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  1. It would be nice to be able to get around faster, without using force speed. Force speed always gave me a headache to watch with all the blur.
  2. I dont think its a joke. Just be happy they didn't include Jar Jar in the origionals somehow.
  3. Yeah the Sith are very anti alien...they keep them as slaves or kill them. The Sith are the nazis of the Star Wars universe
  4. I agree with Topaz, Malik had no idea what tactics were. He was simply afraid of Revan, so he quickly tried to get everyone and anyone to kill Revan. By the time I actually fought Malik I wasn't afraid of him because I knew he feared me so much. My PC killed Malik in like 3 minutes with a series of force waves, it was sad.
  5. The Jedi have always been blind to the dark side. Take KOTOR for example, the Jedi don't notice when your pc has turned to the dark side. Also your pc can lie to them and they can't tell. It's not that the Jedi had it coming, its just they were too blind or ignorant to see reality.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah there were a lot of path problems. One of the worst problems was, your pc would be talking to someone and an npc like carth would get stuck behind the person you were talking to...so carth or whoever would just start twitching and shaking about like some kind of retard for the entire dialog scene.
  7. I know a lot of us feel the double bladed saber was way over used, and it was. However I doubt the devs are going to change it since it's probably already a part of the game. Maybe in the third game the staff saber wont be so over used.
  8. I liked Dxun the forest moon better when it was called Endor.
  9. The new screen shots look a hell of a lot better then the old ones. The game is starting to look a lot more polished and smoother then the origional.
  10. I think July 2005 would be a more realistic release date. Lucas arts always posts an unrealistic release date, and then proceeds to push it back every other month. By the end of the summer the Feb 05 release date will turn into April 05....then May....then late June...then maybe July...Perhaps Nov 05. As far as EB or Babbages, or any other video game supplier goes, they give out fake release dates. Infact they just make them up so that they can get pre-orders for the game and make money. KOTOR 1 had about a dozen fake release dates from electronic stores before an actual one was released. In short nothing is certain until the "Sith Lords Gone Gold" announcement is made by Lucas Arts.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing an alien Jedi in your party. Juhani was ok, but she looked pretty human. Anyway, back to the flame war at hand about KOTOR being just like the origionals. The devs wanted a new story line to set KOTOR away from the movies or any other Star Wars story told before. However they reused the same or similar characters out of a loss of knowing what else to do. It was NOT their intent to rip off the origional movies, but they did so by trying to follow the same character formula from the origionals. So try and actually read posts and interviews before you make posts or start a flame wars with your ignorance.
  12. The secret Ajunta Pual is refering to is the Star Map, and the great secret he refers to is the Star Forge.
  13. I guess Obsidian is trying to make us extra excited about the game by holding out on us a little...Theyre releasing the info slowly...3 screen shots every 10 days or so...maybe an interview after like 20 days...theyre pacing themselves.
  14. That is a good idea, however I see one problem with it. The PC needs to be part of your party at all times. So if you have two groups of three off on two different missions, one of the groups will be lacking your PC. However, if the devs can design the game where at certain instances you don't need your PC, your idea would work.
  15. lol Don't sweat it gunslinger. Your thread is valid and has more of a place on these boards then some of these other threads. Even if this topic has been posted before it wasn't recognized properly by the devs. Some people on these boards love to start flame wars about stupid things like "this has been posted", "you made a typo".....blah blah blah..Just ignore people who act like idiots.
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