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Found 21 results

  1. First of all, I'd like to say that im still new on this game but im so amazed on the game mechanics that i cant help but to create my own DPS calculator. There are so many factor which affects the DPS but for now id like to discuss how Accuracy stat really affects the DPS outcome of your character. (Any criticism is very welcome, you can contest your own opinion if you want. It would help me also have a deeper insight for the game.) In my understanding, accuracy determines the success rate of your attacks, regardless of how high your DMG if you dont land a hit then its close to useless. Success Rate = (Accuracy - Deflection) + (1-100 Roll) If the sum is: 1-15 = Miss - You have a 15% chance that you will never land a hit. 16-50 = Graze - 35% chance, you will land a hit but it will be only 50% of your DMG (0.5DMG) 51-100 = Hit - 50% chance to land 100% of your DMG. >100 = 0% chance, but if you land it it will be x1.5DMG(Awesome!) Now lets assume that your Average weapon DMG is 17 (14-20 for Great Swords), for starters. And you are a level 1 Fighter (Accuracy=30) fighting a young wolf with 24 Deflection, your total accuracy before Roll is 6(30-24=6). giving you a: (6 + 1) - 15 = 7-15 = 9% Miss chance 16 - 50 = 35% Graze chance 51-100 = 50% Hit Chance 101 - 106 = 6% Crit Chance. Multiplying your DMG to the percentage would give you your Average DPS. Percentage x DMG Multiplier x Ave DMG Total ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.09 x 0.0 x 17 = 0 0.35 x 0.5 x 17 = 2.975 0.50 x 1.0 x 17 = 8.5 0.06 x 1.5 x 17 = 1.53 Total DMG = 0 + 2.975 + 8.5 + 1.53 = 13.005 or approx. 13 To prove the basis of calculation, Suppose to be you have a 100% chance to always land a hit, (1 x 1 x 17= 17) that would give you a full potential of your weapon damage since its always a hit. And if you had only a 50% chance of hit and 50% on crit(say because you had an overwhelming Accuracy), the calculation would be: (0.5 x 1 x 17) + (0.5 x 1.5 x 17) = (8.5) + (12.75) = 21.25 which is gives you 25% more of your weapon potential.(Amazing) Now at Level 1 Fighter I always choose the "Disciplined Barrage" over "Knock Down" because of the bonus + 20 Accuracy. Calculating the added accuracy of the ability would give me a DMG of: Accuracy before Roll = (30 + 20 -24) = 26 Miss = 0% Graze (27-50) = 24% Hit (51-100) = 50% Crit (101-126) = 26% therefore: 0.00 x 0.0 x 17 = 0 0.24 x 0.5 x 17 = 2.04 0.50 x 1.0 x 17 = 8.5 0.26 x 1.5 x 17 = 6.63 Total DMG = 0 + 2.04 + 8.5 + 6.63 = 17.17 DMG before Damage Reduction. Now I know that there are a lot of factor affecting the DMG,(Might,Dex, equipment etc) but i guess Accuracy is as important as other stats. Now Im trying to make a DPS calculator, and im reading the Weapon attack speed from other forums to do this so. What are your thoughts guys.
  2. Hi everyone, im starting to play the Pillars of eternity though the deadfire is already launched. Im new to this game and im starting to love it. To cut it short im using a DPS fighter class. Im sorting out all possible combination of talents and weapon. But i stumble upon the recovery speed. There is not much info regarding this IMHO so far. Can someone enlighten me rgarding this. By the way im using 1H Flails so that it increases accuracy and has a 30% more chance of making grazes to hits. I believe accuracy is important as a DPS player.
  3. The Devoted subclass is currently giving -10 to accuracy instead of the bonus accuracy when choosing a two-handed weapon as the chosen weapon. Ranged weapons were not tested.
  4. Devoted bonus is bugged is choosing a 2-handed weapon. It gives a -10 accuracy instead of boosting it. Did not test with ranged weapons.
  5. Hi. As the topic goes: 1. Afaik melee weapons/range weapons/implements do no affect accuracy. Is that right? 2. Does it make a difference wether I use 1h or 2x 1h weapons or +shield? Since a single 1h weapon adds a significant bonus to accuracy (weapon itself does not affect it, for example, but is a single weapon accuracy bonus added to casters accuracy?). 3. Does an ability to reduce recovery (-15%) when using 2x 1hand weapons affect casters? 4. Do weapon bonuses on crit chance/damage affect spells? 5. Does a shield affect accuracy? 6. Do cast-able weapons affect accuracy? 7. In PoE2 you can stack attribute points. Like you can eat, drink, pot, buff, use shrine, sleep in the Inn and get your resolve, for example from 3 to 18. It wasn't possible in PoE1 afaik. Highest bonus would suppress all the smaller bonuses. Isn't it a little OP? 8. So recovery bonus of -20% makes it 10->8 sec recovery. And action time bonus makes it 10->8 sec attack. Does it affect cast times? 9. Are there any benefits in using 1 h-hand, 2x 1-hand, 2-hand, 1-hand + shield, range, implements (+shield)? As far as I could see it for myself: - Any weapon, melee or range just adds some extra dmg to a mage when s/he is not casting. They don't affect spell-casting. - shield adds to the tank but reduces accuracy - implements is nothing special except they might add a few spells here and there but so do some weapons. Generally weapons (range for casters most of the time) are usually more powerful dps and alfa strike wise. - now I primarily use small shield and range weapon with the most benefits. Sometime med/large shield is a very good option if you primarily summon (chanter) and heal (resto druid) where accuracy does not matter. Does it make sense or I have got it wrong? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, I think I've found a problem with Fine Enchant on weapon Arquebus. ​In the screenshot I have correctly listed +4 Accuracy bonus from enchantment, but in total accuracy (left window) I have -1 from this "upgrade". Other weapons with same enchant are Ok (like Fine Arbalest gives correctly +4 accuracy), only this weapon in combination with this enchant seems to not like each other. Have anyone experienced similar issue? I have the latest patch 3.07, WM2, Win10 - steam version. Thank you!
  7. Hi. My main character is a godlike cipher and the class bonus modifier for accuracy is +5 while the Grieving Mother has +25. Something to do with Godlike? Thanks.
  8. I have encountered a problem with the accuracy: for both of my main cipher character and Pallegina it is stated that their class accuracy bonus is +15 instead of +25. This is not an UI bug as combat logs confirmed the final accuracy value. For Pallegina this bug is not really an issue as her stats are restored after dismissal and re-adding to the party. But I don't know what to do with my main character. The save file attached: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5tbBvi5vrY3YXhRWXVWLWtCWnM/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hello I searched the forums and I couldn't find another reported issue like this, so here it is. After a fresh install of PoE (3.0), WMI (3.0) and WMII from GOG and loading a save game from a previous installation of POE+WMI updated to the most recent patch before 3.0 release, my main character lacks acurracy bonus from being a wizard. I'm attaching a screenshot showing that this issue affects combat and not only what is displayed in character sheet. Save game and logs are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj4t7tsnohg24bc/pillars-bug%20report.zip?dl=0
  10. hi there. info: im playing a six man potd run of poe+wm1 (version 2.03). i retrained my former cc/tank monk to an unarmed dps monk. the resulting values i get from unarmed accuracy/damage are too good to be true compared to any other builds/classes i tried before (and i tried many). please see the added screenshots of the unbuffed monk (no potions/grp buffs etc active). btw if i switch to a superb weapon my accuracy drops by about 30, so its probably an unarmed bug. is that a known bug and how can i get rid off it (bc id really like to play an unarmed dps monk, but not an overpowered bugged one)? thanks in advance for any help
  11. The bug: Putting a one handed weapon in the monk's offhand slot will increase his accuracy with the fist attack. How to reproduce: Create a new monk. His starting accuracy with fists will be a certain value (in my case 30\30). Go to Heodan and buy a dagger. Equip the dagger in the offhand slot. His accuracy will now be 42/47 See also: https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398960796140/ (thread not made by me)
  12. I discovered this playing as a monk and this class benefits from this the most but it can be used by all one-handed style champions. If you use two weapons or no weapons at all (two fists) accuracy of both is lowered if you use only one one-handed weapon in primary (right) hand you have increased accuracy but if you place just one weapon in off hand and leave right hand empty your right hand fist is listed as a primary weapon but the accuracy of both hands primary and secondary benefits from one-handed accuracy bonus. In this situation normal attacks only utilize your equipped secondary weapon ignoring your right fist so You don't get to actually attack with a fist as if you were fighting with two weapons but when executing full attacks (i.e. from monk's torment's reach) you get to utilize both hands for damage as if you were double wielding. If you would place the same one-handed weapon in your right hand your full attack would only attack once. Simply switching a weapon from the right hand to the left hand without changing anything else gives unintentional bonus. This benefits monks the most of course as their fists hit like a hammer but every player who decides to use one-handed style will benefit from this while performing full attacks. As to how to deal with this bug I have a suggestion that equipping only one weapon in off hand should count as using two weapons style with all accuracy penalties in place. It will open the possibility (for a monk mostly) to use fist and a weapon simultaneously as a two weapon style. To be clear I don't consider using weapon and a fist as two weapons as an exploit but rather as a feature that apparently isn't here unfortunately. I strongly suggest that rather than removing fist attack from full attack in the above situation you would resolve this problem as I suggested above. Cheers
  13. Something that really bothered me in D&D (especially DDO; terrible scaling there) was how frequently spells are resisted. So I'm looking at the accuracy of the spellcasters. Of course, what's not as easy to compare are the accuracy bonuses in each individual spell. A "very low" base accuracy could well be made up for there. Is it much of a concern in PoE? I'm not sure I'd call the Chanter a caster, anyway. From the sounds of things using your invocations is a rare occurence, and the best ones don't target your enemies.
  14. After several trials I encounter this must be a serious bug: Case: Woodelf + 5 ranged accuracy, marksman + 5 accuracy ranged weapons Attacking the same enemy from a static postition by quick reloading, in two of three cases I don´t get +10 accuracy but only +5. There are + 5 randomly leaking. I tried it several times from several static postitions. I guess the marksman talent is triggered randomly.
  15. Game & Strategy Guide recommend Dexterity for Wizzard, but I don't understand why. Does Accuracy depand on Dexterity? Wiki referring to Josh Sawyer post says "yes", but Game, Manual & Strategy Guide don't mention it. So, where is the truth? It seems like Wiki is off. Is Action Speed important for Wizzard? Surely Wizzard uses wands & rods, but most of his spells are limited and powerfull so he can't spam them.
  16. As per title, does anyone know if I'm gimping my caster/spell accuracy when I equip a shield? Thanks!
  17. So you got 22 Might. Thats +22% Damage AND Healing! Thats awesome right? But...what does it matter if you cant actually hit anything? The BB party all has 10 perception with the exception of the Wizard´s 12 and the Rogues 22. The BB Fighter has 22 Might. And this is hitting a stationary target. ...Ok that stationary target was a priest and he was buffing himself with armor spells. So this log is a bit of an exageration. BUT IS IT? I mean we are gonna be facing spellcasters and priests in our travels and those bonuses to deflection, DT and reflexes are gonna stack and get bigger with creatures too. And you see how much damage the Rogue is doing. And she has just 9 might and is using a shortbow. 9 Might. Bonkers. 22 Perception + Reckless assault (+10 Rnaged Accuracy and x1.2 damage). Genius. After trying out the new vanila PoE system a bit Im starting to think the +% bonuses and maluses should be doubled. +2% of 30 damage isnt significant when enemies have +200 hp. Neither is +15% of 30 damage. I dont know how damage values in the endgame are gonna be but I think that even with 200 damage atacks +15% of that isnt gonna really matter and the difference between 3 Might vs 20 Might is gonna be one autoattack. Im no math guy but the one time I could see Might being more useful than Perception would be with DoTs since you hit more and most of those hits are guaranteed. For autoattacks you should go with Perception. Considering you have things like INT that give you much needed Deflection and AOE, CON that makes you live longer and DEX that makes you attack faster, I would say the current "Dump Stats" are Might and Resolve. Make a 22 Perception 3 Might Character. Max DEX. Try it.
  18. Hello all! A while back, I created a spreadsheet that calculated the effective DPS multiplier from Accuracy. My intent was to allow a way for people to compare MIG and DEX from a damage-doing perspective. We're in the Backer Beta to provide feedback, and our feedback is only as useful as our information. Knowledge is power. Etc.... My spreadsheet was pretty well received. Sparked some good discussion about how the different attributes affect combat dps, and led to some new insights on my part from some errors pointed out by others. So I've taken your feedback into consideration and revamped the spreadsheet, adding new capability. There's now a master calculation sheet where you can vary any and all of these 17 variables: Graze Damage Crit Damage MIG % Damage Bonus/Point MIG % Damage @ 0 DEX Accuracy/point Might Dexterity Base Accuracy (from class) % Damage Bonus (abilities etc) Bonus Accuracy (abilities etc) Weapon Base MIN Damage Weapon Base MAX Damage Attack Speed (frames) Recovery Time (frames) Target Deflection Target DT DT Effectiveness To calculate the resulting dps. Up to 20 different combinations are supported (and you can probably figure out how to add more if you want). My hope is that through the power of crowdsourcing, members of this community will discover new insights about the balance and tuning of PoE's combat and combat stats. Make informative graphs. See how a 25% increase in crit damage and an increase of the DEX Accuracy bonus to 1.5/level will solve all the balance problems!! (I just made that up, but you get the point). The more we know about the actual balance, the more valuable feedback we can give about balance changes. People are arguing elsewhere about really major mechanics that, while important to discuss, probably aren't going to change much. What will change, and what we have the chance to affect and improve, are the tuning changes. So please - use this spreadsheet! Find interesting relationships among the variables! Share your insights with the community. So without further ado, here is the spreadsheet. Enjoy New Excel: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29325716/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20DPS%20calc%20V2.xlsx Old Excel: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29325716/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20DPS%20calc%20V2.xls Unfortunately I think there are some compatibility issues with Google Sheets - if anyone figures out how to make it work, let us know. On to the second part of the post. This will be short, but I wanted to be sure and talk about it really quick. MIG vs DEX. There has been some debate as to if MIG or DEX actually increases your damage more. And as Azrael Ultima pointed out, the marginal benefit of one more point in MIG or DEX is directly dependent on the current value of the other variable. So here's a comparison chart. On the Y axis is the marginal % damage increase (% of BASE damage, mind you - so all %s are based on the same scale) and on the X axis is the current value of Accuracy minus Deflection. As you can see, the math is pretty clear. If Accuracy minus Deflection is greater than 5, MIG is always going to increase your dps more. If Accuracy minus Deflection is less than 5, DEX will usually increase your dps more. Only exception is when Accuracy minus Deflection are between -5 and -20, where the dominating stat depends on your current value of MIG. So it would seem that if you want an optimal build, you don't want to completely dump either - but neither is completely un-viable or always better than the other one either. In particular, note that this basically means more accurate characters will do better against enemies with very high deflection, while more mighty characters will do better against enemies with very low deflection. Kind of makes sense. So (at least at first glance) it looks like these are pretty well balanced, from a dps standpoint at least (there are of course more factors to consider when comparing different stats than just dps). So... that's what I've got for today. Take the spreadsheet - use it to answer "what if?" questions about game balance and tuning. Present insights with the community. Help PoE be the best game it can be. PS - Here's the equations used. Might be slightly simplified from what is used in the spreadsheet (the DT usage I didn't even try because it's literally an entire sheet of the spreadsheet by itself), but the general idea is there.
  19. I've noticed some people asking about how much damage increase a point of Accuracy is worth. I've also noticed some people making incorrect arguments based on incorrect information. So I figured "Hey, I'm an engineer. I'll do some maths." So I did. Here's the maths. It's a plot of your average dps (relative to the base damage) versus your accuracy. Calculated using the rules given in the wiki for combat rolls as of today. . This can be used (among other things) to tell when (if anywhere - hint, it's nowhere) DEX gives you more damage than MIG. Summary below: Accuracy/Deflection within 5 points: Marginal gain/loss for 1 Accuracy: 1.5% dps (relative to base dmg) Accuracy/Deflection within 5-45 points: Marginal gain/loss for 1 Accuracy: 1% dps (relative to base dmg) Accuracy/Deflection outside 45 points: Marginal gain/loss for 1 Accuracy: 0.5% dps (relative to base dmg) There are the numbers. All other things being equal, the Accuracy bonus from DEX always gives you less dps increase than the damage bonus from MIG. When fighting enemies with Deflection much higher or lower than your Accuracy, each 2 points of Accuracy is equivalent to 1 point of MIG (where dps is concerned, that is. dps isn't everything of course). Please take this math into account when making arguments about stats, power, the value of inherent Accuracy bonuses (boni?), the value of DEX relative to MIG, etc. I'm done mathing for tonight. Peace. PS - Source file for doing your own maths: New Excel: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29325716/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20DPS%20calc.xlsx Old Excel: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29325716/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20DPS%20calc.xls EDIT: A quick note about why DEX, while giving less damage than MIG, isn't unilaterally inferior to it. DEX affects Reflex save instead of Fort save. This lets you dodge AoE attacks. Also, the % increases in dps I've calculated also apply to spell/ability duration increases/decreases on graze/crit, which aren't affected by MIG at all as far as I know. So for scripted interactions that take DEX, characters who want to dodge AoE attacks, and characters who are more interested in getting long duration abilities/spells by critting with them, DEX is better. There may also be one-off abilities/passives that give bonuses from DEX as well - I'd imagine the rogue will have some.
  20. Detailed math (and an easy to understand graph) on how Accuracy affects damage. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67761-dps-vs-accuracy-deflection-heres-the-maths-enjoy/?p=1490531
  21. Looking through the PE wiki just now, I realized that there wasn't much information on level advancement. Since I couldn't find anything solid, I want to get a general feel how the community feels about it. 1. Should the growth of stats like accuracy, defense, skill points, and health/stamina be dependent on class? 2. Should stat growth be more exponential or linear? 3. How often(if at all) should attribute growth happen? 4. At what rate should a character get talents, and should some classes get them faster than others? 5. How should the XP requirement for leveling up be determined?
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