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  1. I just spent about an hour looking through the FAQs looking for this and came up with nothing but a headache. (those things are HUGE) Have they removed the ability to "put on" and "remove" your hood on your robe? I heard this feature has been removed and that would really be unfortunate. Not a dealbreaker for me, but unfortunate.
  2. You guys really don't see the difference? This hilt looks to have some sort of pattern going down it. Maybe I'm just seeing things... Also, who is the guy in the "Sith Armor" I keep seeing in all the screens? His armor looks to be a bit different than the Sith Armor from Kotor I...
  3. Screenshot of the week Just look at the Sreenshot of the week and tell me what you think...
  4. I was looking on www.lucasarts.com and noticed the "screenshot of the week." If you look at the guy's saber hilt, it isn't the regular smooth silver hilt seen in KOTOR I and in other screens for KOTOR II. Someone let me know if I'm just seeing things.... (and yes, I realize after posting this that I should've posted in the Kotor 2 general discussion... so let the flaming begin...)
  5. The point would be to have another part of your character to customize and add special abilities to.
  6. So I was thinking of all the things that they could've done to make KOTOR better, when it hit me---mechanical limbs!!! Your character could loose an arm or hand like Luke or Vader and replace it with a mechanical one. On top of this, they could make the limbs upgradeable with special Str, Dex, or even weapons feats. I'm sure this idea has been posted before, but I'm lazy and don't feel like searching so whatever. Anyway, what do you guys think?
  7. Wow. After reading some of these posts, perhaps I should've named this thread "George Lucas is a moron and here's why". I think it's hard to live up to the impossible expectations that everyone has concerning the Star Wars Universe. Maybe it would help to look at some other pieces of sci-fi and compare. You'll find yourself saying "maybe Episode II wasn't what I had expected but MAN it was better than Starship Troopers!!!!" :angry: <_< :D
  8. You can lose the turrent minigame? Wow. just when you think you know everything there is to know about a game...
  9. While I liked Thrawn, nothing compares to Vader for me. It's a combination of the look, voice, and overall terror that Vader struck into the heart of all he encountered that makes him the greatest villan ever. IMO of course!!!
  10. You know, it's just this type of racist, intollerant moron that reminds me of how much we need REAL mods here. Seriously. (if you guys are listening---WTF---been on vacation or something?)
  11. I think I like you more as that painting... But that's probably just me.....
  12. This is the most original idea I've heard on these forums in weeks. If this doesn't get implemented then I'm going on a hunger strike.... or something.
  13. How many people complained about it being too difficult? Most complaints I heard about it was that it was silly because it was so ridiculously easy that it just wasted their time (aside from the obvious complaint that it happened too often...which again goes back to time)...but since this is all anecdotal, it's moot. Weren't you required to race swoops at one point in the game? First off, I will address a little concern. I have no problem when you say something like "think." The problem is that you seem to "think" that only your ideas are plausible, and "think" that
  14. your fcking problem is you're a misrable S.o.B. Noone needs you trolling around these forums trashing everything everyone has to say. I've been on these forums for about two weeks now, and everytime I start a thread with an original idea, or see a thread containing an original thought, you show up and try to sh!t all over everthing everyone has to say. I usually don't result to flaming people, (I don't like to get banned) but if I do, it will be worth it as long as you do too, so others can get a break from your negative, self-serving, ignorant and basically f***ing stupid and worthless opi
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