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  1. Revan and Exile That would be interesting to see how'd they work it.
  2. Need a contrast slider to go with the brightness Also ATI cards have a contrast bug where you travel to other planets it goes really black.
  3. I preffered the SNES version's story, if you could mix what both games did right it would be even better.
  4. mkreku I didn't meant literally naked, but the ding dong is a nice secret weapon. On the Subject of the Mideast.. Before WW2, Israelies were known as Palestinians, now not just Jews call themselves Israelis. How did people decide to become one? Btw Arafat should have taken Barak's deal I doubt he's ever gonna get more then that again. Could have ended this bulls*** in 1999 and gotten almost everything he wanted.
  5. Black skin tight latex would be ideal for a fight or no clothes at all, fighting in baggy clothes slows you down in my experience.
  6. Hey Weiser pretty good. The first sketch though the arms are way too long..
  7. "Hey mister! My kitten is caught up in that tree, can you help me get it down?" *Revan force puts the kid on the top of the tree and the cat on the ground.*
  8. Gotta be the team, I'd say Billups on Offense and Big Ben on Defense. Dungggggggggggggggggg
  9. Yea, right B) That's why your on this forum. And Star Wars sucks for a CRPG because it favors having a good or evil side? I thought that your supposed to have consequences for your actions in CRPGs..
  10. Behold Darth Yoda A Yoda character as a temporary party member would be ok with me.
  11. If there's one easter egg in this game I'd like to see.. it would be Hendar somehow getting off Taris and showing up in KOTOR2..cheering somewhere
  12. True it did, but sometimes I felt like I was doing stupid things just to keep the balance. I.E the game wasn't made to play that way..no problem if it doesn't have this it would just be nice.
  13. For the love of Hendar can we make the datapads some kind of way sortable? The Main character not having a voice is ok with me. Romance optionial if possible. You don't need a M rating to make the story mature. Lightsabers don't make blood wounds!
  14. Akari even if you guys make MINOR adjustments to some of the faces to make them look a little different that would be great. Hendar was just out of control! B) Mucha Zaka Paka!
  15. I say the game really needs a grey option, or possibly a moderate or "defiant" light or dark side as well.
  16. LMFAO, hopefully they will skin more then 4 faces and make a few different animations, Hendar seriously was gettin played out.
  17. You've done High-Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Far-Future with KOTOR2 and various other settings. Would be cool to see it, and there hasn't been a game in that universe since the SNES/Genesis versions practically. What Shadowrun's settings is----
  18. Holstering your weapon is a big gameplay factor in the PS2 game "Way of the Samurai" just drawing it at certain times can be a answer to a question.
  19. Please no Final Fantasy 8-10 Romances KOTOR's was fine because you could ignore Bastila if you wanted.
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