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  1. [3.02] When equipping Forgiveness, the Ruffian Weapon Focus boost to accuracy is not added. Comparison Fine Pistol Vs. Forgiveness (with Fine enhancement):
  2. By verifying the game cache files it was revealed that a couple of them were corrupt. Fixing the corrupt files also fixed this issue for me.
  3. I have the same exact problem with my character, as soon as I gain the 2nd level. My version is 3.02.1008 (Steam) and I have both expansions. Sadly it seems each time I try to play this game a new bug is found :/
  4. Having only 1 active trap\seal active for the whole party doesn't make any sense and renders them useless. I really don't see why casting a seal should remove a trap and viceversa, nor why a trap placed by B will remove a trap placed by A.
  5. I'm playing on Steam, so latest game version (also with expansion). Very simply, I quickloaded a save i had in Cilant Lis and Heodan's character was somehow misplaced at the end of the map, in a mob of angry spiders. I would have thought that by now the game was mostly bug free...
  6. The bug: Putting a one handed weapon in the monk's offhand slot will increase his accuracy with the fist attack. How to reproduce: Create a new monk. His starting accuracy with fists will be a certain value (in my case 30\30). Go to Heodan and buy a dagger. Equip the dagger in the offhand slot. His accuracy will now be 42/47 See also: https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398960796140/ (thread not made by me)
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