looking man who is a **** and sleeps with lots of women. It's not just about fairness, but it's also about playability of the RPG. Not everything will be achievable, it would be unrealistic to have everything because there is that much diversity in the world. It just should be a goal to cram as much character options in as possible, not limit to the basics because it's easier that way.
  3. Bioware has their own fantasy IP to worry about and from my understanding, some of that writing staff got pulled to work on TOR for a bit. I like Bioware's story telling like I like any other stupid form of entertainment I just enjoy and do not think about how dumb and shallow it is. Obsidian though, does the good, smart, deep stuff .They just seem really good at taking their time with and thinking about what they're putting in that story. Even when they are rushed to complete something, they still seem to manage to create stories I love. I say it's about time that they take another crack at their own IP again, they don't really need to invite anymore people in.
  4. Please, please, please be something I can play a chick in cause I'm starved here and the future of games looks grim for me. No offense to you guys, I just find myself drawing way more enjoyment from a game with a relatable gender protagonist. With Mass Effect, Kotor, and Tomb Raider all pretty much completely ruined for me, there isn't much I'm looking forward to for games. I'm way too excited over something I know nothing about, all I know is Obsidian is doing an RPG and that's plenty to be excited over.
  5. I've been making up characters and writing stories for most of my pathetic 20 years of existence on this planet. I was curious as to how someone gets involved in writing the stories for video games. I see commercials all the time on how to get involved in video game design, and from my understanding that
  6. I really, really hated RPG games before, and a majority of them I still hate now. The reason I love playing KOTOR is because the stories are great and the characters as well.
  7. I search here in this forums and found nothing. My research on the net came to this on Wookieepedia: Atton's homeworld? When Atton is describing to the Jedi Exile why he joined the Sith, he talks about three planets which were ravaged by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars - Serroco, Duro, and Eres III. Since Atton talks of a time when his people were asking the Jedi for help against the Mandalorians that they never received, it's possible that he may be from either Serroco or Eres III. It's unlikely, of course, that he's from Duro, as the primary inhabitants of that planet are Duros. As reported here on Wookiepeedia on the Serroco link, "Serrocoans seem to have Asian characteristics when compared to Earth standards," therefore possibly making another elimination in his homeworld. He has more of a Corellian look than most examples we have seen however. But what about Nar Shadaar. He seems to have an odd attraction to Nar Shadaar although he expresses that it blows. XD Anyone else have any ideas?
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