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  1. For anyone else who needs to try this, the asset is the MonoBehaviour XXXXAbilityProgressionTable where XXXX is the class or NPC concerned The bit that caps out the level progression is right at the end in most cases, in the AbilityPointUnlock AbilityPointUnlocks settings You need to increase the number of array elements, then add as many more as you need, following the pattern of the ones already there
  2. OK, I have found how to raise the level cap (very simple once someone shows you how) so my next challenge is to extend the various character class progression tables These live in ...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle in files like barbarianabilityprogressiontable.unity3d, chanterabilityprogressiontable.unity3d etc. How do I edit these files, or extract the tables, edit them, and recompile them? Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks My bad Somehow I was unzipping the assets164 and 163 into the wrong directory Works like a charm now Thank you
  4. Currently downloading all files for a complete 3.01 reinstall
  5. Description: I just updated my GOG version to 3.01 (primarily to fix the "Marshall won't give me the offer to hire mercenaries for 10000cp" bug) Now, I cannot load any saved games I get a windows crash screen, offering me to close the program, search online for fix and close, or debug The second two do nothing more than the first e.g. closing the program I looked at the log, it said that 'sharedassets164.assets' is corrupted, so I downloaded the GOG corrupted saved games hotfix, to overwrite sharedassets164.assets Same problem Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Load any saveg
  6. Hello I started a new game with White March #1 and #2 installed All has been going well until yesterday, when I can no longer pick things up Any clicking on loot has no effect I have three save games with this problem, and no earlier ones without it It started after leaving the Salty Mast and accosted by the Harrassing Thugs I can still loot crates, boxes etc., just not pick up loot from corpses Anyone seen this before?
  7. OK, yes, I see I'm signed up for a GoG copy too, huzzah Anyone know where to get my key/code/voucher? Ta
  8. They are supposed to be working on that - same for patches altho they already have a download page for DVD patches but it only has 1.06 atm. OK, is there any way as a DVD backer to switch to a GoG download?
  9. Any ETA for the 2.01 patch for DVD backers yet? Also, can we buy White March from GoG and apply it to our DVD install? Thanks
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