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  1. I think that zooming should be considered, at least because of the variety of screen definitions nowadays. Playing with different screens would make the experience too different without zooming. I remember playing BG on my wide screen, and everything was way too small...
  2. I think I was misunderstood. I didn't mean that I wanted to control more than six characters at once, but that the way to limit the number of characters in the party seems a bit artificial. I agree with you, when you say that it is nice to be able to replay the game with a different party and that six characters parties are being rare, but I was pointing out how that limit was introduced. I remember walking through plains and suddenly meeting someone that could come into my party. I also remember thinking "Huh, my party is full, shall I try to take him with me and to part with one of my loyal fellows, or decline his offer and maybe lose him forever?". On the other hand, having one of my so-called loyal fellows telling me that he could not stand that new NPC coming into my party would achieve a similar goal but in a more roleplay manner.
  3. I know it has been announced that party size will be limited to 6 + temporary companion, but I can't help feeling that this is anti-roleplay and kind of frustrating. Isn't it possible to put more roleplay-like limitations, such as: NPCs that can't stand each other, preventing you from taking them together NPCs that may refuse to follow you on certain tasks On the contrary, the player may not want a NPC to see him doing things against his ideals That way the player may change his party (and his strategies) according to the incoming task. Plus, it may be nice to be able to "convince" NPCs to put aside their disagreements for one big assault, for instance. I also think it's a shame that put-aside NPCs are just... put aside. By giving the player the ability to give them missions like gathering intelligence, trading, etc. the player may be tempted to reduce his "fighting party" and assign non-combat roles to some NPCs. What do you think? Am I the only one that this fixed limitation bothers? Are there arguments in favour of this limitation that I haven't considered? (For instance, I know that balancing the game may be, if not more difficult, at least different from what we are used to)
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