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  1. PoE is everything I hoped it would be. An instant classic!
  2. Noticed that if you change party members inside Brighthollow they will lose all items in their personal inventories. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open the save I've attached. 2. Check invetory to see all the stuff there. 3. Remove all party members through the stronghold > party management screen > accept. 4. Invite same party members back 5. Check inventory again to see all the items gone. Savefile
  3. If you do this quest after Raedric's Hold, and specifically after having killed Raedric there, you still get the option to threaten Wirtan saying that you will report his actions to Raedric. This dialogue option is available when confront Wirtan about leaving the people to die.
  4. While I agree with pretty much everything else you said, I disagree with this. I loved Battlestar Galactica but every time I heard the word 'frak' it threw me right out of the show. Sounded way too forced and contrived to me. I feel they should have just gone with the real thing and just toned down the amount of times they used it. Obviously, this whole discussion is totally subjective though. Same. Fake swear words are one of the most immersion breaking thing in the genre for me.
  5. This is an important part of the process. The majority of hype nowadays is generated by folks streaming games right before they are released. This is just the reality of the situation. You shouldn't view streamers in any different light than reviewers. They serve much of the same function - informing users of the game (and giving them a glimpse before they purchase) and generating hype for the release. They also work off of the same principles. In the same way that reviewers won't publish reviews on games if they don't get exclusive access, streamers won't stream new games if they don't have exclusive access. Obviously that isn't universal, but it is a good rule to follow. This isn't to denigrate the backers or what they mean to this project. We love you guys and what you do for this project more than you can know. But, this is the game that has to be played for us to be as successful as we can be. I agree that streamers/youtubers are a BIG part of the process, but unless Paradox are giving you guys some kind of financial bonus on pre-order sales there's no reason why they should get to play the game 4 days before the backers. The success of a game isn't defined in the first few days prior to release. Look a Larian studios with Divinity: Original Sin. The big name streamers and youtubers will still do what they do even if it's on the 26th. And why would the review embargo be different from the streamers? Doesn't make any sense to me, man. Also I have a youtube channel. 1500 subs. Can I get a press release version? I can confirm some sales I sent your way already with my BB videos. You can also Youtube search Divinity Original Sin and you'll see my work in the number 4 slot. You can also youtube search Pillars of Eternity and find me in the 8 slot with my latest BB video. Kthx in advance brospice. You are really intent on not letting someone else have a chance to play this game before you, even though them playing/streaming is clearly a thing that will benefit everyone in the long term.
  6. Third vote for trying the Myth games. They are absolutely forgotten gems, my favorite RTS games of all time and have really great story/atmosphere to boot.
  7. Now see, that makes a bunch more sense. "We gave them the copy with the express purpose of creating early, helpful content for new players" that sounds awesome! What I don't understand is why that would require gagging via NDA. An NDA in such a respect would be something like "[...]Don't reveal anything, or only select few things, about the game prior to the release"(I.E. a simple embargo) it usually does not include "You cannot ever tell anyone about how you received your early copy of the game", just like review/press copies aren't accompanied by any such thing. So when I read "I can't say, NDA" (or whatever was stated) it just bugs the hell out of me, because I work in law and it seems extremely odd and out of place. I know from my work that NDAs can sometimes be in a rather "grey", shall we say, legal-area - but something like this just seems odd. Doesn't it seem odd to you? Wouldn't Obsidian maybe even want to call attention to the fact that they gave an early copy (for whatever reason) to a member of their fanbase? That would be pretty damn cool marketing in and of itself, wouldn't it? That is what I don't understand. I am a new user and my only posts are in this thread, questioning an extremely well-established member of the community. I don't have a death-wish, honest - and please don't misunderstand me as having one such EDIT: My first post not requiring moderator approval! We're in, fellas! NDAs are how game reviewing almost always works. Why Sensuki specifically had to sign the NDA more than likely is simply because they don't want to give him special priviledges gaming journalists don't have. Like them, or hate them, they are doing Obsidian a favor by giving PoE publicity that will then help the game sell more, and will eventually benefit us all by allowing Obsdian to work on more games like it.
  8. Don't be jelly! I don't agree with even near all his opinions, but no-one can deny to effort he has put into helping Obsidian make this the best game possible.
  9. I'd guess not because the strategy guide would spoil the story.
  10. Pretty sure the documentary will actually be the last PoE backer reward they release. They want to include the final days too and after that it still needs to edited to be presentable.
  11. Josh has actually studied history I think and it shows. Real history is full of interesting and often insane stories that could, and should, be used in games too!
  12. You write a lot! It's awesome to see people like you (and me) so excited about PoE. Too bad you missed the KS they had some pretty awesome rewards available. It is almost certain though that it won't be the last kickstarter project for Obsidian. Next one might even happen relatively soon after PoE, and I would be really surprised even there wasn't one this year at some point at least. They actually teased us about a new KS like a year ago, but I guess that is still under development. To answer your original question they usually offer option to upgrade your order on Steam after the release. Paradox (the publisher) is pretty good at taking advantage of this like that. So hopefully they will offer an option to do it with PoE at some point too.
  13. The games I 've played over the last couple weeks are NHL15, DA:O, DA2, and Cities:Skylines.
  14. Definitely. How much exactly would I pledge though depends largely on how much I'll enjoy PoE.
  15. I'll just say that some of you seem to be over reacting quite heavily. I'm also waiting for my signed CE to arrive, but no matter when that happens I'll have the actual game available to me on release day thanks to the digital version key, as does every single person with physical version. Would I love to have my manual, ce book, etc. on that day too sure, but let's be reasonable not act like Obsidian is screwing us over on purpose.
  16. Don't be hasty on the patch notes. It's been a month of tuesdays since the last update. The previous patch notes are confusing as to what's actually been fixed vs known issues. Are there still daily builds? Did Justin have a chance to go through and tweak the combat music fade in and out? Previously that .5 sec delay was too fast! I'd say don't bother making any notes. badler has got much more important things on his plate. BBers can play and report bugs without notes.
  17. Awesome to have one moar update before the launch!
  18. Well said. Looks like Obsidian is delivering exactly what peopled hoped for. Can't wait to play this!
  19. Sensuki is a true hero fo the people! He should get QA credit or something similar!
  20. Shadowrun Returns Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC Wasteland 2 All gone!
  21. Can't seem to edit that old post so I'll say it here. W2 gone, also these are Steam keys.
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