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  1. I've run into Geyda not appearing. This is the 2nd time she has shown up and she isn't anywhere to be found. Game is fantastic though this is my first playthrough and I'm glad I waited this long for all the added content and patches. I think I'll wait awhile to play the 2nd game for the same bonuses. A game like this I only have time to play once (500+ games on my steam account, my backlog will last the rest of my life lol).
  2. Just checking in to report I have this bug just now so it's still in the game and not fixed as of today. Excellent game by the way thank you very much.
  3. Ok thanks everyone... I really want to go back and wrap some quests but I was afraid that my stronghold would be easier to build if I returned to them after finding. Thought I read stuff happens there free you complete missions. Also I already did gilded vale quests that can before I got there, it's the temple and the next handful of zones and on the way east to the stronghold that I really want to explore before going to the stronghold but just afraid to do it until after going there because of missing out of stuff or making the stronghold easier. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Hello Everyone, Currently I'm at a crossroads. I just got Durante and am wondering if I should go back and clear some previous quests in earlier zones, or just I just push on to my stronghold and THEN backtrack to the quests and such in the earlier first areas. Main one being the temple in the Gilded Vale There was just one pack of mobs there my group of 4 couldn't just take them out. I probably could have engaged the encounter quite a few times but I decided to just move on for now. I have destroyed ever other mob pack so far except that one for some reason. I thought I read that completing missions impacts the stronghold when you have control of it so I'm worried if I clean everything out up to the stronghold, I might miss stuff for the stronghold or not get as much exp, stats or whatever happens when you complete quests having your stronghold found and up and running . Thank you ver much in advance for anyone's help.
  5. I'd like to see them use PoE money on future PoE projects. The rich new world deserves the money they have already made as guaranteed funding for future projects. That being said I'd like to see them go to kickstarter to fund another game in this engine but as a brand new IP. Maybe a Sci-Story or space opera but I'd be way more than willing to back Obsidians next project on kickstarter if they choose to go that route, PoE project or new IP. After the PoE expansion, all the kinks in the engine should be worked out and their next games in this engine I'd assume will be excellent seeing what we got and what they have to build/improve on for future titles with PoE as the base. Things are def looking up.
  6. This is one of the things I hope gets fleshed out down the road and for the expansion so it's a different experience for those play throughs.
  7. Well at some point the company/Devs just have to go with what they have, try to polish it up as much as possible and then release knowing the can then keep tweaking, adding things and balancing through patching. If not, they could be developing a game forever trying to get everything right and the way they want things. Then factor in a kickstarter budget, that yes while it was a lot, is eventually limited and going to run out. That's what has happened here. It's really no ones fault and Pillars will be a better game 6 months from now. While I knew this with Wasteland 2 and have still held out playing it because of that, since pillars is having an expansion I decided to play it through now and then again when the expansion comes out because I feel it will be enough of a different experience to warrant another play through at that time.
  8. I would like to add that the hardback collectors edition strategy guide is awesome. You should look into maybe getting the Champion Edition and also order the hardback guide. If you don't care about the guide, the royal edition comes with the guide as a .pdf. If money isn't a problem, royal edition plus hardback guide is the way to go, if it is champion edition plus hardback guide is about the same price as the royal edition.
  9. I have everything now for my champion edition, all I had to do was right click on PoE on my steam list, go to properties, then local files and verify the integrity of game cache. I was missing around 150 files. After that finished my champion edition content now shows up in my PoE main folder and also on under the DLC tab on the same properties window where you go to local files to verify the integrity of the game cache. DLC is the last tab on the right. There were not there before but I still cannot do anything with those files from there but if I go to my Pillars folder under steam/steam apps they are now there and I can click on them and see/use them all except the documentary which says it isn't finished yet.
  10. Wow didn't see until just now a Dev replied.... No really thank you for all your hardwork. You all did an incredible job and I'm sure have brought smiles and thoughts of "oh wow how I have missed gaming like this on my PC" to many many people all over the world. As I said earlier I have been burned way WAAAYYY too many times on release day by games I was really looking forward to that it really is a magnificent surprise to actually have a kick ass day 1 experience for a game I have waited years for and have that complimented by an awesome guide showing up almost at the same time the game launched. This has been a super rare experience for me in today's gaming culture and it was special to get to experience it.
  11. It really is great and having this guide is just amazing. Im so glad I have the actual book and not a .pdf download of it. The actual 500 page hardback book really is just an amazing item and I'd rec to people that even if they received the digital download of it with their tier package or got one of the lesser tiers and were thinking about getting the $9.99 digital download off of the prima site or lastly are waiting for it to appear online for free.... DONT DO IT!!!! The collectors guide is just amazing. The only freaking problem with it is that it is filled with spoilers for the entire game lol. But man it's such a beautiful book and I'm soooo happy to have gotten it. And it even arrived within an hour of the game launch. Installing the game at 9:15am and having the book at 9:45am has just made this day which i was already looking forward to and have been excited for it even more incredible and a really amazing day. Too many times recently I have been burned by crappy day 1 release issues and sadly I was truly expecting the game to end up launching late, Green Man Gaming to not release codes on time or for my guide to have something lame happen and arrive late tonight or even tomorrow but everything went as smooth as could be. What a great day to be a PC gamer. Yeah PS4 got Bloodborne, but we got Pillars of Eternity with kick ass extras that you can just tell a lot care and hardwork went into putting this guide together. It is also a limited print, so once it's sold out its gone. Again for $30 off amazon I cannot recommend enough picking up the real hardback collectors version of this guide over the $9.99 download, your free pdf file download for the upper tiers or waiting for a gamefaqs free version online. And yes, that stupid silly grin is still on my face and I'm proud of it . Thanks again Obsidian and also all the backers that believed in Obsidians dream of bringing back the old isometric IE type games of yester year we all loved but were told by the suits and higher ups that we shouldn't like these games anymore because FPS, MMOS and hold your hand the whole time RPGs were now the games we were/are supposed to like and were/are now the future of gaming because they said so. One more huge thanks to everyone involved with this project and one more plug for the Collectors Edition Guide.... What are you waiting for go drop the $30 on it now from amazon and be happy and amazed just like I am. Cannot believe March 26th has turned out just the way I was hoping it would.
  12. I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Obsidian and all the Devs/people that worked on Pillars of Eternity. 2 days ago having got my copy off of Green Man Gaming and also having ordered the collectors hardback strategy guy from amazon I had no updates from either company about my Pillars of Eternity products. Then early yesterday morning I was able to preload and amazon updated my order to shipped. Now, I had just started making my characters on Pillars of Eternity this morning at 9:15am and at around 9:45am my hardback collectors strategy guide arrived. So here I sit with a game I've waited years for, with my strategy guide in hand..... Everything delivered on time. I've just had a big dumb smile on my face all morning and haven't felt like this regarding and from a video/PC game in a real, REAL long time. Thank you so much for recapturing that magic I used to get playing PC/console games that honestly I have not had it quite some time. I hope this game brings you all a huge amount of success so you can continue to make the games you love and we can enjoy them. Thank you again so much. The hardback guide is absolutely beautiful as well, very happy I went with the collectors edition and not the download.
  13. Nooooooooooo I keep turning off and restarting my steam praying it will change and release lol.
  14. Today just has one of those epic video game feelings I have not felt in quite some time. Release is in about 20 minutes, I'm pre loaded and ready to go and amazon says my hardback collectors strategy guide is on the truck and out for delivery. I also have today, tomorrow, Sunday and Tuesday off of work. Man oh man oh man I have not been this excited for a game release in quite some time. The fact that its an old school CRPG and not some generic console game sequel just makes it even more special. I cannot believe the day is here and finally arrived.
  15. Valve and the Devs run on PST where it's currently 8:28am .Not much longer to go!!!!
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