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  1. First of all, I'd like to say that im still new on this game but im so amazed on the game mechanics that i cant help but to create my own DPS calculator. There are so many factor which affects the DPS but for now id like to discuss how Accuracy stat really affects the DPS outcome of your character. (Any criticism is very welcome, you can contest your own opinion if you want. It would help me also have a deeper insight for the game.) In my understanding, accuracy determines the success rate of your attacks, regardless of how high your DMG if you dont land a hit then its close to useless.
  2. I see, i guess dex(attack time and recovery time) doesnt count much if you dont land a hit. Specially with high deflection mobs. That is why i really like 1H because of +12 accuracy. I also like Flails passive 30% graze to hit feature. Though it doesnt add accuracy but i guess i has better odds than rapier.
  3. Thank you @Boaroar, i think i get a grip of the idea of the action concept. I had more questions though. Do the Dex affects the recovery time or the attack time only? Also i had read previously that dual weild huts more often vs 1h. Is this correct?
  4. Hi everyone, im starting to play the Pillars of eternity though the deadfire is already launched. Im new to this game and im starting to love it. To cut it short im using a DPS fighter class. Im sorting out all possible combination of talents and weapon. But i stumble upon the recovery speed. There is not much info regarding this IMHO so far. Can someone enlighten me rgarding this. By the way im using 1H Flails so that it increases accuracy and has a 30% more chance of making grazes to hits. I believe accuracy is important as a DPS player.
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