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  1. Personally I love when a game goes back to an older display type. Wether it's pixelated, 2D animated, cell shaded 3D, isometric and so on. I feel like at some point developers felt like a game couldn't be a game without cutting edge graphics and games started to suffer for it. Consistantly every year it's games with intentionally stylized or throwback graphics that tend to be the ones I enjoy the most. This isn't to say I don't enjoy games with great graphics but I'm still playing FTL, mark of the ninja and bastion but not skyrim, farcry, or metro last light. I'm glad they've got a simple art
  2. Usually I go tank, healer, support, 2 dps and 1 mix of healer/support or support/dps depending on if more healing is needed or not. Generally I like my character to fill in the role of whatever is missing from NPCs I like. So if there are no tanks I like I will most likely make a tank. The adventures hall will help a bit but most likely I'll only use 1 AH character at a time and only if the NPCs bug the crap out of me in some way. I usually go mage the first time through though.
  3. Depends on the topics. I'll give books on magic, demons, other planes or really interesting figures a shot. If they're entertaining I'll continue to read them, if not I'll start ignoring them. Also I find that if they're too frequent it interrupts the pacing of the game. Personally I felt DA:O had journal updates far too often so while I was interested in reading about some things I didn't want to stop every 15 minutes or so take a break and read all the lore they were tossing my way. Also I think it's generally better to work interesting bits of lore and history into the gameplay rather than
  4. Justin Sweet is one my favorite artists so I must prefer the icewind sale style. I enjoy the slightly more painterly and low contrast look of them. While I did enjoy the BG2 portaits everybody looked overly shiney, almost plastic, and there was just too much detail. I like to let my mind sort of fill in the gaps in a player portrait so it can look a bit more like the person I evisioned in my head so things need to be little vauge for me to do that. Still I imagine they'll allow custom portaits so I think people will get whatever they like best in the end anyway as well import our favorites.
  5. I imagine they'll email people redemption codes for steam and good old games.
  6. After playing Shadowrun Returns I'd like to see transitory companions become more previlant. It made sense that sometimes the people you're paired up with don't want to go into every risky situation that you want to get into. They joined with you for a reason and beyond that they'd rather go their own way or just stay safe. While I wouldn't want this to override the traditional party structure as I like getting to know my companions and keep them with me throughout the game I do feel that it adds a touch of realism and a bit of variety.
  7. I prefer the novel style in the body text. For the choices themselves I think *'s or ()'s work better to delinate between an action and converstation pieces. Italics also work.
  8. Plenty of great posts here already sum up my thoughts on going too far in deplorible acts does nothing to add to the maturity of the game so I won't really elaborate on that. I will say that I would like evil to be somewhat faction oriented. If I'm off being a complete asshat in a town that another one has a long standing grudge against I'd like to see my reputation lead to me being reviled in the former and respected in the latter. I really liked how individual towns in Fallout 2 had their own reputations and I'd like to see a system like that only taken a bit further so there was a bit of
  9. I'm not a huge fan of mods for the IE games. The ones I download are mostly bug fixes more than new content. I think the most important thing for the longevity of the game is writting good enough that you want to experience it again, characters interesting enough for you to want to experience again and again, content that is mutually exclusive forcing you to do multipul playthroughs to exepeince everything, and finally a good combat system that doesn't feel tedious once you've hit the 40 hour mark or feel entirely outdated in 2 years.
  10. Most of these franchises have a likeable NPC or 2 but planescape had the highest percentage of likeable NPCs. What makes them good though? I'd say it's depth combination of depth, realism, familarity, and nostalgia. Nostalgia wise some characters I like from older games probably aren't as well written as them seem when I'm looking back. I'm not going to go back and check because I've already got a huge backlog of games and if they are written poorly I don't want to disillusion myself. For familarity when I look at the cast members I like from ME I find myself pretty much liking almost t
  11. For me I like magic to have rules that define it. As much as I understand why D&D magic is the way it is I much prefer something with narrower scope. If anybody is familiar at all with Brandon Sanderson's books he has a great talent for building interesting magic systems with strict rules as to what you can and cannot do with magic. I prefer this vastly over the MAGIC CAN DO ANYTHING ways of D&D or the completely amorphous magic of say Lord of the Rings where people say Gandalf is a wizard but damned if I ever see him do anything magical. Also I think it's important that the presen
  12. Seems to me that the only thing they've really been overhauling from the original IE games are the systems, combat, leveling, health/mana, and so on. Which is exactly what I wanted when backing the game since these are the things that bore the life out of my whenever I try to replay them. They were amazing at the time, I can't even imaginge the hours I've clocked in BG2, but they haven't aged well and they need to be updated which is what obsidian is bringing us. Same feel to the world and characters with (hopefully) better gameplay.
  13. You know I kind of felt that there was no way the Wasteland 2 was going to be hitting its goal of Q4 2013, it seemed like they still had a lot left to do. Then yesterday-ish they sent out a backer update with their progress and they're looking to go to beta at the start of October and still plan on launching this year. So it can be hard to gauge these things from the outside since we really can only know as much as they tell us. I think PE will probably be a little late, maybe as much as 3-4 months, but I don't think we've got a double fine adventure type situation going on here.
  14. @Bos_hybrid http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64084-romance-marriage-pregnancy-and-having-children/page-10?do=findComment&comment=1354005 I listed a handful of games with romance "choices" which is what you were stressing. I wasn't aware that they all had to have homosexual romance options or romance options for a PC of a different gender in order to be considered a valid choice. Of course nobody is going to emulate biowares style 100%. I will say this though, in terms of being inclusive towards providing romance options for female players and homosexual players Bioware is doing the bes
  15. As a few others have said I already envision experience as a staircase. That's what the experience represents. The trails and tribulations of trying to improve your skills through active use then suddenly you have your eureka moment when you gain a level. All those magic missiles you've cast have given you enough insight to figure out how to create a fireball instead. The other way I envision what you're talking about is that some levels you'd get no benefit at all, no stats, no new spells. So level 1 you start off, level 2 nothing, level 3 you get stat points, skills, and new skills. I perso
  16. This is just completely false. While I admit that many of these games are japanese RPGs there are at least dozens of legitimate games (not purely dating sims or porn games) that have multipul romance choices. I certainly wouldn't say they're well done but they exist. I mean the fable games for instance let you marry, have sex with, and raise children with pretty much whomever you damn well please. Off the top of my head I can think of Fable, Skyrim, Fallout, Witcher, Baldurs Gate, Record of Agarest War, Persona, Fire Emblem, Thousand Arms, Azure Dreams, FFVII, and so on and that's by no means
  17. I remember liking Gaelan Bayle from BG2, cooooo~ Farnham from Diablo 1 was always one of my favorite people to come talk to once I got back to town. In general terms I really like having converstations with alien (meaning foriegn) entities. Anything thinks on a completely different level or in a totally different way that the PC is always fun. Which is one of the reasons Torment was so amazing for me. I just loved talking to all the random NPCs because so many of them were so interesting because they were so different. It's why I also really liked talking with Legion, Sovereign (both not min
  18. I guess it's a really a question of if it can be done well. I'd prefer a strong narritive over a blank page for me to fill out my characters past if it meant that my past had no effect on a single thing in the game. I don't think I'd want an exhaustive series of choices but some things I would like to have a choice over such as religion, upbringing, prior knowledge specilzations. I'd like to see it done in the way you can answer questions to determine your class in the elderscrolls games.
  19. I'm all for sub-classes but I'm tempted to say save it for an expansion. We've already got a ton of classes to choose from and I'd rather they work on each one of those classes feeling unique rather than try and add specilzations right now. If they find they have time and they've got ideas for specialzations that aren't limiting then I'm all for it, for every class. I personally like the idea of unlocking specilizations though strictly through the DA:O method. I felt learning them through NPCs was a bit too simplistic as was purchasing a training manual. Some of the other ways to unlock it, li
  20. If they choose to add romances (which I'm for) I'd only want them to add children if it made sense in terms of the time the adventure is supposedly taking place over. I honestly don't believe that PE will take place over an amount of time long enough to make having a child a worthwhile addition to the game. If there is some sort of epilogue sequence that would like to site that the player had a kid with so-and-so then by all means include such a thing. Beyond that though I can't really imagine a good way to include having a child in any reasonable way that wouldn't be some silly managament min
  21. I really like little job mini-games in some games. In others it's just a boring feature added for the sake of having more features or a way to grab extra cash. So while I do like jobs I feel like they probably won't be a good fit in PE and should probably be left out. The last thing I'd want is Fable like wood chopping and real estate management.
  22. It depends on the gameplay. I will pretty much always do my first playthrough on normal or a step above normal with some additional tweaking in options to get things how I like them. After the first or second playthrough I start looking towards the more challenging difficulties. But if the gameplay is just tedious I won't bother with harder difficulties. There have been more than a few games I've played in the past where the harder settings made the boring parts of the game take longer and if that is ever the case I'm not interested in increasing the difficulty. Sadly I find the combat in many
  23. First time through I tend to a bit of a mixed character. I'll do 'evil' choices when dealing with situations where I think a harsher punishment (usually death) is more deserved than simply letting them go or turning them in to the authorities. I also tend to deal with shifty or annoying characters in 'evil' ways because I like to cheat cheaters and annoying characters have just earned my digital-ire. Beyond that I tend to do the 'good' choices. My second playthrough I tend to do straight up evil though I'm never a **** to my party members. After that I usually just ping-pong back and forth bet
  24. I'm pretty comfortible with the idea of limited money. I hate reaching the end of a game with obscene amounts of cash and nothing to really spend it on. Also I've found that games where money is hard to come by stealth, pick pocket, and lockpicking all tend to to get a nice bit of use outside of dungeons which I always welcome. I also enjoy games where you can kill shop keepers in order to get access to goods you can't afford so I'd hope for something like that as well. Provided of course that killing a shop keeper had suitible amount of risk involved to balance it out.
  25. I like the idea of gathering your party before going to the next area. I just think that the distance the entire party should be from the exit should be fairly large when out of combat. When in combat though I think everybody should need to stick close together before you make a break for it. The only time I really like the whole 1 person needs to hit the exit and that's it thing is when you aren't in full control of your party like the fallout games. If Sulik and Vic had their way I'd never make it to vault city.
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