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  1. Some personal thoughts, in favor of the old behavior (one placed trap max by hero) : - we generally have not much heroes specialized in mechanics skill. So only 1 or 2 "simultaneously placed" traps will be efficient, others way less. So players won't be much tempted to place 6 traps at the same time (for instance 1 trap by hero). - traps are quite rare stuff to pick-up, or very expansive stuff to purchase : so quite rare to be used. So placing one trap by hero is far from a common job to perfom. We usually don't want to use all our traps for one unique battle. Anyway : whatever the design choices are, I strongly believe that making disappear a first placed trap when a second trap is placed just after, without any warning for the player, is a real issue. "whe... where is my firs trap ?!? damn I lost a trap !!!". We really need to prevent the capability to place a second trap, plus to add a vocal / UI message to explain the player that he can't place more that on trap simulteanously. Arti.
  2. Hello, It seems that, since v2.03, we can't place more than one trap simultaneously anymore If a character have placed a trap, when another character place a second trap, the first one gonna vanish immediately ! "damn I've just lost a trap". Bug or design change decision ? IMHO, I liked the capability to place on trap per character, as a maximum (I've at least 2 mechanic-skilled dudes in my team, they were used to place 2 traps before triggering hard battles). Regards, Thomas
  3. So the question is : it it a developers will to remove the stamina regeneration finally ? Or a remaining bug ? Arti
  4. Hello, It seems that this bug has not been fixed with the v2.03. I am wrong ? I doesn't dare anymore to use this spell... Regards, Artighel
  5. Same thing here, Withdraw do not recover endurance during spell effect with v2.01 (as with v2.0). Quite annoying ! Moreover, I'm not 100% sure but I believe that after the withdraw effect finished I couldn't heal the character.
  6. Thanks Celliott for the answer. That behavior is ok (having to put mouse over enemy to make appear the indicator), before from an efficiency purpose point of view, I miss the permanent indicator that was present before latest patch. What was the design approach that motivated this change, and should it be maybe possible to add an option to activate it permanently or not ? Regards, Artighel
  7. Hi, since 2.0 patch, that seems that we now miss the curved red line target indicator (from an enemy to the attacked-by-enemy character), that was useful to see which hero is targeted during melees. It seems that this indicator only appears briefly during the enemy attack gesture, and not during the whole fight as before 2.0 patch. On the other hand, the curved green line target indicator (from a character to the attacked-by-character enemy), works as before, no issue on this one (keep displaying during the whole fight). Thanks, Artighel
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