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  1. K2 being more fun than K1 is relative to your tastes Grand_Commander13. I for example did not have half as much fun in K2 as I did in K1, but that is because of my own preferrences. The same can be said of the story, some feel K1 was better some K2. it's all a matter of taste. I've played K2 only once and my interest in the game rapidly fades, the only hope I have for it is the restoration project and even with the cut content the story and the adventure is less engrossing to me than the original. As for K3, if it is made which looks to be no time soon if ever at all, I'll have to con
  2. I was more disappointed in the overall experience than satisfied. So I voted no. I do like the game, but even with the potentially restored content I find it only to be a good game not a great game. Fact is the game hasn't even motivated me to play it more than once, at first I was waiting for the patch which now I hear brings more bugs than fixes and now I'm waiting for the restored TC to play my second game and any others. The game was what I expected mostly, I was severely disappointed in some storyline decisions which I feel are cop-outs and done to force the game to go in a spec
  3. So this is the first of a couple of patches soon to be released? One for the movies, another for the music? Or at least another patch for both movies and music? Sounds good. But ah I don't see the fixes for my main two bugs here: 1) The dialogue skipping, especially with T3 for some weird reason but not just him. 2) Several conversations, the character talking to the PC looks away and you only see them from the back as they talk. (Atton anytime in the Ebon Hawk, the Telos guard in Citadel station announcing the Czarka or Ithorian visitor via monitor, etc). Are there plans f
  4. I'll admit I'm not one to know a lot about EU but what the hell is an Imperial Dark Jedi? Is that like a Sith or is it like the cheesy villains of the JK series which were basically Siths commanding Imperials? No offense Nur, I really want to know what that is.
  5. Well I haven't a clue what that is Nur but I'll take your word for it.
  6. I disagree the engine sucks and it's been used what twice? Yeah a real geriatric. All a new engine will bring is a hell of a lot longer development cycle which could be much better spent in developing the characters and writing a good story, polish, testing, etc; a whole new batch of stupid bugs it will take 3 patches to resolve; a mess of complications involved every time a new engine is made. Game polish is very important, make the environments look realistic; don't just have a bucnh of empty rooms with enemies in them or a couple of chairs or a plant or two in the middle of a corridor.
  7. I'd like to see an ending to KotOR first and foremost as skeptical about what that ending might be. But I hate how KotOR stands unresolved right now. As for KotNR, there are many problems with this game: 1) Firstly change the title if you want PCs to have the option of not being Jedi the entire game. If the game is called "Knights" then the game should focus on the Jedi like KotOR, if the game doesn't focus on the Jedi (Even if they appear and you have the option to become one) it shouldn't be called Knights as they are not the focus of the game but just one aspect of it. 2) If the
  8. Heir to the Empire is about what I like in the EU, not really a series but Shadows of the Empire I liked a lot. Everything else I don't like pretty much or dislike a lot.
  9. I think we'd all agree Lord Satasn that the only way K3 will make all gamer happy is if there were 3 interconnected campaigns, one where you play Revan, one the Exile and one a noobie. That way the gamer plays as who he/she wants and even still has the opportunity for many a replay as you only see one side of the three sided story in each campaign, moreso with gender and alignment variations for each set at the beginning. Course that's just a fabrication never will happen. Too bad, I think that'd make K3 live up to the potential it should have.
  10. In a perfect world, Bioware and Obsidian would join forces and develop the game together. Create a fitting and worthy ending to the current era and story of K1 and K2, put in all of the wonderful things everyone has been asking to see in a KotOR game and they'd make 3 different interconnected campaigns one where you play as Revan, one as the Exile and one as an yet to be identified noob so that everyone could be happy and play with who they want to play. Of course we live nowhere near this world so I really don't know. K2 was left in nowhere so only Obsidian knows where they wanted to take
  11. Revan got his memory back of course, the point is that you still don't know what those memories are. You can still make plenty of ingame decisions as to what are those memories and what that background is. And Vrook, aside from him a Jedi Master and an idiot do you know anything else about him at all? The fact is you don't know who the real Revani s because they never told you. You only know what Revan did in the Mandalorian Wars and in the events after. You have no idea at all at who Revan is as a person, where Revan came from, and even more interesting for me how all of these events hav
  12. Boy this is a tough one. Generally speaking most of the characters there are just annoying, not necessarily bad characters. However, I think I'd have to go with either Boba Fett or Wicket. Boba Fett is the most overrated character in SW, 3 lines in 3 movies plus swallowed by a giant Sandworm, I couldn't think a character could be found more pathetic if I tried (Sorry Fett lovers, just my opinion, I liked Jango though at least he did something). As for Wicket well I have a huge hatred of all Ewoks as cute as they were, they ruined my final SW movie. Jar Jar, well too over the t
  13. I disagree with you Baley. Revan is only defined as much as his actions during the Mandalorian and Sith War (Or Jedi Civil War for those that prefer the K2 term) but Revan is hardly defined as a complete character. You know next to nothing about who Revan was before he entered the Jedi, what planet does he/she come from, what family does Revan have, how did the events of K1 and K2 affect and shape how Revan is now. I think there are huge Role Playing Possibilities as far as Revan is concerned. Some people (Myself included) believe that the questions Bastila asks you in Dantooine about your
  14. I missed something. When Obsidian confirmed that LA denied them returning the cut content? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Here's John Morgan's response about the content patch from April 6. Rejected and subject was closed. On topic I'm really looking forward to this restoration project.
  15. I like them about the same. I think both trilogies have their own things worth while and things that I didn't like at all. The prequels are very cgi dependant, many say at the expense of the substance of the story. I think that the two are not really related as you can have a movie with great substance and cgis in the same package see LotR. Is the OT that much better written than the PT, maybe ESB is, the other two not that much better. ANH was just great fun, stormtroopers and X-Wings. ESB has the rich substance the entire OT is usually attributed to. And RotJ is just a mess with a
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