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  1. Please include some kind warning before linking out to tvtropes...I've only got so much time and charge left.
  2. RPS has an interesting Q&A here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/01/09/planescape-torment-sequel/#more-137374 - discussing the new Torment "sequel" sans Planescape. Not a bad read - thought it might be of interest here.
  3. Picked this up from a Steam sale awhile back, and found it to be a pleasant surprise. Certainly not perfect, but I enjoyed it pretty well. The Bourne/Bond/Bauer choice scheme and timed dialogues still stick out for me.
  4. I don't think Tolkein (despite the half-elf epithet) had hybrids - didn't offspring of multiple races choose which race to become? Elrond chose elven/immortality, while Elros chose humanity and was mortal (albeit very long lived).
  5. Not too shabby! My amazon payment processed pretty quickly after things wrapped up last night, so hopefully it won't be too much of a pain on your end!
  6. Haven't yet read the 7 or so pages that have spawned from this comment yet - but this caught my eye. I'm a sucker for this trope every time - getting stuck somewhere late in the game, itemless, and only relying on the skills you've developed to escape/re-equip. I don't know why - every time, it just works for me. And for the record, options are good. Easy exits don't ruin my experience. I may use them or not, but I'm not unhappy for them to be there. I don't mind being challenged, but I never want a game to frustrate me for its own sake.
  7. Looking forward to them! - I will likely play on iOS, provided the UI is manageable.
  8. I enjoyed Crossroads as well, and would be happy to see a similar feature in Eternity - perhaps with a little more in the way of customization. Really liked how it felt like you were tangibly making a mark on the game world.
  9. Not nearly enou Bear Gods in games these days. Glad to see this; hope it's achieved!
  10. Include me please - could I get a "Mad Alchemist" title, or something similar?
  11. It sounds like similar kinds of skills will be open to Rogues, and wizards to a lesser extent (at least the mechanical aspects)...
  12. Always like to see interesting hybrids. Not sure why, but I like them. It seems like there's a lot of opportunity in the world of Eternity for mixing of cultures. It would be nice to see some hybrids between two non-human species (not recalling any offhand in previous D&D or similar games, but I'm sure somebody can prove me wrong). What is a half-elf/half-dwarf like? Orc/Dragonkin, or God-like halflings?
  13. Your username is 'NerdBoner'. So excuse me if I flat-out ignore anything you say about gender representation. Not sure that "boner" in this context refers to specifically to erect genitalia, but I guess I'll leave that alone. Anyway, I've got no issues with attractive female characters (or male, for that matter) - but it'd be nice to have them wearing practical (or at least, context appropriate) clothing. There's enough eye candy out there that I certainly don't need it in a video game. However, I'm MUCH more interested in making sure the female characters are complete and
  14. Hehe. I'm good with this convention - and thought the Normandy 2, in particularly was really well executed in this respect. Might have been nice for it to bit more dynamic, but on the whole, thought it had a lot of personality and tied the party together as a "crew."
  15. Close to double their funding goal and nearly 50,000 supporters with 15 days left - looks pretty successful to me.
  16. PS: T is an all time favorite of mine, and I really enjoyed BG2 (both chapters) at the time. Played them all more than once. I don't recall making much headway in BG1, but I do look forward to revisiting the enhanced editions later this year. Never really tried Icewind Dales, but maybe I'll check them out in GoG.
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