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  1. Im aware of console limitations when it comes to modding. However Bethesda managed with Skyrim and the Fallout series. I know grounded is easily modded on PC, however i think itd be a nice idea if there was an in-game mod workshop where players (regardless of system) can enjoy and experiment. It adds a great deal of replayability in open world games which would bring more players along with it. I love the game vanilla and although i have a pc i prefer to play grounded on my xbox. However, i do think a mod system would bring a bit more life and freedom into the game as it allows players who might have already seen and done everything to add mods that could spice things up and/or completely change some aspects of the game. Whether that be with custom insects, textures, or even items/equipment overhauls. Other games that have incorporated in-game mod workshops all saw rises in player count and positive reviews. Just a little idea that i think would increase the player count and long-term playability
  2. Be nice to have a polar bear for my ranger from the The White that Wends, or a attack dog instead of a wolf.
  3. Ok, so i just got cloak of the falling star. Can anyone devise a way to apply that effect to the appearance of like robes or dancers outfits? im a total cut and paste modder. but id love to learn more in depth modding.
  4. I can hopefully explain this without the need for a screenshot. The shoulder pads added by an Armoring Mod to the Halcyon Holdings (black & white) version of the Ordnance Control Armor are the wrong colour. It currently uses the bright blue and yellow shoulder pads that the MSI version of the armour also uses. It's pretty jarring and unsightly to see bright yellow shoulder pads on an otherwise monochrome piece of gear. I don't know if other shoulder pad colour schemes are wrong for any other armours but for the Ordnance Control Armor I managed to test the Rizzo's (pink & blue), C&P (red & gold), Spacer's Choice (green & grey) and MSI (blue & yellow) versions and they are all fine. I get that there are probably more pressing bugs to deal with and this is only a minor bug, but I thought I should report it in case it hasn't been already.
  5. There are currently 2 bugs with armoring mods. 1 is if you apply armoring to your armor first, then add skill kit, gadget, or utility it will negate the armoring value back to the default. For example if you add a plasma resistance then add the other mods it will reset the plasma value back to default. The way around this for now is to add armoring AFTER skill kit, gadget, and utility. 2 is when you add armoring after tinkering. For example, if you tinker your armor up by 5 levels then later decide you want to add plasma resistance, it will actually reset the value for that element back to what it was before you tinkered. So be sure to add armoring mods AFTER skill kit, gadget, and utility. BUT BEFORE you start tinkering. Cheers
  6. Wouldn't it be nice if there were throwing weapons in the game? I was playing the other day and picked up a hatchet and not knowing that you can't throw it,tried throwing it. I also said to myself "where are the grenades"???? I also would like to see that pathetic excuse of a hunting rifle based on a 19th Century rifle with a telescopic scope ,beefed up with a proper marksmen stock and a decent scope. Seriously who designs a scope with just a 2x view? There are also variant of the rifle based on the Viet Nam era M-14 also. I have beginning to notice that Obsidian is using the game engine that the designed Fallout New Vegas with because everything in the Game looks like a mirror image of something from New Vegas. I also would like to see a robot workbench added and maybe a version of the Henry Rifle also added. The machine gun looks a lot like the M-240B or AKA the M-240 Bravo. I also like to see a variant of the Victor Securitron or something. The Automatrons look like the Centaur Bots From the Early Fallout Games and are extremely lethal also. I noticed the M1 Garand variant is strangely absent for some reason also. I would also like to see the rifles, both bolt-action and magazine-fed have an option for noscope or remeve scopes and other mods and switch between weapons or switch or remove mods entirely and re-add them when you change your mind like the weapons from Fallout 4. I also like to see an option for a heavy pistol with a long ported heavy frame that does a fair amount of damage. I also noticed the pistols are based off of any early prototype concept of the 10mm pistol. I also wished thre were some sort of jetpack or spring boots in the game so you can reach hard to reach areas and also safely decend from leathal heights. I have accidentally killed my character many times by jumping wrong. Wouldn't. It be cool if there was a mission in the game where you could aquire a newer bigger ship and also modify it . The interior is way too cramped and needs to be roomier. The Captain's Quarters could be bigger maybe a poker table so you and your crew have something fun to do. Ialso wish there was an option to switch Characters also. I actually found a way of keeping more than one save for characters,but at the moment it requires a manual save which can be a bit tedious or if you forget to save you will load your last save if you die etc. I really wish this could be encorperated into the auto-save feature or something. my most favorite LMG from the Fallout lore is th good old M-60 bull barrel with barrel-shroud jungle combat version of the M-60. I like it because it does higher damage compared to the M-240B, and is gas-operated too. I wish there was a variant of the M-60 in the game also. And maybe also a variant of th Desert Eagle that uses .50AE (Action Express) bullets. And also some kind of Anti-Tank or Anti-Personell weapon based off of the .50 Caliber SniperRifle and varies world-wide by nation.
  7. I can not change the mod load order every time I restart the game it goes back to what it was before I changed them. I am running mods both from nexus and steam but when I remove the nexus mods the issues still persist. Because of this i am having issues with some of the mods not working. It seems that the mods load in the order that i installed them into the game not in the order that i change them to. Single & Multiclass progression fixes will not work because it needs to be lower on the list. DxDiag.txt
  8. As the title says. Did some searches but didn't find anyone else reporting this problem. All mods come from the Nexus, no Steam workshop files.
  9. If you are having issues resolving Mod files not taking effect there are a few steps you can check. You probably have already discovered people telling you to check the the TSLRCM folder, but... On the PC version, you need to be mindful if you are using The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM),Then you should find that install folder. If you have not done that here’s how: Browse to your Steam folder on your Hard drive: It should be C > Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steamapps Here are some familiar folders, but hold your horses... You are probably familiar with the Common folder in this directory. Ignore it for now. Go to the Workshop > Content folder instead. This contains all games that have workshop files installed. This may be rather large if you are avid modder. Problem is, this is just a bunch of folders with numbers... so... we need to find the one for KOTOR 2. Luckily, this is the same number for everyone, regardless of your PC. Find the folder numbered 208580. This is KOTOR 2 TSL. within that, the folder 485537937 contains all the files for the stock TSLRCM mod. Placing mod files in this Override folder will let you modify the TSLRCM files, but beware! This can damage things that TSLRCM relies on. If you have done that, then you need to check out if there is another conversion mod like TSLRCM installed as well. If you are using the Steam Workshop, then you should go check your "Subscribed Items". Go to the Steam Page for KOTOR 2 TSL, and click workshop. From there, go to the second menu bar (under the KOTOR banner, next to the Search function bar) and click Browse > "Subscribed Items" If you have more than one version of the TSLRCM installed, such as TSLRCM + M4-78EP, Then you may have to replace the fines in THAT Override folder. Finding that folder is no simple task. Here’s the best way to see if you have another override folder overriding your overridden override folder... (Ugh). 2. Browse to your Steam folder on your Hard drive: It should be C > Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Workshop > Content > 208580. From here, things get dicey. The more mods you have, the more folders will be here. one per mod. You will have to go through these one by one and find each one that has an Override folder. It should be directly in the mod's directory without having to browse within that directory. This is almost always the issue if placing it in the TSLRCM folder did not fix it. EXTRA: If you want to modify .2da files in the TSLRCM Override folder without undoing the changes that TSLRCM makes, then all you need is a .2da editor. The most functional one I found (outside of scripting Excel 2007) is KOTORTOOL. Its available on a few sites. Find it. It has a .2da editor in the tools. This will let you edit .2da files to make the specific changes you need. Some tips: -The featgain.2da and ClassPowerGain.2da files are sorted with shortened version of the respective classes. Just use your intuition to figure out which ones are what. -Don’t worry about giving yourself too many feats or powers. If you are forced to pick a feat/power during level up, but none are available, just click “Recommended” and “OK”. It will let you NOT pick any, because it tried to tag and failed to tag any feats/powers. This is useful for when you are level 38 and still getting a feat or two every leve, but no longer have any to pick!
  10. I've been writing this NPC Mod as a tutorial for the last five hours (this is not simple) I'm using Captain Darmo (NPC - Port Maje) to illustrate I've done EXACTLY what I advise everyone else NOT to do - made him a Zombie I'm fastidious but something went wrong so I'll have to back-track to where I introduced the issue - I'm guessing it's the mod This is simply a warning to other devs as if your XML / JSON is messed up you can easily end up with a Zombie. Everything is manual edits so it's easy to understand why crap happens @TT1 I'm using your DP in my tutorial
  11. Hi I've been researching this for half a week on and off If you've already visited a vendor some Mods will not activate I've found a solution for this issue and PMed the Devs There is a replicable way to prove this As this is a "No Spoiler" forum I will simply say that while I have a solution this is a bit of a hack If anyone wants me to provide a generalised solution while Obsidian play catch-up - let me know by replying / PM-ing me and I'll write the fix Note - this will NOT be a Mod - this is a SaveGame patch I'm still working out the details of how I can safely re-write SaveGames with as little effects as possible. If you want a patched SaveGame I can already do it manually (proven to work) I want a solution whereby you upload a SaveGame and get a minimally modified one back. As I say - I'm still playing with this concept + it needs testing (properly)
  12. I wasn't completely happy with how the spiritshift forms looked, so I made some new textures. Here's how they look. The goal was to make them look a bit more like natural animals, and downplay the "evil monster" look of the originals. You can download the mods at: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/34/? and http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/35/? I'm a bit worried that the mods will stop working when the next patch is released, since the other spiritshift mods broke after the last patch. Hopefully, Obsidian can prevent that next time.
  13. OK, I have found how to raise the level cap (very simple once someone shows you how) so my next challenge is to extend the various character class progression tables These live in ...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle in files like barbarianabilityprogressiontable.unity3d, chanterabilityprogressiontable.unity3d etc. How do I edit these files, or extract the tables, edit them, and recompile them? Thanks Chris
  14. I finally bought the Ultimate Edition of FNV, so a new playthrough is in order. This time with J. E. Sawyer's rebalance mod and a bunch of visual enhancements for flavor. In my quest for cool looking weapons and models I came across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msd1bzwYuqo While it was tough to find the R.S.A. mod (by Master_Shifu, not featured on Nexus, probably due to legal considerations), I did find an archive that claims to be this mod. But The Rock in DEVGRU equipment is what I really want for my game, and I can't find it Anyone know how this can be achieved? I found references to a certain mod pack called VGU (by dragbody), which apparently features equipment from games like Modern Warfare 3, where this particular armor could've been lifted from, but the mod itself is pretty much impossible to track down. Another mod I found (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40661/?) is called Famous People, this seems like a good candidate for having The Rock's face. Anyway, can someone help me out in identifying the mods in the video?
  15. Hi guys, Looking for replaying Skyrim now that I bought complete edition for cheap. I am looking into mod similiar to OOO for Oblivion - manually placed items, removed level scaling etc. Also if you can point out any 'must have' mods it would be nice as well. Just please state if they are compatible with any already mentioned ones. I dont want ton of mods but clean Skyrim is pretty boring. Any imersion improving ones are welcomed. I will dig through nexus but its so much stuff there so picking only good ones is really hard. I will welcome any suggestions (hey, even busty females are welcome xD) Thanks guys
  16. I've produced a fix that allows non-Watcher paladins to pick up the effects of party dispositions when applying Faith and Conviction (using Bester et. al's fantastic PoE Modding Framework). (As a side-effect, non-Watcher priests will also be affected by party reputation, though I could easily code around this and limit the change to paladins only.) The only remaining issue is that since Obsidian did not intend for this to be in the game, Pallegina's custom order (Frermas Mes Canc Suolias, aka Brotherhood of the Five Suns) does not have favored and disfavored dispositions assigned to it, and my primary motivation for this fix is to (potentially) fix Pallegina's defenses. I could always just assign whatever I feel is appropriate to the order, but in the spirit of the development of PoE (and to avoid the need to make a decision myself), I thought I'd ask the community here what they feel would be appropriate for the order - especially since I feel that I haven't played far enough through the game to have a solid handle on either the Brotherhood's background or Pallegina's personality, assuming she is an exemplar of the order. Let me know what you think. For reference, the available dispositions are: Benevolent, Cruel, Clever, Stoic, Aggressive, Diplomatic, Passionate, Rational, Honest, Deceptive
  17. So, rather than restarting the game for the nth time (which would probably lead to me dropping the game entirely--my brain's gone numb from sheer repetition of the first 3 quests of Gilded Vale--when I usually discover mistakes in character development), I'm considering re-speccing my char using IE Mod. Does anyone have info whether the mod will affect my possibility of getting achievements or, worse, some sort of VAC penalty?
  18. Good day everyone! This topic will be about the console and mods. Everyone here have most likely played a game where they have encountered a problem. The npc didn't give you the item, the door is did not get unlocked, the npc actor did not spawn, the trigger for the quest did not activate, you did not get moved to whatever zone and so on. So what i hope is that Obsidian will sit down and make a console that allow people to use commands to get around problems in case they happen. List of commands that should be in the game (with a few tweaks) Spawn NPC actor Spawn item Increase / decrease reputation Move all party members to zone + x,y Trigger script's -Quests -Start actor conversation -Traps -Unlock/lock -Specific events within quests and other encounters Experience, stats,skills, spells, god mode. Features: *If you have the console on then you can mouse over ANY object within the game to get information including the quest journal and get a list of the "important" triggers for it and the quests command line itself, if you mouse over the terrain you will see the zones name and x,y location. If you mouse over a npc you will see its script name also and so on (traps, chests) *Easy to use scrolling and smart function. If you start to write a command: /Spawnactor E Then if you scroll you should have a list of all the "actors" that start on the letter E Same with items and the commands themself you should be able to see and scroll to find the ones you want. Comments? Flames? More commands that might be important? Trolling? Cookies? Lets move on to "mods" We know that we will most likely not get any tools to help us make mods / content for the game. But i still have a thing that i hope Obsidian will think about when they make the game. What is that you might ask? Well most people here have most likely at some point used a "fanpatch" of some kind. What i hope that Obsidian will do is to make it "easier" for people to change, mod and fix problems within the game. They should have a good file structure that is easy to poke around with. It should be easy to "add" things to the game itself by having the game check a folder for any changes to the game (for example a place where you can add a fan patch). Comments? Flames? Anything else that should be added to make it easier? Trolling Cookies? So what do everyone think? Good? Bad? I do hope that Obsidian keep these things in mind as they work on the game to make it easier to fix, easier to make fan patches for and the ability to get around bugs that might happen. Thanks for taking your time to read!
  19. a proper thread about this would be better http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent also someone posted this
  20. I noticed there isn't a mods section on the forums where we can discuss them yet there are mods for the game http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/ (although not very active) Is there a reason for this? Are mods not encouraged? Would really like to see a challenge mod that rebalance enemies towards a higher difficulty for the veterans. Also would be nice to have some tutorials on how to make them.
  21. I spent a lot of time modding Neverwinter Nights 2. From my preliminary research, I've gotten to the point where I need Unity Pro to save a POE asset I've modified. Am I missing something here? It seems silly to have to buy a $1500 piece of software just to experiment with modding. Even a 30 day trial would help to let me know if my mod will even work.
  22. I really enjoy the movement/command barks, but I find that there's too much voice acting in the dialogues. I prefer to read them at my own pace and with my own voices (a la Planescape: Torment). Also not too keen on some of the voice acting. Any way I could turn the dialogue voice work off while leaving the barks? Anyone made a mod to do something like this?
  23. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will be possible to change the class of a companion using mods or commands? I noticed a very extensive list of console commands over in the Backer Beta Discussion Thread, but nothing about changing a character's class. I was really hoping to use the original Eder as a Rogue so my PC can play the fighter role. Thanks in advance for any help!
  24. Just started playing and I'm excited. But I'm getting hung up on something little at first, and looking for advice. To start with I see this for dialog. BUT I HEAR the voiceover start reading immediately starts talking and so I hear: ...while I'm trying to read the first part. So then I have to wait until the talking is done and re-read it from the start. I assume it will do this the whole game? I feel like this is going to take me out of the experience. I just wish it paused a little to let me read.
  25. Like above, will there be a modding tool so people can create there own content ? For example, allowing you to place more than one trap on the ground or giving exp for kiling enemies ?
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