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  1. Hey MCA good to see your still around, and everybody makes mistakes, that's why they put erasers on pencils. Not to mention the 500,000 lines of dialouge....etc...
  2. In my game I beat Atris with the Handmaiden and after Atris says Enough! and uses Force lighting on her. I got the same thing with Handmaiden, it just goes black and corpses are around her, I also trained her all the way. I was LS Male, I don't recognize any of the other scenes, the red eclispe I never saw Kriea, they just killed the thief and then I killed them.
  3. This forum is easy on the eyes
  4. The whole thing with Atris and your Lightsaber "Hey, that's my lightsaber!" You've come to save the Handmiaden? "No I'm here for my lightsaber Atris!"
  5. Just ask her for your lightsaber and leave her to the Sith Holocrons, they don't tolerate failure.
  6. I am a businessman, who follows this business. What we don't know how much cut retailers get of that 50 bucks. Or Microsofts cut Or Lucasarts cut Or Obsidians cut What we do know that is 780,000 sold as initial numbers is good for everyone involved. As for the box office list, there is the NPD list, which tells how much console games have sold, but you have to pay for them, unless they get released to the public. No numbers are kept publically for PC games.
  7. If a game sells 150,000 copies it's made a profit if it was selling for 50$ a pop. Games in this generation are usually budgeted around 1-4 million $ The more profit the more likely a sequel in some form will be made.
  8. When that little munchkin alien pazaak champion walks into the bar and the twilek player goes "ohh hes so handsome, I could play with him all day" How excited Mandalore is to blow up Nihilius ship "I've waited 10 years for this" Saving the handmaiden from Atris one of the lines is "I'm here for my lightsaber Atris!"
  9. Gotta agree with Volourn the Skills and Dialouge was good as was the Droids and the tieing in of the KOTOR1 characters/story. I loved how the bounty hunters chased the player across the galaxy. The buildup of Nihilus was awesome imo despite you know what. Mandalore in the flames scene was priceless.
  10. Hanhar is minding his own business on Nar Shada for whatever reason.. so I decided to mine him.. it did no damage
  11. Sorry Kriea but your gonna have to try harder to kill a Jedi Master that has a handlebar mustache!
  12. Interesting thread you guys got going on here. This rule doesn't apply to Kotor, according to other posters on this board, the 2 sith lords doesn't come into effect until 2000 years after Kotor
  13. *obligatory Wow, I wish all this stuff was still in the game post* Great work by everyone that found this stuff.
  14. She was supposed to be the golden force child 10 years after Exar Kun died according to the comics, at least from what I've researched. No mention of her in the games, but they mention Ulic, etc.
  15. I agree with most of the posts here except for the one that calls the game Lame, KOTOR 2 was worth getting and playing, it was good but could have been GREAT. I have played MANY other games that are not as good. The most annoying thing to me was the messed up dialog trees and the stuff involving the characters stories that were cut out. Nihilius battle, etc too. Nihilius had the potential to be one of the baddest characters ever. War flashbacks would have been good too. You got one kind of on Korriban with the Republic soldiers and the minefield. The fact that the game hooked us
  16. Hard to turn down being the first Jedi Watchmen since Ulic Qel-Droma when she put it like that.
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