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  1. The Great Phantom - time to change your sig. :D Good work Forna.
  2. Using the dark side of the force is like abusing prescription drugs in a odd way. People think they would never use more then they needed, but it becomes a quick and easy fix.
  3. That's exactly what happened though! They bailed after they thought Naga Sadow was dead. lol here it is..
  4. Vrook is just an ass, plain and simple. P.S LONG LIVE MASTER VANDAR!
  5. GHW just ends with the ships getting destroyed, they never touch the planets.
  6. Very good. Aren't their any good artists that played as a man?! :">
  7. Everytime I tried playing it straight DS I end up going grey. It's funny sometimes, dumb other times. I just can't be a total ****. Kotor 1 was like being a evil idiot, besides the Mission thing that was clever. Also the Sith tradition of always killing the strongest person to become the strongest person doesn't give a character much longevity.
  8. Light Masters eyes turn white in the character screen, too bad they don't in the game.
  9. I like Atton, but I hate the term 'bad boy'
  10. I thought it was in a duel with Revan to determine who the Master would be.
  11. Hehe your mind is playing tricks on you, I thought it was HK-47 at first too but it's just a black (in the smoke) HK with red eyes, it doesn't show you who it is, so your assuming it was HK-47.
  12. Who cares about the levels, that much? Do what Suikoden, Arc the Lad, Xenosaga and any other RPG with contining storylines do, just make the character strong but not max level, give em special items and the -unique- powers they gained during the last game but not the highest level, and then raise the level cap higher. It's not as hard as you guys are making it out to be.
  13. Yea it's the droid when you land on dantoonie, the protocol. Ask it how it knows who you are.
  14. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30726
  15. Because, robjuan00 is obviously, on ..... multiple drugs.
  16. Bastila: "You are unlike any man I have ever met before" Revan never says that to Carth!
  17. No doubt, because he says "Maybe I was just hoping Revan was a woman"
  18. After playing Kotor as both genders, I came to the conclusion I think Carth and Bastila should be together. They're both so insecure that they fall for Revan like nothing. Carth would still be about 20 years older then both of them.
  19. Well in the temple you do indeed meet Dark Revan
  20. He says that before T3 shocks him, it' s one of the first things he says when you rebuild him and ask him what happened.
  21. Actually you do meet Revan sorta...and there is tons of talk about em
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