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  1. Totally agree. It blows my mind to think back when i was 12 I was experiencing the peak of RPG's but it seems to be the case. Just glad I got to grow up with the greats I suppose, though I had really hoped things would have continued to improve. Obligatory console defamation sentence here , etc etc.
  2. Do you know of any (recent) game where the story was not average off the stock material? Shadowrun: Dragonfall had a perfectly serviceable story. Yeah, but that's more of a murder mystery than a real RPG. Although it has strong RPG elements it doesn't have real side quests and party management to the extent of a real RPG. You're thinking of Dead Man's Switch. Dragonfall is a completely different campaign (which surpasses its predecessor in every possible way and is probably the best CRPG since Alpha Protocol). Dragonfall is amazing. Recently picked it up on a steam
  3. The thaos fight was incredibly easy.. i kept waiting for him to resurrect into his final form :D. Raedric 2.0 gave me fits however. As for the ending in general.. I find most game endings to be unrewarding. But to be fair I think its probably pretty difficult to make a truly epic ending and Im not even sure what that would be.
  4. I kind of think PoE's main quest's issues are that it takes a while to get rolling and isn't great at motivating you in the way BG 1 was. It's probably meatier than either of those games thematically and in terms of content, in my view. Combat in BG 1 is probably a little more varied overall and the AI of the BG games is slightly better at providing meaningful challenges though still cheeseable to hell. I really don't get people holding up BG 1 as an example of build diversity - building a fighter that doesn't have 18/18/18 STR/DEX/CON is always suboptimal, and the curve for stats in AD&am
  5. It means DR is 10 unless otherwise noted. In this case DR is 10 for pierce and elements, but 14 slash and 6 crush
  6. I really enjoy the graphics. Certainly alot better than the cartoony WOW style graphics that seem to dominate the genre. Considering from the get go it was planned as a 2d pre rendered backdrop game (actually a selling point since the I.E. games were as well), I think they did very well. I will say some of the character models are rather sub par however (Aumaua for example looks downright silly :D )
  7. Im amazed. Of ALL the MAJOR changes they've made away from the IE games.. this is the one that gets people up in arms.. astounding.
  8. Aren't CRPGS at their heart, about combat? Sure theres been some games that have tried to deemphasize combat to some extent, with varying levels of success.Thats not to play down the importance of game worlds and storylines and the like. I mean take for example the HUGE posts in the forums about armor and weapon design.. combat has always been at the heart of CRPGS from the beginning. I really dont understand how getting xp for kills is degenerate.
  9. you're the one-eyed king among the blind followers you're so totally wrong on so many levels. peel the ie games out of their a/dnd shell and look a second time what made those games. perhaps this time you'll find the similarities with project eternity. Well I had hoped and tried in my original post to NOT sound like this as its NOT how I feel. Honestly I feel like im missing something that everyone else isn't because the general feeling I get from lurking the forums for quite a while now is one of being pleased with the direction of the project. Simply, im trying to understand. So far
  10. Maybe your right. I knew it wouldn't of course be a DND product however I feel like they are literally trying reinvent every aspect of the old formula. Again no problem for a foward-thinking RPG and I actually am hopefull that this project could spark a new era in future CRPGs (wishful thinking perhaps). I guess I was just hoping for a throwback, a modernized BG instead of a total rethinking of the entire concept of CRPGs.
  11. How can this game claim to have anything to do with IE games at this point. Other than having an Isometric interface, they are basically reinventing everything that embodied what IE games were in my opinion. Let me be clear on a couple things first. I did not pledge in the Kickstarter (because I had a funny feeling this would happen). And I will still purchase the game! However I do feel it was disingenuous to base the entire project on this. Also, I do understand that what an IE game embodied is subjective and probably varies from person to person. But at best the product this is shaping
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