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  1. In Kreia's words: 'Sith is just a title' :D In that respect, Malak is a better Sith Lord. Kreia wasn't Sith or Jedi. She was just the antithesis of Star Wars! Which is why shes so cool :D
  2. I presume this means you liked the ending? Because I did. In fact, on first completion, I immediately thought of Bao-Dur, where all the conversations seemed to fit in place. I think the light-side ending has a very powerful vibe to it..... I wish it didn't cut to the credits so quickly with its more upbeat soundtrack
  3. Dahvernas brings up a good point. I personally loved the story but was annoyed at the game dynamics themselves because they don't fit cohesively. If you think about it, K2 really starts to look at the grey matter in the SW universe - it hasn't been done before (to my knowledge; if anyone would like to elaborate on that please do)... therefore, OE were very ambitious to go this route. The thing is, while were looking at the arrogance and... well, yes, IGNORANCE of the light side and the consuming dark-side, we must choose either of these paths to progress through the game (yes, i know it is possbile to complete the game in the grey-matter area, but there are simply no ADVANTAGES to this). I think there should have been some sort of advantage with the 'grey-area' to really link up with what Kreia says throughout the game. ^ I know this got a little off topic, but as a final note, I completely agree with Malhavok's interpretation. This was something I really was going to post about myself, but he has done such a good job of it
  4. I don't see why this is such an issue. The whole point of it is for Nihilus to be a complete red herring. He isn't the main villain of the game but is made out to be. That's the point.... I personally thought he was going to be the endgame boss. I remember walking through the Ravager thinking 'where's Sion?' and then meeting Nihilus. I think it's a cool confrontation, it makes you think, the story isn't just drip-fed to you. As for the comment 'why didn't he suck life out of your companions', I'm guessing he tried to suck the life out of the biggest threat (the PC), but found nothing. This immediately weakened him, since, presumably, it takes him energy to suck more out of everything else. Notice when he tried to he looked drained, exhausted... so you could finish him off.
  5. Whether it is necessary or not is purely subjective. But from a storyline point of view, i think the only feasible option is that were never going to see Revan again. Doesn't mean were not going to hear of Revan again, though, far from it. What if K3 explained what Revan had found in the unknown regions? In sufficient depth, it would be possible to satisfy everyone. And Aegis, if they don't put Revan in K3, are you going to raid Obsidian HQ with punishing stick in hand? "I'm not ready to let them get away with something like that" = lol
  6. The only time you're going to see Revan in Kotor3 is if they put him/her in dark-side robes a la kotor2. I think that if Revan ever appeared in the K3, the illusions people have come up with would be shattered, because of the way they talk, look, etc etc. And is seeing Revan again *really* necessary? I wouldn't buy Revan coming back after the storyline in kotor2 (which i loved, btw, and i thought the end was good, too. So I might have a few conflicting ideas). But Kreia pretty much explains that Revan's fate is to venture into the unknown and it's pretty likely he/she is not coming back. I personally feel it would be better for the series if Revan was just lost - sounds lame, but makes the most sense. This is pretty much the formula for all legends. The exile is subject to the same fate, I feel. And I liked the exile
  7. How'd you reckon they'll resolve the issue over what sex Revan is? My theory: Random NPC: I hear that Revan was key to the Republic success. Funny how he could do that after his reign as Lord of the Sith. PC: Errr... HE? PC: Yah I know what you mean... :D
  8. Hey guys, I don't think it was a 'silly' question. It says 'how dark can TSL be?', and that requires subjectivity on each persons part. Provocation of Tyrell is unnecessary and I'm sick of sifting through posts to actually find one on topic. I reckon that the ending will probably turn out 'dark' no matter whether you choose LS or DS. Bad things happen to good people ... the death of a key figure of your party at the hands of your enemy, for example, whom you were having a relationship with (not the enemy, of course). I'm thinking along these lines, since some of the greatest losses in life are when your emotional attachments are taken away by something beyond your control.
  9. Hair down beyond the neck makes it difficult for them because that way individual models have to be made for the different classes for that one face i.e. in kotor nobody had hair length beyond their neck so that a head could effectively be 'put' onto a body, whereas if hair was longer so it touched the body it could cause some clipping problems blah blah.
  10. Crystal Chronicles for GC is cool But anyway, that's off topic
  11. Anyone played Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike?? On Tatooine depending on what time of day you play, the map is dawn/day/dusk/night using the GC internal clock. Surely this can be utilised in a PC/Xbox? Also, I don't understand the textures thing, surely it only requires a different skybox and different levels of lighting entities? Oh well...
  12. I thought it would be pronounced 'Zun' - Silent D and an x sounding liked a z, but then, I'm just wierd.
  13. I'd HATE it if they used the resurrecting Sith Lords thing because that'd be too much like Jedi Academy for starters, and in Jedi Academy I thought it was pretty lame anyway. Now if a Dark Jedi unearthed something in a Sith Tomb that would bring him/her great power and went on a trail for it and gained a great understanding of the force, or something to that effect, that *could* be interesting. At the end of the day, its going to be when Obsidian make ends meet that'll make the story. I personally love stories that are a complete mystery, but all come into place at the end.
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