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  1. Revan's just scouting out his enemy or looking for other weapons to help him in the upcoming war. :ph34r:
  2. The Dialog/Writing was better in Kotor 2 but Kotor 1's Npcs seemed better placed on the maps. The bigger interface a ton of other stuff you guys mentioned I liked as well. Showing if a container was EMPTY was awesome. Datapads as well. Icon that is pretty cool. BACK OFF Republic dog!
  3. Eji you got some skills. I'd like to see how HK-47 would look in your style.
  4. OF course it will be made, when will it be made is the question. And it sucks that LA dev team got laid off, I'm sure Sam and Max 2 would have been good if given the chance.
  5. Didn't Visa say Nihilus's power keeps the Ravager together? It should have collapsed when he died then...but it didn't.......... "
  6. I can't believe the T just spoilered me!
  7. I used Master Speed and Master Battle Med and destroyed her on LS
  8. I always play a Jedi in sith's clothing. :ph34r:
  9. I thought Yuthura Ban would be in this game since she was redeemed by Revan himself. And there is a mod that removes Mandalores helmet for Kotor2.. he's not all grey here. http://gknetworks.net/kotor/MandaloreHelmet01.jpg If the story does come to a close in KoToR 3 I bet we'd see every character because of Revan giving each of them orders to do certain things LS wise.
  10. I'd like to see it, I'm not familiar with the storyline besides the fact that Anakin Solo and Ben Skywalker are in it, maybe if it took place when they are grown up. The Old Republic -1000 sounds good too.
  11. You guys are really rushing the game, I did 41 hours LS using no guide or anything and I pretty much got everything there was.
  12. Atris was blaming Kriea for training Revan, the line before that was something about Revan turning.
  13. Midichlorians just means someone can use the force better, the force is always there
  14. White Out did you even play the game? You either cheated or just going by what you read here. There is no way you can beat this game in 20 hours without cheating.
  15. Statement: This patch needs a way to turn off the up and down camera movement while running with the mouse.
  16. I got Mandalore to neutral when I gained light points talking to Visas or maybe it was to him, that's when I noticed it. I got GOTO to neutral as well somehow.
  17. Did any of the none boss sith characters even use the force ? I can't seem to remember it happening.
  18. I couldn't seem to find it if there was, maybe add it into the patch? Looking up and down is cool but it can get annoying when your running with the mouse.
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