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  1. I also got few extra keys for some really good rpgs left over: Shadowrun Returns Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC Wasteland 2
  2. Let's hope they delay this game again if needed. I'm not sure they got enough time to polish this in time for early 2015 release.
  3. These were probably the one single thing that added most immersion to the IE games. So yes bring them back!
  4. The difficulty in all the IE games varies wildly depending how well you build your party and understand the rules. So game that seems incredible hard to one can at the same time be incredibly easy to another.
  5. Tying skill points to talents is definitely by far the best thing about this build. Really like the character progression now. Now just remove the whole stamina system, and make the characters stand out from the background better!
  6. March/April seems like the best choice. The end of 2014 is packed full with new releases already. Start of 2015 has both Bloodborne, and Witcher 3 in February.
  7. Good call. Just don't release it in February or it will buried under all the Bloodborne hype.
  8. This is such a stupid complaint. The person who has most likely done the most modding work for IWD ie. CamDawg actually works for Beamdog. So do many other IE modders. While many others you like Wisp, Kulyok, etc. are completely happy with what Beamdog are doing and actually helping them beta test stuff, and updating their mods to work with EE versions.
  9. So much this. 3ed. is soooo much better than 2ed. Anyway IWD is worth playing for the music alone. Will definitely buy this once it hits Steam.
  10. It's only double loss if you give your second key away to someone who might have otherwise bought the game themselfs!
  11. Where is this idea that the EU physical goods would be shipped from Sweden is coming from? The KS pledge specifically required you to cover the cost of shipping them from the US. So I'd say anything else is just hopeful thinking. Also based on my own experience of ordering things from the NA I can assure you that you will most likely have to deal with customs.
  12. I just love how this game looks. It's exactly like IE games brought to modern day. If I had one request though it would be the show some areas that really embrace the high fantasy aspect of the game like eg. Temple of Talos in BG2.
  13. It's not for multiple reasons. Check the update 70 yourself if you wanna figure out why.
  14. UI looks fine to me. I too wish though that you are able to customize by moving/rotating the different elements.
  15. I really like the way you think except for one part. Completely agree about merging vigor and constipation because just resistance to hostile/fortitude defense can't compete with stats at all. However it still leaves on problem which is that resolve is significantly weaker than all the other stats. I think it really needs another reason to exist. My idea is to change stats to this: POWER – Damage, Healing DEXTERITY – Accuracy, Criticals VIGOR – Inventory, Health, Stamina, Fortitude defense SPEED – Reflex, Deflection defense, Action Speed RESOLVE – Effect duration, Resistance to hostile effects, AND Extra Stamina Regen
  16. Yeah, if there's one thing certain about this new kickstarter it's that it won't launch until well after the holiday season. They might be even going for pretty similar schedule as the Torment kickstarter. If I remember correctly they first started talking about it in December/January and then the actual kickstarter campaign launched in March. Anyway personally I just hope for some kind of sci-fi setting. Post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, space opera, etc. all fine with me!
  17. One thing to remember is that 2 years from now you won't care if this came out couple months earlier or later. Only thing you will care about at that point is how good and re-playable the game is.
  18. It's not that late. According to JS they are actually just starting to make the companions, and obviously are also working on the wilderness ares. So it would actually be a perfect time.
  19. Josh Sawyer has been pretty clear what this would be on the SA forums. Three new companions to have a companion for each of the available classes, and some more wilderness areas.
  20. How does it work if you want to increase your pledge from a digital tier to one that requires shipping outside the US? It says it requires extra for the shipping costs, but how much and where do you add it because I went all the way to confirm and never saw that?
  21. Yay, huge update time tomorrow. :D Can't wait to finally see that gameplay demo!
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