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  1. U CD freaks are insane...I hate nothing more at installation then having to switch CD's 5 or 6 freakin times...I could let a dvd install while doing something else... Good use of time... Organization..... Speed.... And why would you want 1 or more disks? ... Only reason I would if it came out on 2 DVD's. That would be sweet.
  2. im really sorry for missleading the idea to a saberwhip. i know im really mentally retarded, i have been told. but what i was going by was the laser or lightwhip that a bountyhunter in a jedi aprentice book. more of you hate the idea compleatly, but...all you have to say is no, dont like it. dont have to give me 21 reasons why you think it sucks monkey ass.... the main point is, if any 1 is gona act like a moron over this, then kiss my, and my suggestion's ass...
  3. i dont know, they prob smack thier nutz together or something. the purple one is a guy with a pockey book so,...i dont wana get involved with the bastards..HAHAH
  4. that was gona be my next point...how the hell would light just stop? all good opinions tho.
  5. when was a whip created? After the medieval ages...hell no..the whip is older than medieveal ages..hence a ledgendary weapon. Btw...its a blend of more than classic euro. knighthood.
  6. If they come out the way Operation Flashpoint did, i can make one. I was on several Mod. teams for that game. The mods was the reason for the popularity of OFP. maybe obsidian wont be so uptight with this game...i hope we will see mod programs. "im a graphics artist, just to let you guys know" i dont work for a company, but i make my money. "smartass reply expected"
  7. i dont care what anyone of yall think about me now...but weiser_cain...you are a starwars **** man....you take it way 2 seriously, and you have wayyy to much time on your hands..get a life dude. or dudett. whichever you call yourself. take you time to come up with a smartass reply to this. PS. Is that you in your avatar?
  8. What are you waiting for? i couldnt find anywhere to submit a suggestion...in fact they said not too lol. it will take most of the devs. to get this idea rolling. post message every dev. yall know about this toppic please.
  9. I have a dvd drive, but even if i didnt i would get 1 to play this game. So would every 1 else that enjoyed SW knights 2. We need to start the switching over to dvd. new age...new toys...
  10. Like i said, some one needs to contact some 1 from lucas arts to see if they can consider this option.
  11. Good points for every 1. DvD should be the winner here. Some one needs to contact a Dev., and get him in here to ask his opinion. )
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