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  1. Where exactly are you stuck as B4D4? ​This happened to me. You need to try to talk to as many people as possible to try and trigger the swap.
  2. If you are having issues resolving Mod files not taking effect there are a few steps you can check. You probably have already discovered people telling you to check the the TSLRCM folder, but... On the PC version, you need to be mindful if you are using The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM),Then you should find that install folder. If you have not done that here’s how: Browse to your Steam folder on your Hard drive: It should be C > Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steamapps Here are some familiar folders, but hold your horses... You are probably familiar with the Common folder in this directory. Ignore it for now. Go to the Workshop > Content folder instead. This contains all games that have workshop files installed. This may be rather large if you are avid modder. Problem is, this is just a bunch of folders with numbers... so... we need to find the one for KOTOR 2. Luckily, this is the same number for everyone, regardless of your PC. Find the folder numbered 208580. This is KOTOR 2 TSL. within that, the folder 485537937 contains all the files for the stock TSLRCM mod. Placing mod files in this Override folder will let you modify the TSLRCM files, but beware! This can damage things that TSLRCM relies on. If you have done that, then you need to check out if there is another conversion mod like TSLRCM installed as well. If you are using the Steam Workshop, then you should go check your "Subscribed Items". Go to the Steam Page for KOTOR 2 TSL, and click workshop. From there, go to the second menu bar (under the KOTOR banner, next to the Search function bar) and click Browse > "Subscribed Items" If you have more than one version of the TSLRCM installed, such as TSLRCM + M4-78EP, Then you may have to replace the fines in THAT Override folder. Finding that folder is no simple task. Here’s the best way to see if you have another override folder overriding your overridden override folder... (Ugh). 2. Browse to your Steam folder on your Hard drive: It should be C > Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Workshop > Content > 208580. From here, things get dicey. The more mods you have, the more folders will be here. one per mod. You will have to go through these one by one and find each one that has an Override folder. It should be directly in the mod's directory without having to browse within that directory. This is almost always the issue if placing it in the TSLRCM folder did not fix it. EXTRA: If you want to modify .2da files in the TSLRCM Override folder without undoing the changes that TSLRCM makes, then all you need is a .2da editor. The most functional one I found (outside of scripting Excel 2007) is KOTORTOOL. Its available on a few sites. Find it. It has a .2da editor in the tools. This will let you edit .2da files to make the specific changes you need. Some tips: -The featgain.2da and ClassPowerGain.2da files are sorted with shortened version of the respective classes. Just use your intuition to figure out which ones are what. -Don’t worry about giving yourself too many feats or powers. If you are forced to pick a feat/power during level up, but none are available, just click “Recommended” and “OK”. It will let you NOT pick any, because it tried to tag and failed to tag any feats/powers. This is useful for when you are level 38 and still getting a feat or two every leve, but no longer have any to pick!
  3. Just had the exact same issue. It is about the forcefield being struck by stupid onderron soldiers. Heres the fix: 1: Get right up on the shield. between it and any friendly soldiers trying to hit it. 2: Save your game. 3: Load that save. 4: The game will reset the barrier, and all NPCs will be non-active for about 3 seconds. 5: Attack the barrier as soon as possible! IF you can get your attack on it before the friendly npc takes a shot, you can knock it down. Just repeat this until you get it. You will get it eventually. Its about beating that soldier to the punch. (I know this was Necro'd. Other players may see this in the future and see this solution. Sorry. Just thought I would share so nobody reloads an old save and wastes time or just gives up!!!) (May the force be with you!)
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