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  1. You scored as Darth Revan. You are most like Darth Revan. Revan was considered charismatic, confident and a brilliant strategist who bore a strong connection with The Force. Though he fell to the Dark Side, due to several specific actions he undertook as the Dark Lord, some speculate he became the galaxy's greatest villain to protect the Republic from a powerful Sith empire thought long extinct. You train in the lightsaber form Niman X which executes usage of dual lightsabers, an unorthodox style that while difficult to master can easily throw off many opponents. Whether Jedi or Sith, you
  2. I chose force adrenaline, just cause I think it would be something I'd use a lot. Mind crush doesn't sound too bad either though...
  3. I picked Kreia cause she's such a manipulative old witch. And cause she had an interesting story, one of the best in K2.
  4. I like it. I've seen a few K3 ideas and yours is the first that I've liked. I think it could definitely work. One thing I would change though would be the waking up in a medlab. I think it's too much like the beginning of K2. But other than that I thought it sounded really good.
  5. I agree with you. After everything at the end of TSL about the "true sith" I think that they have to resolve it in some way. And, unlike Darth Flatus, I do care about what happened to Revan and the Exile. After all I just played two games as them and to leave the true sith thing up in the air really wouldn't tie up all the loose ends we were left with in TSL.
  6. I never thought about it before but I think it's black, it just fits to me.
  7. Sounds great to me. I only have the xbox version so, yeah that would be good.
  8. I'm pretty much always lightside. I started darkside once on both K1 and K2, never finished cause I always helt bad. (I'm pathetic, I know :"> )
  9. I have never found a bronze crystal, but it doesn't sound like I'm missing much. On my first playthrough I found all the colors but bronze. But, ever since then all I've gotten are red and purple and one or two blue and yellow. I hate the random loot thing cause I never get anything I like. My favorite is the plain blue. Or when I have 2 lightsabers I use one blue and one silver (if I can find it).
  10. On light side (LS Female) Atton says how he wants to use the force to protect you if he can. I think there mightbe more but I can't remember.
  11. I pretty much always have Atton in my party, but the second person is just whoever I decide to drag along, usually Mira or Visas.
  12. I think it was thr right idea. The Jedi Council had grown too complacent and willing to sit on the sidelines. Revan, being headstrong and proud, was willing to challenge that mentality and stop the threat.
  13. I have to agree with you about the stories for the planets. Aside from a few interesting moments they got really old, really fast. The first time I played the game I was running around going "What exactly am I accomplishing here?" If they weren't short like Koribban and Iziz, you're running around doing a bunch of hollow-feeling sidequests (Nar Shaddaa). The interaction with the other characters was also tiresome. After K1 where the characters reveal bits about themselves at opportune times, in TSL it either takes forever and they refuse to tell you anything or, like Atton, it comes out i
  14. I couldn't stand him, he was just a pointless floating blob that wouldn't go away. I mean, HK and T-3 at least have personalities. He was just irritating after you learn his story. I think he should have just been a character you meet along the way, not a member of your party.
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