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  1. Hello, I was wondering, did anybody make calculations to check if you can make profit from stronghold taxes in the time span of the game? Or is it just pure cash sink?
  2. I agree that the design of Galvino's Workshop felt more like from a dungeon crawler, where you're expected to kill monsters left and right and don't bat an eyelash when it doesn't make sense, than in a story-driven game like Pillars. At least once you've found that the location is brimming with mechanical enemies the presence of traps makes sense, since it's a mechanical workshop. What really trips me up is how come there are a lot of monsters in Cliaban Rilag and they've never walked into the traps in those narrow corridors in all the time they've been there, but somehow my team does.
  3. Hello I searched the forums and I couldn't find another reported issue like this, so here it is. After a fresh install of PoE (3.0), WMI (3.0) and WMII from GOG and loading a save game from a previous installation of POE+WMI updated to the most recent patch before 3.0 release, my main character lacks acurracy bonus from being a wizard. I'm attaching a screenshot showing that this issue affects combat and not only what is displayed in character sheet. Save game and logs are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj4t7tsnohg24bc/pillars-bug%20report.zip?dl=0
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