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  1. You're almost making Revan some sort of god-like Jedi! If the "True Sith" do find Revan a match then they would find others like Jolee and Bastila not being pushovers themselves. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Revan's the strongest/smartest person of his era...
  2. It's too bad they didn't fix 1.0b considering it actually had a few fixes in it
  3. It's talking about Darth Bane who was 2,000 years ago. Right on the side there it has Exar Kun, and talking aout how his spirit laid in rest for four milennia. Think he's reffering to the current manifestion of the Republic as Darth Bane's war lasted 1,000 years destroying everything and the republic starts anew 1,000 years before prequels
  4. Revan is smart, from what I take, he wants to learn more about them before appearing as an enemy. Easier to do while alone.
  5. Poor Vash Zez-Kai Ell should have survived because he was a Jedi with a freakin handlebar mustache.
  6. I sware I got this with LSM Revan, wish I could remember which version of Kotor I had
  7. actually she's in the 30s Some guy figured it out, Exar Kun war was 33 years before K1 when she was a baby.
  8. I read the Tales comics after playing KOTOR1, they stood the test of time, I imagine Dark Horse can make some decent ones again. Figure they will just focus on the major events in Kotor and have someone else working behind the scenes as the main character for the comics. For example maybe Vima Sunrider since she's MIA from KOTOR storyline despite being a powerful young jedi just 15-20 years before K1.
  9. I went with Kreia as well. Nihilus could have been the best. But he ended up like Darth Maul.
  10. Looks like Shadowrun is already being made and it's gonna be a FPS... FPS/RPG like Deus Ex hopefully :/ http://rpgvault.ign.com/articles/634/634639p1.html
  11. lol I think my first post here was on the same subject.. I'd love to see Obsidian do a futuristic man vs coporations setting.
  12. Those are Dark Padawan robes, I got them early I was lucky, wore'em the whole game.
  13. I don't understand how people can't see Carth if there playing LS, theres several cutscenes with him even before telos..
  14. I liked her, but your right about her falling in love with the Exile so easyily sucked since she is such a unique character. Hearing my life for yours all the time, knowing you can sacrifice her despite all that was a little chilling I'll admit.
  15. Yea everything but Dustil is good. Vash and HK-47 vs Goto seem like they have to be in there.
  16. It was episode 3, when that happened Kotor 2 had just started development.
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