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  1. Where exactly are you stuck as B4D4? ​This happened to me. You need to try to talk to as many people as possible to try and trigger the swap.
  2. If you are having issues resolving Mod files not taking effect there are a few steps you can check. You probably have already discovered people telling you to check the the TSLRCM folder, but... On the PC version, you need to be mindful if you are using The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM),Then you should find that install folder. If you have not done that here’s how: Browse to your Steam folder on your Hard drive: It should be C > Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steamapps Here are some familiar folders, but hold your horses... You are probably familiar with the Co
  3. Just had the exact same issue. It is about the forcefield being struck by stupid onderron soldiers. Heres the fix: 1: Get right up on the shield. between it and any friendly soldiers trying to hit it. 2: Save your game. 3: Load that save. 4: The game will reset the barrier, and all NPCs will be non-active for about 3 seconds. 5: Attack the barrier as soon as possible! IF you can get your attack on it before the friendly npc takes a shot, you can knock it down. Just repeat this until you get it. You will get it eventually. Its about beating that soldier to the punch. (I know this was Necro
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