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  1. That's exactly what I mean....some people are resisting the ideas of immersion because they cant ever picture the isomtric RPG innovating....then again nobody from 1999 would ever imagine that a small polish company would release possibly the greatest commercial RPG (Witcher 3) by building on all the innovations of previous RPG titles. I mean if you look at the Witcher 3, they had a simple formula which was to take ideas that had already been done before and just do them bigger and better.There is no reason why Obsidian cant stand on the shoulders of Baldurs Gate and innovate instead of sticking to tradition to please the purists. I mean even now there are some gamers that dont like what Obsidian has done with the combat mechanics just because it doesnt copy the D&D mechanics from Baldurs Gate
  2. @transfett: Great explanation, i prefer when people actually disagree to something and explain why they disagree instead of just plain trolling and bashing. As far as the NPC's dynamically doing stuff in the cities/forests I didn't mean that the NPC could travel outside of a certain radius, even if they were restricted to a certain radius where they would do things for example in skyrim alot of the NPC behavior is just outside their homes, so they never really walk 10 meters away from a given point making them easy to find when the player is looking for them. As far as the RAM implication is concerned are we 100% sure that a game like this uses up more RAM than an old game like SKYRIM with its big cities, 3D models, large textures and NPCs? One of the reasons i brought up such "out of the box" ideas for an isometric game is because I dont believe games like this should be so stuck on the blueprints of their grandfathers (BG, Icewind Dale), I think there is room for innovation as long as its not destructive like what happened with Dragon Age 2 and somewhat DA:I @MalVeauX: I agree totally with your ideas, like i said the potential for innovation is there and people who love these games love them because they want to be immersed in the game.
  3. As much as the game is loved i feel there needs to be some constructive criticism so that when the next iteration of the game comes out hopefully in 2-3 years we can see a true masterpiece. Here are some ideas i have for how the game can further improve its immersion -Lifeless Enemies: I find it anti-immersive to sneak into an area and find enemies standing doing nothing waiting to be triggered by my miraculous arrival. Enemies need to at least move around an area to make it seem as if they were doing something before i arrived. This is especially worse when you find a troll/ogre and a black ooze next to each other doing nothing but waiting for me to turn the corner and activate them -Lifeless cities: Similar to what was mentioned above i was a bit disappointed with the NPC count and lack of activity in the great city of Defiance Bay. When i first arrived I expected to see lots of NPC's moving about and some chatter in my headphones of a buzzing market place like in "The Witcher 3", but infact i walked into a city where NPC's stood around waiting to be activated, where areas that were supposed to be buzzing with life only had about 3-5 houses which is really unrealistic, i don't want to enter every door but at least the city should be hand painted to appear to be massive in scale, with NPC's appearing to be alive in the city. With the availability of the "next gen" era, I think Isometric RPGs with their hand drawn backgrounds have the potential to be the biggest in scale. I get that the artists cant draw out an entire world but if we are going to subdivide Defiance Bay into smaller areas then those smaller areas need to be on a much grander and livelier scale. -Lifeless forests: Same comment as the "Lifeless enemies", sneaking up on a pack of wolves waiting around lifelessly for me to aggro them is not realistic. Take from how "The Witcher 3" did it, where enemies don't walk into beaten pathways, so keep the pathways safe but once we venture off the beaten path then we should have a bit more dynamic encounters with Trolls actually walking into our parties path through the forrest, or walking right into the path of a pack of wolves that have just killed an animal. -Companion Death: Something strange happened to me 2 days ago, i was on a quest to help Kana get a certain book in the Endless Path, while on the mission "Kana" died, murphys law lmfao, but I heard a sad scream from one of the party members when he died, I wanted more of that, when the combat ended and I had avenged Kana by killing the Ogre that killed him I expected to hear more from the party members that had spent many camp nights with Kana, but there was nothing, we just looted his booty and moved on. I think some form of animation/story or chat between the characters should get triggered when the last of the enemies in that encounter falls that will bring some emotion to having lost a fellow comrade especially while actively trying to complete a quest for that comrade -Taunting: Wouldn't it be cool if when playing as a ranger for example you shot the last arrow that killed the last enemy in an encounter and you heard your ranger scream "Boooyaaa thats the last time they ever cross us" or some kind of finishing taunt, or a move by a barbarian that ends with the last enemy getting dismembered. I know I often celebrate barely scraping by an encounter, i think my characters should too Thats what i have for now, maybe you guys agree or disagree or even have more ideas that i may have missed, let me know what you think
  4. Hi guys I was reading this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414713755&insideModal=1 In it i read [start quote]: For example, in an attack against the above wolf I received this roll: Accuracy 25 (Me) - Deflection 27 (Wolf Defense) = -2 A d100 roll of 52 + -2 (The result of the comparison) = 50 (Total) 50 (total) resulted in a Grazing Hit. The Thresholds for hits are as follows: 15 or Less = Miss 16 to 50 = Grazing Hit (50% Damage and Duration) 51 to 100 = Hit (100% Damage and Duration) Over 100 = Critical (150% Damage and Duration) [End quote] Whats confusing me is when the writer says the hit was a "Grazing Hit" does that mean the it will do 50% of the weapons base damage? If that's the case if the weapon states for example "7-11 Pierce (base 8-12) vs. Deflection." does that mean it will take a random number between 8 and 12 and then do 50% of that? Also what does the "7-11 Pierce" mean? Thanks to those who can help
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