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  1. I wish Obsidian would rebalance POTD Port Maje while they are still polishing the game. The difficulty is out of line compared to rest of the Deadfire and PoE1 POTD difficulty. That kind level of difficulty isn't fun or interesting when your options are extremely limited, and it's a bottleneck PoE1 POTD didn't have and was better for it. It also immersion breaking to have some of the hardest fights in the game on the tutorial island.
  2. While the things you mentioned will buff dex I don't think it will be nearly enough. Especially harder fights tend to last a long time and the longer the fight is the less your initiative matters. As it is I don't really see the point of not dumping dex in favor of the other stats. A character with high might and low dex should hit harder but less often, and vice versa. Basically dex should be changed to also affect how often the characters turn happens.
  3. I'm trying to figure out a fun party for my probably final PoE playthrough. Only thing set in stone is that I want to include the three WM companions in my party. Also my main is mostly likely going to be a cipher, but this could still change. At the moment I'm thinking of using Zahua as my main tank. Don't really know how viable that is though. And rest of the party would be Maneha (ot/dps), Devil (dps), cipher (cc/ ranged dps), Durance, and Aloth. I'd like to replace Aloth and Durance with other characters, but both priest and wizard seem pretty essential to me.
  4. More varied music would be great. Don't really remember PoE music other than main theme.
  5. My main wish for PoE 2 would be integrating the companions better into the story. Have them comment on things happening around them and the places we go to. Also have them talk between each other a LOT more. The DLCs certainly moved in this direction compared to the main game, but I'd still like to see more of it.
  6. Probably lots of people on summer vacations. Just relax.
  7. Khalid has a small quest where he wants to find spider silk to make a present for Jaheira. That quest felt more like foreshadowing Khalid dying than anything else.
  8. That was my impression as well. Luckily I never even bought this game because everything I saw and read about SCL, just made me wonder who the hell was the target audience for this game.
  9. Don't feed the obvious troll. Just installed this myself. Let's see if I can finish it in a weekend.
  10. New issue of The Familiar is out with some more SoD, and BG in general, stuff in it.
  11. SoD intro cutscene looks great. Can't believe that my most anticipated games of 2016 are a Baldur's Gate and Torment game, did we go back in time to 1998/1999?
  12. Checked, but didn't have any relevant saves from before the battle. Also yes I participated in the beta.
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