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  1. Indifferent. I'm used to it by now. However if they use that time to fix bugs, i would be glad.
  2. What did he do? He made the Death Star, and Revan just found a Star Forge floting around.
  3. Mine was if Bastila would make a cameo in K2.
  4. If any of you have the ROTK Extended Version: When the steward sees Boromir behind Faramir, and then he fades away. May not seem like a scene that gives goosebumps, but it did :D
  5. Isnt that song called Blietzcrieg (I know thats spelled wrong) Bop?
  6. Laugh?? My favorite Queen song is Bohemian Rhapsody, and my favorite Guns N' Roses song is November Rain. And then... Metallica - Nothing Else Matters, Fade To Black, Sanitarium, One and Unforgiven (As you can see im quite fond of Metallica) And one of my favorite bands at this time must be Green Day. American Idiot must be the best punk album ever.
  7. I'd bet you'd lose that bet that he'd lose his bet. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My favorite kind of posts (w00t) Id bet that youd lose the bet that youd bet that hed lose the bet that the other guy bet that the other guy bet that thats how the sims 2 got a high score. "
  8. Why is Exar Kun behind Maul? As im concerned Maul didnt do anything.
  9. Pristege classes, bending your party to your will and getting apprentices.
  10. I didnt read what you said. Cant you do a spoiler tag?
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