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  1. well, yeah, if you kill Atris, you get whatever color lightsaber you told Atton about. but I never kill Atris (not even the one time I played DS). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I never got that conversation... when does that happen? I also never finished my personal crystal upgrade. I also never found the Cyan in my second game.
  2. if you want a silver crystal, I believe Jorran the salvager has one on Dantooine. after you save him and he gives you a reward, ask him if he has anything else and he will sell you something for 1,000 credits. That something is a silver crystal (everytime, I think). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gold would be nice to go with my silver... I'd be the rich jedi! But seriously, I think that viridian means that you are a Jedi Master of the light side. Silver has the kind of white glow, and has the green of the consular. I think the Cyan has the same to do with Jedi Weapon MAst
  3. Silver, and black. but green and viridian is soo cool, as is blue and cyan. I would definatly wield two light sabers, because the double scares people. This way, I could keep one under my robes for easy battles, and when my opponent knocks it out of my hand, they think I am unarmed and I sneak attack them with another lightsaber! Yoda should have a double green, that would've been so cool :cool: But visas I had weild a double silver which I would do too in a heartbeat. It's soo cool! As for force powers, I would have your standard Heal, Enlightenment (and assotiated
  4. I think this is a good place to pu this. I don't really care about programming, I won't be able to do that until well after colledge, but... I'm writing the plot and making the combat charts as well as weapon lists for a game, and I was wondering if you all could help me out here: I need name for a race of three-foot tall savage humans. They look kind of like your steriotypical cannibal from, oh, south america, except the hight. They have huge masks, carry spears, wield shields, and are the main enemy of the Humans. Any help is appreciated! I hope to come here soon to gain a
  5. Where do you get this calculating information? It makes absolutley no sense at all. This game is based on Wizards of the Coats's D20 system, which has, I might add, STANDARD strength bonuses to weapons. Why would useing a single hand to wield a lightsaber turn out more strength bonus than two? And the 1x is added twice; once for each saber! duh, with strength 12, you would get +1 for the first attack and +1 for the second. So, it makes your strong character BETTER by adding another opprotunity for it's strength bonus. C'mon, people, think logically, the left hand has some strength bo
  6. But, if your main character becomes a weapons master, the bonus for wielding twoo weapons rises from (0/-2) balanced and (-2/-2) unbalanced, to (+2/0) unbalanced to (+4/0) balanced. That is why people choose double, because they get a bonus to one of their hits. Let's say that as a dual you get a plus three bonus, well, then you get a higher bonus here and an extra attack. What's wrong with that? The dualing feats are very underpowered though, and will be unless they also put a bonus to damage and bolt reflection. Then there would be a reason to wield only one. (This gives the benefit
  7. in standard d20 system terms, his I.Q. is a whopping 2540. Wow, 200 is genius level.
  8. I have a party with two melee characters and a ranged dude. Typically with two ranged, I haven't hade enough melee to keep dudes with swords away from my dudes with blasters. That said; My JWM. Visas. And Mira OR Atton. I like Mira a little more for power, but I think that what atton say's is typically funnier. However, with Atton as a Jedi he is far better at fighting. (The best blasters money can buy+force redirection makes an excellent character.) As a side note, After level 12, who uses medpacs? You should have enough healing in your party to not need the pacs.
  9. I'm glad the level cap is gone. My character was not at all usefull at level 20, and nearly incapable of taking on Malak.
  10. The coolest thing was that scene in the temple, when Visas was leading my party (DUH!). The sith dudes drew their sabers and Visas stared at them, pulled out her double-silver saber, and I swear I heard her say "Bring it on." Needless to say, she kicked their arse up and down.
  11. She is the best, but Mira has her moments.
  12. That game was messed up anyway. I mean, it tried to be FPS with a broken weapon, which is fine unless that weapon... Has unlimited ammo! Allows ranged an melee attacks! Has special attacks! Is primary weapon! Can deflect all other weapons! Wow, that game was even worse when you look at the gameplay. I mean, seriously. That level were you had to run around and get the parts for your ship? No enemies you can fight? Wow, that shows stupidity.
  13. Keep in mind this is four-thousand years prior to the movies and most books. Could it be that at this time the double-blade was more common than the single? I personaly prefer two sabers with a weaponmaster because the two-handed fighting feats make them almost unbeatable. I just wish I had known I would be amelee fighter before starting, my dex would have become strenght and I would have been even better.
  14. They should at least put Visas in the next game. I don't mind her bi, I'll take her anyway I can get her.
  15. I liked: Visas: Possibly the coolest female since Samus. Mira: Greatly calm, cool, hot, and can kill you without thinking about it. Atton: Honestly, who didn't like atton? He had many fun conversations, and was easily the most fun! Bau Duar: Intersting. Didn't really get a kick out of him, but I liked his intelligence. HK-47: I really like the people who designed a sadist-humor character. I think he's funny and fun rolled into one. Dislike: Kreia: Good character, I just didn't like her. In fact, I hated her. She was manipulative, evil, and an outright bitc
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