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  1. I suggest to focus on quests. Make them more complex, more interesting, true nonlinearity. Replay Fallout 2. One example from it: we can path through only gate of Vault City by several ways. And they are not so evident and easy to find. Raedric's Keep has just several PHYSICAL ways to path in and all of them you can find for 1 min. In POE it is called the great example of non-linerity. It is not serious.
  2. Game & Strategy Guide recommend Dexterity for Wizzard, but I don't understand why. Does Accuracy depand on Dexterity? Wiki referring to Josh Sawyer post says "yes", but Game, Manual & Strategy Guide don't mention it. So, where is the truth? It seems like Wiki is off. Is Action Speed important for Wizzard? Surely Wizzard uses wands & rods, but most of his spells are limited and powerfull so he can't spam them.
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