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  1. Me to, can't find info about this second patch... Mayby it's some hotfix.
  2. I don't see how, there is no oprion in crafting window, although i still have a long way to go with my stronghold, so mayby if i upgrade it i will get a craftsman who will create them for me... But i don't have high hopes for that. But since you can only place ONE trap there is no need to craft them, right ? I mean, would you bother to craft something that in other games could be placed one by one, while here...
  3. 1.) Modding tool 2.) Allowing you to place more than one trap at time 3.) More spells I'm a mage, so i always want more spells 4.) Romance. I don't exacly feel the party without one... 5.) Like someone stated above, more terrain diversity 6.) Having elemental spells actually ma a diffrence like in Original sin, when rain make you soak, and lessen dmg from fire. 7.) Having options in the dialog's that allow you to use spells, for example during talk with a guard, you can cast mirror image, and order him draw attention from you. Okay, mayby not the most ideal example, but you understand what i say, right ? 8.) I know there is a reputation, but it would be nice, to have some light side/dark side points. The abillites of you character could wary depending on what side you swing.
  4. Like above, will there be a modding tool so people can create there own content ? For example, allowing you to place more than one trap on the ground or giving exp for kiling enemies ?
  5. I can confirm that you can have only one activ trap, not incuding magical wards ( or glyphs ). For me, this is a major problem and it takes a lot of fun from this game...
  6. I would't say it's bad, more like diffrent from DnD. Although there is a small problem: WHY can't i have mora than ONE trap on the ground ? It's illogiacal, i'ts limiting my tactics by a lot ! I was hoping this is a bug, but other players confirmed, that they also can't place more than one... And that is the only thing i would change.
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