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  1. Restarted, it stays +5. Also is actually +5 checking the details during combat.
  2. Hi. My main character is a godlike cipher and the class bonus modifier for accuracy is +5 while the Grieving Mother has +25. Something to do with Godlike? Thanks.
  3. Found a bug. Game freeze completely interacting with the final door of Endless Path level 6. I can interact but as I Click "leave" nothin happens and I can only kill the application.
  4. Oh my... Is true. Also true that to access the content content I have to actually browse to the folders, there's no direct access from Steam... so 90s :D
  5. Hi, I unlocked my backer code for a Royal Edition. Game is ok but the DLC page on Steam is empty. Something I can do about it? See screenshot http://i.imgur.com/0FKF78x.jpg?1 PS: there is no search feature in this forum? Also, uploading the screenshot here failed 3 times.
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