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Most Favorite/Least Favorite characters in TSL

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who surprised you the most? who disappointed you the most based on expectations before the game was released? based on two play throughs (it might change after a couple more play throughs), these are mine:


warning: since i posted this in the spoiler forum, expect spoilers in my explanations.


most favorite

atton rand - he had a deep backstory and i thought his comments were entertaining throughout the game. he was this game's 'carth onasi' but without the whining and prissy attitude.


handmaiden - i enjoyed her backstory and her interaction with the exile. i also enjoyed her ties to the main story and atris' academy.


mira - gotta say i love her wrist rocket launcher. overall a fun character.


visas marr - great backstory and an overall interesting character. like handmaiden, she has great interaction with the exile.


kreia - honestly, i loved the character. she reminded me so much of palpatine and thought she probably had the deepest and indepth backstory and interaction with the exile.


t3-m4 - while he still isnt one of my favorites, per se, i enjoyed him much more in tsl than in kotor1. this time he actually had a part to play in the grand scheme of things.


darth sion - i liked the character. i liked the voice they chose for him too. i thought he was the most fleshed out (pardon the pun) of the antagonists and had an interesting story.


least favorite

mandalore - imo, he was better in kotor1 as just canderous ordo. since his backstory was already known from kotor1, he just wasnt as interesting or as deep this time around.


bao-dur - i just never got in to the character. he seemed a bit boring and his interaction and story with the exile wasnt as fulfilling as the others mentioned above. his 'special ability' was ok, but not enough for me to bring him along except when i had to or when i purposely was trying to gain influence with him.


hk-47 - much like canderous, his story was more interesting in kotor1. his story probably would have been better had they not removed the whole 'droid factory planet' level.


goto - i guess im just not a big fan of droids. although his 'revelations' were interesting, i didnt really enjoy the character much. i dont think i ever even used him in my party. all my interactions with him were aboard the ebon hawk.


darth nihilus - considering he had his face plastered everywhere and it seemed as if he was going to be the main antagonist, he turned out to be very disappointing, imo. his story, while...believable, wasnt really expanded upon and other than the odd dialogue with kreia and visas, we never really 'saw' his power. i would have liked to see much more cutscenes illustrating his 'power'.


atris - first off, i thought she was going to be the bastila shan of this game. the 'young female love interest' so to speak. i didnt realize she was going to be so old. maybe it was just the character model, but she looked not much younger than kreia. also, like nihilus, despite getting so much cover time on magazines and what not, she wasnt a main player in the overall story. yes, she had her part to play, but my expectations were high for her and she turned out to be just a supporting cast. someone like visas marr or kreia should have been on all the magazine covers since they were in the game much more.


note: i havent played as a female yet, so i havent had disciple in my party. and my play through as ds, i must not have been dark enough since i didnt get hanharr in my party either, so i cant comment on either of them.

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I liked:


Kreia - I thought she was interesting, especially the more of her backstory you get out of her. Ultimately I feel that she is a sympathetic character. She doesn't revel in her fall to the darkside wich I found interesting.


Bao-Dur - I liked him alot when I first got him, then realized he had no dialgue options. But really, a great concept. I was hoping to hear more stories out of him about the war. I also liked how he called me General all the time, like a real military man. ><


Hanharr - Wookie Fury. 'Nuff said. He's frankly more of a bad ass than my Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master was. Also I find his story interesting, Hanharr isn't bad so much as he hates all humans. I blame Czerka for making him that way.


Visas - I liked her at first like Bao Dur then I realized her dialogues went pretty much no where. So much potential just wasted really, but still a cool character.


HK-47 - His sarcastic humor is a gem really. Even if he is an evil assasain droid. Did anyone see his impersonation of Bastilla from KOTOR-1? Goes like this, "Oh master! I love you but I despise everything you stand for! Lets go press our mucus covered lips together in the cargo hold!". Priceless.


Didn't really care much for:


Mandalore - I didn't care much for his other character in the first game either actually. I find him pretty one dimensional and also somewhat delusional.


Atton - Didn't really like him too much either, even after hearing all his story and understanding his take on things, he still seems kind of lame to me. If I had to pick a scoundrel I think it would have been Mission from KOTOR-1, she should be about 19 or 20 during KOTOR-2, I wonder what her and Zalbar are up to? (assuming you didn't kill them in KOTOR-1 of course)


Handmaiden - She started off cool and then became basically nothing in the game at all. Even opening up all her conversations and turning her into a Jedi still doesn't make her any cooler. She has hot underwear tho. Good for her.


Mira - completely undeveloped as a character. It looks like she was supposed to be much more given she has her own little part of the end game againt Hanharr, but ultimately you never really see her again after you enter the last stage of the game.


GO-TO - I just don't like this character flat out. Nothing about him is interesting or compelling. He's probably my least favorite.


Disciple - Meh, I don't know a single woman who would pick Disciple over Atton any day of the week. My girlfriend was like, "God he's such a wuss". Plus he's kind of annoying to boot.



Also I didn't think Atris looked that old, she looks about the same age as the Exile does. I think her 'white' hair might make her seem older to you for some reason, but she obviously doesn't have any wrinkles at all.

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I liked:


Visas: Possibly the coolest female since Samus.


Mira: Greatly calm, cool, hot, and can kill you without thinking about it.


Atton: Honestly, who didn't like atton? He had many fun conversations, and was easily the most fun!


Bau Duar: Intersting. Didn't really get a kick out of him, but I liked his intelligence.


HK-47: I really like the people who designed a sadist-humor character. I think he's funny and fun rolled into one.




Kreia: Good character, I just didn't like her. In fact, I hated her. She was manipulative, evil, and an outright bitch. I hate having to deal with people like her


T3-M4: Kinda annoying. If my character could understand him, I wish my conversation options would be more intelligable, not "Beep-reet" "Is that true, T3?" I could understand R2 but not T3.


Handmaiden: Ugh. Goody two-shoes who has not sense of humor. Loser.


G0-T0: Total freak. I preferred conversatoins with the Hyperdrive. Totally arrogant, an imbicile as well. He keeps talking about how we are serving him, and the only thing I wanted to do was whip out my saber, point it at his face, and say "I need you? Say that again. And cut that crap about your self-rightous campaign, and tell me about your operatoins on Nar Shadda." I swear, I didn't want him on my ship anyway.

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Hanharr - Wookie Fury. 'Nuff said. He's frankly more of a bad ass than my Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master was. Also I find his story interesting, Hanharr isn't bad so much as he hates all humans. I blame Czerka for making him that way.




Gotta agree with you on that one. The wookie is the r0xx0r.


I'm playing through as DS Female. I haven't gotten Disciple in my party yet. So far, my favorite character is Atton, for various reasons. But mostly because I turned him into my DS bitch. Heh.


Kreia is a very interesting character, but very annoying. I use her for buffs, like Heal and Valor. If only she would stop casting Knight Speed AFTER I finish a battle... ;)


HK-47 was my favorite from KOTOR, but I haven't be able to rebuild him yet. Once I finish Onderon, he'll be in my party as often as possible.


T3 seems way more pimped out than in KOTOR. He serves a purpose this time around. He'll make computer spikes for you, AND he serves as a mobile work bench. This came in handy on Onderon when I couldn't find a workbench and I wanted to upgrade my saber. All I did was switch around my party for a minute, then switch back.


Bao-Dur is useful for his special ability, but aside from that I don't really like him.


I haven't had the chance to really explore Visas yet, but so far she seems cool.

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I like:


T3-M4 - Is an effective partymember and is interesting to talk to


Atton - Funny


Visas Marr - I don't know. Just liked her


myself - I can't resist the beauty that is I


HK-47 - always liked him.


I hate/dislike:


G0-T0 - a bitter guy


Hanharr - some sort of life-debt obsessed freak


Mira - calls me "old man", I'll show you "old man" when I stick my Lightsaber into your cargo hold


Bao-Dur - he was just boring.


Handmaiden - the bitter little goody two-shoes style doesn't work on me. I hate her and her ugly sisters. I hate them all.

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Kreia is a very interesting character, but very annoying. I use her for buffs, like Heal and Valor. If only she would stop casting Knight Speed AFTER I finish a battle...  :devil:


yeah i was wondering why she kept doing that for me too. after every battle i had to deal with running in super fast mode since shed cast it every time. <_<

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[Visas Marr] Once I defeated her and got her in my party, she just seemed like such a cool character. Plus, she was the first Character that I made a Lightsider.


[Handmaiden] She provided some cool bonuses from training and I also was able to turn her into a Jedi before anyone else.


[Mira] She kicked ass in ranged combat, devastating the opposition with her Mandalorian pistols, rapid shot, and knight speed.


[bao Dur] He made me feel more kickass calling me general all the time. Plus, he was LOADED with skill points.





[Hk-47] He just isn't mysterious anymore. No more upgrades to do, no more old stories. No more groundbreaking revalation. He had barely anything interesting to say this time through.


[Kreia] I had so much influence on her, but she JUST WOULDN'T GO LIGHTSIDE.


[G0-T0] I hated him. Hes an ugly floating thing on the Ebon Hawk. Thats all he was.


[Atton] He was funny, I don't hate him, just he never had anything to say, just "Lets play Pazzack".


[T3-M4] Just like Atton, Nothing aginst him, just nothing to say, cept "Be Dreet Oop."


[Han-Harr] Who cares about a Life Debt?


[Mandalore] He was ok, just for some reason, he didn't intrest me this time through.

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Atton: he was probably my favorite character. His story was interesting and he was pretty funny. :-


Mira: I thought she was pretty cool, awesome rocket launcher, one of the more interesting characters.


Kreia: as much as i hate her she was a cool character. one of those you love to hate.


Visas: her story was really good and she was an interesting character.


T-3: usually i don't like droids but he was pretty funny.




Disciple: i'm not sure why, guess I just liked Atton better.


GO-TO: he seemed pretty pointless to me


Bao-Dur: i liked him at the beginning but after that he was just kinda there.

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HK-47 - His sarcastic humor is a gem really. Even if he is an evil assasain droid. Did anyone see his impersonation of Bastilla from KOTOR-1? Goes like this, "Oh master! I love you but I despise everything you stand for! Lets go press our mucus covered lips together in the cargo hold!". Priceless.


ROFLMAO. Where does that happen? Do you have to take HK-47 to the Sith Academy?

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HK-47 - His sarcastic humor is a gem really. Even if he is an evil assasain droid. Did anyone see his impersonation of Bastilla from KOTOR-1? Goes like this, "Oh master! I love you but I despise everything you stand for! Lets go press our mucus covered lips together in the cargo hold!". Priceless.


ROFLMAO. Where does that happen? Do you have to take HK-47 to the Sith Academy?


You just need to get alot of influence with him and then ask him about his previous master, it will bring up some options about Revans allies and one of them is where he does an impersonation of Carth and Bastilla (in their voices of course). The responses you get probably depend on if your Revan was Male or Female (I chose Male hence I got the thing about Bastilla and the cargo hold :- )

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You just need to get alot of influence with him and then ask him about his previous master, it will bring up some options about Revans allies and one of them is where he does an impersonation of Carth and Bastilla (in their voices of course). The responses you get probably depend on if your Revan was Male or Female (I chose Male hence I got the thing about Bastilla and the cargo hold :- )

Yeah I got that too. HK-47 is so funny, the best character handsdown :lol:

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I liked:


Visas - I loved this character from start to finish! Found her entire storyline to be very interesting and was left wanting much much more!


Mira - Loved the idea of this character and the storyline it started but it was so underdeveloped she ended up being only so so. Still tho, far more interesting then some others so goes in my like area.


Handmaiden - Again, started off great but by mid way through game you were done with her. Also HATED the fact that (when controling her) I kicked Atris's butt only to have Atris stand back up and zap me down! Great promise for this character but failed to deliver in the end.


Mandalore - He h, what can I say, loved this character in KotOR1 and still loved having him in group. Storyline was really weak this time around but still a favorite character of mine!



Atton - This caught me off guard because I was NOT a fan of Carth in Kights 1. But Atton was sarcastic enough to make him a enjoyable character, as was the case with every other character, he just wasnt developed enough (that seems to be the real downside of kotor2). After Telos and the refugee area of Nar Shadar I didnt pull him out again once as had the full story already!


HK-47 - Classic character! Him and T3 are the REAL droids of Star Wars in my opinion! Hell with CP-30 and R2-D2!



Those I didnt like:


Kreia - Didnt like is strong, maybe didnt feel the pay off equaled the time invested. I mean who didnt know by Onderon she was the villian???? It was so transperant! I loved the cut screens of her teaching tho, that was very well done, just all in all a transparent character.


Bao-Dur - LOL, I got sooooooooo bored of this character so fast! I literally only use him in the Telos Military area (as I have no choice), pull him out specifically for specific quests and stage one of Onderon. Other then that he was boring to speak to and boring to play.


Hanharr - Hated whats his name in kotor1 and hated Hanharr, what else there to say. 1 dimensional characters that get old 3 minutes after you get them. Mira was 100000000000000000000000000000 times the character Hanharr was hands down.



GO-TO - I just don't like this character flat out. Nothing about him is interesting or compelling. He's probably my least favorite. Also he has a terrible voice! I sure hope Obsidian didnt PAY the person that did the voice! It was painfull to listen to and gave me head aches to the point I turned sound off!


Disciple - Didnt understand the use of this guy when I played first time but when I made a female character I got to see that he joined the group! It was about then I started a new game again as male! That should really say it all. Annoying and boring!


All in all, I found even the character I liked to be limited because the game was obviously rushed (tho it shouldnt have been for the time it took to make, I think Obsidian needs to hire some MORE programmers fast. For the time the game took to make it should have been MUCH larger with much much much more dialog (rather then areas being cut out and incomplete).


Like the first game, I liked the female characters the most along with the Droids. The male characters just seem so stereotyped and genaric really!

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in order of appearance...




I love this little guy. What can I say? I love R2-D2, and although T3 was developed later, he seamlessly anticipates Artoo's character. It's great that he has his own mission on Nar Shadaa that makes a difference in the plot, and the fact that he comes up with the idea on his own. Besides, in the Prologue, he's the hero! Also, it's hilarious when T3 laughs at Atton after he asks Bao-Dur not to laugh before asking Bao-Dur's opinion about his chances of hooking up with the exile.



Despite her manipulation, I loved her at the end. She was the most complex character, able to see that LS and DS are part of a whole--one can't exist without the other; she also doesn't delude herself that being Force sensitive isn't necessarily better than being ordinary. She could only know all of this by having been both LS and DS, in addition to not having Force powers at all. Her resentment and revenge stem from her quest for truth--for others to be able to admit certain truisms (you can survive without Force powers) instead of maintaining their ignorant arrogance.


She reminds me of the type of teacher/mentor that you hate while you're studying with them because they treat like you crap, but later on you realize they did it to prepare you for something even more difficult in your future and if necessary, to be able to accept your limitations.



I didn't like him the first time I played, but he grew on me the second time. His backstory is interesting and to me, surprising in its intensity and violence considering that he keeps up a nonchalant facade and is sometimes self-effacing about his abilities. However, if you play LS, he seems to jump on the LS Jedi bandwagon a little too quickly. I mean, he was a Sith assassin and hated Jedi during the Jedi Civil War, after all. Even though he left the Sith, it still seemed a little too easy to make him LS.


Still, his comments are funny ("Does this mean you won't be putting us into force cages again?"). I admit that at first, he couldn't compare to Carth, but now I realize he's just different. Also, I was a little put-off by his forwardness when I first walked into the prison in my underwear, but I got over it. Why do the NPC women always get the good underwear? It isn't fair. :thumbsup:



Her attitude was refreshing; I appreciate the bad-ass chick with the vulnerability inside. I didn't particularly like the wrist launcher, but she rocks with blaster pistols. Plus, I appreciated her thoughts regarding how it is that I manage to stay in shape and still look like I did in the old holorecordings. :D




I loved Bao-Dur immediately, and I admit that his calling me "General," helped bolster my confidence. OK, and my ego. Also, his intelligence and technical skills are useful. Unfortunately, as the game moves on, his dialogue is limited and so he bored me. I do like his sardonic sense of humor, however, and I just think he looks cool.



She was helpful in providing information about her Master, and her backstory and species are interesting and contribute to the plot, but like Atton, it seemed too easy too persuade her to become LS.




He's the guy whose knowledge and abilities you appreciate, but he fawns over you too much, using pathetic cliches to describe your strength and beauty. Definitely needs the "friendship" talk.



Did he have a purpose other than to sabotage your attempt to trigger the mass shield generator on Malachor V? As for Goto the man, I couldn't figure out what he wanted. He says that either the Jedi or the Sith have to be united, but that he doesn't want the Sith to win because they...something about screwing up the galaxy? And what was the point of placing a bounty just so he could "command" you to save the Republic?



Just before meeting him the first time I played, I remember thinking that I missed Canderous. Unfortunately, he didn't have much of a role except to get you to Iziz. But his dry sense of humor that's especially funny because he believes he's being serious, shows how well-developed his character is. One of my favorite lines is when, just as you board the Ravager he growls, "I've been waiting ten years for this. It's time to do things the old-fashioned way!"



Maybe when I'm able to get him to reveal more, I'll like him better. I'm just so sick of his declaratories: "Statement: blah blah blah," "Query: blah blah blah?" And so on.

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Mira - She was a very interesting character with a colorful personality, about as sassy as Atton, plus you can't say no to redheads. If you managed to get her, and then fall to the darkside, the dialogue was interesting. I'm not sure if it was special 3rd time playthrough bonus dialogue, but as DS, there is a dialogue option that says [influence] and she responds in words, but not in voice. Kreia mentions her true father, but who in the world is that, considering her "true father" was not even mentioned once. No romance option :(


Visas Marr - I really liked the voice, and she was a very good concept. She had love at first "sight" with the PC. I wish they made her character have more story and dialogue.


Atton - Interesting backstory, good dialogue. "I found clothes" "Damnit!"


Kreia - I hated her, but she was a good teacher and made you think about your actions.


t3 - useful character, and more personality this time around




Mandalore - boring...


HK-47 - sure he has funny lines, but he is a shallow character


go-to - boring...


disciple - wimpy, overprotective, shallow


handmaiden - whiny, shallow, needs longer hair

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My likes and dislikes actually changed quite a bit during my first and second playthroughs of the game.


Atton - Didn't like first time through, liked the second time through. Once I got over that he wasn't Carth and accepted his character, I liked him and started bringing him along a little bit more. I wasn't a big fan of his voice though, the character felt about 17 years old and I can't get over that he's supposed to be something like 30. Battle-wise, he wasn't all that great, but he made up for it with his wisecracks.


Disciple - Liked both times through. He's a good kid. I really like his voice, plus he's friends with Carth. (He never says so directly, but he does talk to Carth if you play through male I've heard, and he talks about how there's admirals in the fleet helping him, and he sends secret transmissions to the Republic that Atton busts him for later.) Battle-wise, he was an awesome character with about 10 levels of soldier and 20ish of Jedi, lots of force powers and great basic fighting power.


Mandalore - Maybe just because he's Canderous, but I thought it was fun to bring him along. I love seeing his perspective on things. Awesome to fight with, too, after making him a two-handed melee fighter.


Kreia - liked the first time through, and personality wise liked the second time through. However, I almost never took her out of the ship because if she had anything important to say to you outside of the ship, she'd break into your thoughts and just say it, was easy to gain influence with just through conversations once you understood her. She was okay in battle if she stood back and buffed most of the time, especially with the force-power sharing, though.


Mira - I went to Nar Shadda last my first time through so I got almost no chance to get to know her then. Second time through I liked her a lot more. Some nice dialogue, and after you can make her a Jedi she doesn't suck in battle quite as much, about on par with Atton, who's just so-so. Also liked just listening to her outlook on things.




T3-M4 - I was actually glad the little guy got a lot more use in this game, but again, I never used him unless forced to. I liked getting to talk to him more, especially with the secret message he carried from Carth (with female LS Revan). I've never been a big fan of droids in battle anyway.


HK-47 - I love to talk to HK, but never take him off the ship if not necessary, even in KotOR1. Great dialogue options, though.


Bao-Dur - Hated him the frist time through. Liked him better the second time. He's great whenever you know you're going to need some repair done or items made. However, annoying because he can only wear heavy armor, thus negating the better force powers, or with no armor, not even ROBES, thus making his AC horrible. What are you supposed to do with this guy, combat-wise? He didn't talk much, which I didn't like, either. There's a bit just as he's becoming a Jedi, but never a lot.




Visas - With a female PC, she talks to you for a few minutes when you find her, then never has another thing to say to you until the very end. Combat-wise she's awesome, reminded me a lot of Juhani, but she was like an elephant in the room as far as my party was concerned. We all knew she was there, we just never talked about her and tried to ignore it. :blink:


G0-T0 - Annoying. Never have taken him off the ship but to just level him up then put him right back on. I'd trade him out for ANY KotOR1 character... or heck, even no other character. :p I wish there was a way to avoid getting him. Don't even like talking to him. Maybe it's because I can't get very far without getting DS points. :p

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Visas: Good story, I just wish there were more dialogue options. I was hoping for something more solid after the "force vision ceremony" thing, but no such luck. I don't know why I like her so much, she's great in combat, there's just something about her...her voice maybe? :huh:


Atton: Again, pretty good dialogue. Not enough of it it though. Overall I thought he was one of the better characters, obviously as he's in my favorites list >_<


Mira: Wrist Rocket launcher? need i say more? Yes actually: "Hey, I'm not THAT old!"


Kreia: I liked the comparison Master Veq-Riin made with the mentor/teacher bit.


T3: Handy guy over all, it was nice to be able to talk to him more this time around.


Hk: That droid looks so cool, and has a sense of humor too. Not as interesting, but still entertaining!


I haven't gotten the Furball or blondie yet so I don't know what to make of them




GO-TO: Gee, I'll give him points for looking like the torture droid in acool kinda way, but that's it.


Handmaiden: Good story I'll admit, just kinda annoying, however, and I just can't go for the short hair.




Mandalore: He's pretty good, but I miss Canderous! Yeah, I realize it's one and the same, but I liked him AS Canderous.

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Favorite characters:


HK-47 - i'm not too much of a fan of using blasters, but HK-47's comments are always great. if it wasn't for the commentary i'd never even use him.


Handmaiden - current game is the first time i got her to train as a Jedi or have really gained any influence with her. good melee combat character, and once you get some influence with her the dialog options are good.


Kreia - i wasn't surprised that you'd have to fight her, but i thought she was interesting. never really used her in my party once i got Visas Marr tho. she's useful though as force support, but the comments can get nagging if you're trying to stay light side.


Visas Marr - good character, but its weird that as a male pc you have so many romance options. the big lead up story with her was the confrontation with Darth Nihilus, it seemed anti-climatic a bit, but then it just sorta stopped with her there.



Disliked Characters:


Disciple - very annoying. is good in melee combat but i just get annoyed with his dialog. he feels like he was supposed to be in some game about knights of the round table or jousting.


G0-T0 - not a big fan of blaster use, so i rarely use the droids unless i need something done. and its usually for one specific task.


Hanharr - very effective in melee combat, i just can't stand wookies. it was hard to play lightside on KOTOR 1 on Kashyyyk. angry supersized ewok.


T3-M4 - meh, again, not a fan of the droids. if it wasn't for the specific missions he had, i'd never use him.




Undecided Characters


Atton Rand - once i got more people in my party, i never really used him much. but, on my most recent game (3rd playthru) i've finally got him to train as a jedi, so i will experiment some with him in the party again.


Bao-Dur - first time i played i liked him and got him turned to Jedi, second time i didn't really like him and couldn't train him. i really haven't used him off Telos. he's almost like a droid in the fact i use him for specific tasks.


Mandalore - good fighter, just don't seem to have much interaction with him. Canderous was one of the better characters in KOTOR 1, so it was nice to see he was back, disappointing that i didn't get as much dialog with him.


Mira - first time i played i did Nar Shaddaa last so i never really got a chance to experiment with her in the party, second time i went to Nar Shaddaa early but i was dark side so i got Hanharr instead. i will try her out more in the current game since i did Nar Shaddaa second and turned her to Jedi before i left.

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I really didn't like Atton because (and I know this sounds silly) of the way he treated T3. I mean, T3 continuously went through hell for the party on numerous different occasions, would provide vital information and, in addition to basically being the savior of the quest more than just a few times, he would make sure the Ebon Hawk was in shipshape. And then Atton would just dis him outright.


Every time you get that scene near the begninning en route to Telos, where everyone is wondering how the Ebon Hawk got to Peragus, and T3 was trying to say that he was the one that landed the ship, Atton is just so overtly rude to the little guy that you just want to lay into him and take up for T3.


When T3 gives that sad little droid moan noise, I really wanted to kill Atton horribly at that moment.


And then later when Atton reveals that he was once a Sith that hunted down and killed Jedi there was just something about his attitude that rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, his attitude and demeanor just seemed so whiny and such. I really do hate Atton worse then Carth. I want to kill him so bad.


Also, I'm convinced Disciple is bisexual. I can't prove it but I know he is. At the very least he's gay. He's kind of the Juhani of TSL, I guess.


And Visas Narr was my favorite character. I liked her better than the PC.

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I loved Bao Dur :wub: ... and I am sure that comes as a big surprise by now. (Did I mention that I think his horns are HOT? :wub::wub: ) I thought he had a very good back story and in my imagination, the Exile and he end up together.


Yes... you have to get by the fact that Atton is not Carth. I read that some of you guys (meaning men-type people) thought that Carth was whinnny... :blink: ... but I know very few woman gamers that didn't fall for him and fall hard. Atton did have a serioulsy interesting back story. I wish it could've been explored more. :(


Keira's voicing was awesome... the best voice of the cast, hands down. (Followed by Darth Sion.) Although I didn't gain a whole lot of influence with her, she was a very interesting character. :thumbsup:


I couldn't stand GoTo. *shudder, twitch* I just couldn't see a reason for even having him there. :ermm:

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This sort of topic is always fun. Here we go, from least to best:


15-Disciple: Does anyone like this guy? I couldn’t stand him during his small part playing as a male, and it got worse as a female Exile. He’s a smarmy, unctuous Jude Law-wannabe.


14-Darth Nihilius: Argue his meaning all you want, but the plain truth of the matter is that Freaky Mask Guy is a non-factor in this game. His intro movie is terrific, and it goes all downhill from there.


13-Mandalore: I liked Canderous in KotOR 1, and the idea of him becoming Mandalore is likeable enough, but this never really works. He doesn’t add much to the plot, and his time on Dxun seem really forced. It is moderately better on the Ravager though.


12-HK-47: This hurts, as HK was just about my favorite thing in the first game. The thrill is gone. HK was a one-note joke, and it is just not funny the second time around.


11-Bao-Dur: Just dull.


10- T3-M4: He was better the second time around. Not quite as useless anyway, and his solo quests were fun.


9-Hanharr: Do Wookies ever work in a SW game? I really don’t think so. Hanharr is certainly more interesting than the lame Chewbacca rip-off from the first KotOR.


8-G0T0: I’m kind of mystified as to why people seem to dislike him. I don’t think he’s the most successful character in TSL, but it’s a great idea. A droid becomes a crime lord attempting to save the Republic? If anything, they didn’t go far enough with this one.


7-Atris: Talk about false advertising. In the months leading up to the game’s release, it seemed that Atris and Nihilius would be opposite ends of the spectrum. Instead, Nihilius is a non-factor, while Atris starts unlikable and heads straight to evil from there. Atris is okay, and her motives are understandable. I just don’t think I would have taken her in the same direction.


6-Darth Sion: Better than Nihilius, better than Malak ever was. Sion is a one-note villain, but that note is a lot more complex and nuanced than Malak’s caricature. The most effective element is the voice acting. Sion’s voice is an appropriately creepy rumble.


5-Handmaiden: A lot closer to Bastila than people think. HM has similar father issues, similarly deep-seated inferiority issues, and they share an affinity for really bad hairdos. The HM is humorless though, and almost painfully earnest.


4-Visas Marr: There are some issues here, aren’t there? Last survivor of her planet, tortured and enslaved by Nihilius than slowly redeemed (if going LS anyway); Visas is suitably enigmatic. There are problems though, as she seems to disappear between her intro and the ending.


3-Mira: Say hello to the closest thing to a grown-up female (other than Kriea) in this game. Mira has spark, a sense of humor and an interesting back-story. Moreover, she is the only character that reacts to becoming a Jedi, which is unforgivable omission on OE’s part.


2-Atton Rand: I did not want to like Atton, but I do. He is funny, he is interesting, and he is so much more than a Carth clone. His back-story is pretty creepy though, and I question the story implications of making this guy a LS Jedi. It would be more interesting had they brought him out of the closet though.


1-Kriea: Just ask George Lucas how difficult it is to introduce moral ambiguity in the SW universe. Kriea isn’t a hero, but neither is she really a villain. She is a super powered Ayn Rand, which is really intriguing. She does fade after the “secret” is revealed, but still the most interesting character in the game.

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For me it's



1. Brianna the Handmaiden/ Mical the Disciple

2. Visas Marr/ Mira

3. Atton

4. Bao-Dur


and the rest in no real order.

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T-3: Out of all the characters, besides Kreia and the Handmaiden, I think T-3 has the most expansive dialogue. One of the things I did enjoy about this game was the expanded dialogue and options with him. It was fun to tell him what a good job he was doing, not to mention with that renewable energy shield he can get he is virtually indestructable.


Handmaiden: I found her to be an interesting character. She had an interesting backstory, and is the only character with a full story to them besides maybe the bits and peices we learn of Kreia.


Mira: Mira was also an interesting character. A bounty hunter certainly wasn't an original idea, and her dialogue options are buggy (Ex. You tell her you want to show her how you can sense Nar Shadaa through the force, however unless you read a guide or somehow make a lucky guess that you need to return to the spot on Nar Shadaa where you saw the planet, this option leads nowhere and offers no hints of how to actually use it), but she is a fairly interesting character. Her background is pretty run of the mill, and nothing impressive or really even interesting, just the same old my parents died, I was an orphan and had to fend for myself story; but I felt that her plot with Hanharr was interesting (although poorly played out.


HK-47/HK-50's: Hk-47, despite returning from KotOR, has much less backstory and dialogue in this game, which I found disappointing. That coupled with the fact that I didn't find him to say meatbag once was kind of a letdown too. The HK-50's though were definitely enjoyable and continued the tradition, although like so many other things in this game end in one huge plot hole.




Kreia: God, did I hate Kreia. She is perhaps the most annoying character out of any game I have ever played. Constantly you are forced to listen to her long-winded speeches about the Force or Force bonds which don't really make any sense, and then listen to her sadistic comments whenever she is in the party. I really wish you had the option to just leave her on Peragus because this witch was an awful character in my opinion. And then I was supposed to be surprised like it was some kind of plot twist when she revealed she was a Sith.


Atton- "Don't you get it, don't you understand why she made those sadistic comments all the time, Kreia is a Sith!"

Me- "Oh my God! Really? How did I not see?! I was so stupid! I should have wondered whether this sadistic old woman who could use the force and a lightsaber was anything more then a wandering hermit! God am I dumb!


Bao-Dur: Pathetic character. Really pathetic. I thought when I first got him he would be the Canderous-like characte of this game, since he was in the wars on the republic side instead, however, since Canderous is actually in the game I was proved wrong lol. I figured he would tell war stories and such and perhaps have more of a story then he served under you, liked it, and has a flying sphere that accompanies him. However, we get no backstory at all. In fact, he is such a great and developed character (as people claim the characters in this game are) that I have one whole dialogue option with him! "Nevermind." Pathetic.


Visas: Terrible, horrible character. She's a freaky looking alien girl like Juhani and we get a tiny synopsis of her home world being destroyed by her master, and how much that hurt her because she is a user of the foce, and that's it. Like her Master, she has 0 real storyline. She is not developed at all, and so fits perfect with Nihilus, they both have no story, no real purpose in the game, and are just more unfinished projects in this game.


Atton: Slightly less whiny than Carth. He, like Carth, also reminds me of a little girl who can't handle herself in the real world and whines and cries all the time about her problems. I really wish I was given the option to kill him in the end and put his miserable life to an end. Besides having been a Sith himself, and having fought Jedi, Atton generally has no real backstory either. Poorly done character.


Mandalore: Canderous all over again. Except worse. Much worse. He wants to rebuild the Mandalore clans so that they may one day fight again. Despite the fact this directly conflicts with what he said at the end of KotOR, which was to the effect of "The time of the clans has passed, I don't want to fight anymore, I need something more out of life." So already his purpose in the game makes no sense. Other then wanting to rebuild the clans, he has 0 backstory, and offers no explanation of why he doesnt recognize the Ebon Hawk, the droids, or how he even got from the end of KotOR to where he is today. Couple this with the fact his sidequest of finding the scattered Mandalorian tribed on the planets is completely piontless, and you get one bad continuation of the Canderous character.


G0-T0- Stupid flying droid. Like I needed another droid in the party. His said purpose is to watch you for G0-T0 and make sure his political goals are carried out. He wants the conflict over one way or another. Wow, real original. So inspiring. Accept if the Sith in this game win, everyone should eventually die, so he loses anyway. He is partially tied to the unmade HK-50 factory quest because he does mention something about that he either knows about it or asked them to hunt you. So Stupid. Other then working for the Exchange, G0-T0 has no story and his real motives are never really revealed (probably because the conflict between him and the Remote at the end never happened and remained a plot hole). He could have been a much more interesting character had he been fully developed.


Did I miss anyone? Anyhow, I didn't enjoy any of these characters nearly as much as those in KotOR (save Juhani). I felt them all to be fairly shallow, underdeveloped, and not believable. Especially Kriea.

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Everyone seems to hate G0-T0...me included. He's a stupid ripoff of the Empire's torture droids, and thinks he's doing me a great service by risking his stupid droid life coming with me. If the game allowed it I would have dumped him into outer rim space, turned the Hawk around and destroyed him with its turbolasers.


Other than that:




Handmaiden (a powerful Jedi Guardian if you train her)

Atton (I like his comments)

Kreia (I liked how she teaches you about the Force)

Bao-Dur (General)




Mandalore (a boring guy, why the hell does he want to support Vaklu?)

Mira (old man)



G0-T0 (for reasons aforementioned)



HK-47 (since I'm LS, maybe I'll like him more with the Pacifist Protocol upgrade)

Visas (I learned Force Sight from her, I haven't used her much though)

T3-M4 (I can't seem to repair him fully)

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Atton - Like the rest of the crowd. He was no competition for Carth - but he was the smart wise crack that you needed in the beginning of the game to help ease the constant talking and lecturing of that 'manipulative witch' Kreia. Atton had an interesting story - but when I heard it, I didn't necessarily feel like I earned enough influence with him to hear it. After I confronted him on Nar Shadda, he just opened up and started spitting it out all at once. KOTOR I was a bit more realistic to me, because I had to work with Carth (even though it was painstaking at times). And when he finally talked to me about his past - I felt like 'Finally!' but with Atton it was just there all at once. Like the rest of you, he was funny but not developed enough.


And yeah, it was a *little* too easy to convert this Jedi assassin to the light side - a little too easy to convince him to become a Jedi - I mean, if he hated them so much.


Mira - Oh thank god for this character. She was the badass chick I was looking for in this game and the first (Since you know, Juhani and Bastila no matter how cool they were, just weren't bad enough and Mission...well When playing as a Female, she talks about how to handle men - which is cool. When playing as a Male though, she tends to get more on the 'eh' list. Calls you old but when you read her mind she's like 'how does he look so young?' Doesn't make sense to me either - but she also has her smart alleck cracks, like Atton.


Visas - Although you don't get to talk to her much, she was the *coolest* female character in this game. Mira was awesome with her attitude persona, but Visas just struck me as the cooler girl.


Hk-47 - He didn't provide much of a story in this game like he did in the first, but he still had the funniest remarks I've ever heard. Talk to him about love - and that's all you'll need. Or you can install the pacifist package in him...that's a good one too.


Darth Sion - This guy was kickass! Seirously, I wanted to encounter this guy more than what I did. His voice was suited IMO to his character. I thought he was developed pretty well.


Disciple - He was a suck-up...and I'm a sucker for those suck-ups. Extremely nice and full of comments. Tries to protect your Female PC when he realizes who Kreia really is - but it all seemed played up. Didn't feel sincere enough to me - despite his strength and beauty lines.


Handmaiden - She is one tough chick. Her skills with the sword and dual lightsabers is insane. She kicked Atris' Jedi ass in my game and still got zapped - not cool. She also had quite a few sparring lessons with you which helped out in the battle circle on Dxun. Her story is semi-interesting but like the Disciple she's ready to throw herself out for you at any given moment and she doesn't really *know* you.




Bao-dur - He was crazy with the computer and demolition skills. Helped me out a lot when I was er- 'lacking' in those areas. I thought he was pretty wicked with his cybernetic like arm, and I thought 'Yay! A cool-beans character that I get to crack open and find out about'. NOT THE CASE. You only get to talk to him so much, then he shuts up. Kinda like the rest of them - except Kreia - she ALWAYS has something to say.


T3-M4 - Cute but could tend to get annoying with the constant beeping. He was more useful in this game though, gotta give the little guy credit for that.


Mandalore - Although I was and still am a huge fan of this mandalorian, he just make it to the like part of the list this time around. He was a mediocre character - little involvement, little to say. Still, his useful ness in a tight spot was handy.


Kreia - She was manipulative, but she wasn't actually so bad. Teaching you so many force abilities and helping you deck out your character was a plus. She's actually pretty easy to gain influence with, you just have to know how to work the edges.




G0-T0 - Just completely useless. A pain in the butt, with a voice to compliment his devoid aura of personality. He would've been better use to me as spare parts or maybe in the trash heap.


Darth Nihilius - This guy could've been so much more, yet was denied. His look was really neat, and his lightsaber skills (when you do fight him) were insane. But the interaction time you get with him is nada - and he only appears in the game about three times max - if even that many but his face is on every thing KOTOR II. Nihilius for me would've been the preferred last combatant of the game - but you never get to the extent of his power which was a huge letdown.


Atris - As soon as I finished my convo with her when I arrived on Telos, I wasn't much impressed with her. She was boring, and was over advertised like Nihilius. Like him, she didn't provide much of a role in this game other than additional meat to slice.

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If you're going lightside male you can turn Handmaiden into a pretty powerful Jedi Guardian. (I think I had her inflicting 14-47 (more vs. DS) dam. with a Dbl.bladed saber)


If you're going darkside you need to bring HK along just to hear him call you "a delightful random cruelty generator".

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