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  1. After being away from playing POE until White march part 2 comes out I am amazed and disappointed that this is still a problem. Either change the flavor text or chage the ability!
  2. I also have the Maneha bug and it is super annoying as you now can;t speak to her at all although perhaps you can exploit personality lines
  3. 3 Million stretch Goal achieved.... Thank you Obsidian I have now pledged some more Well time for some 12 hour shifts to pay for my pledges From the description I am hopeful that Obsidian is adding the kind of stronghold I and others wished for Thanks again and I look forward to playing the game in a few years and remember since gamers are funding you I hope you wont have to rush the project and make it the directors cut you wished for!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Melkathi will check it out I think a lot of what I liked about Crossroads Keep was that how you ran it was commented upon by NPCs like when I had a high Appraise skill I could talk about those 3 trading companies that wanted to set up in Crossroads Keep and impress the quartermaster lady with my knowledge making me feel like the skill points I invested where worthwhile. Also all the money I accumulated in my adventures could be used constructively and even to save poor villages from paying war taxes! Also the ending epilogue slides also showed how you had run it and how it ended up Even if there is no cool stronghold for the player I would just be happy if NPCs reacted to all the extra things I did like completing every sidequest or resolving a situation in an interesting way like how NPCs in Deus Ex Revolutions would comment on my play style. An example of games that really disappointed me recently in that regard are Kingdoms of Amalur, Skyrim and Dragon Age 2. Beware some spoilers now for these games: Kingdoms of Amalur Spoiler: I had become a leader of every side-quest faction possible yet no one except for one fey guy in the capital city said anything about it making my achievements mean a lot less as I got the same reactions whether I had done a thousand side-quests or none. Also in the last part of the game I could rebuild a castle to former glory but when it was done it had no use whatsoever which annoyed me as the castle was in enemy territory so I was hoping it helped my main campaign in some way however minor. Skyrim Spoiler: I had spent numerous hours becoming the leader of the Companions and the Mages and what do I get at the end of my endeavours? One person saying "You are our leader now...." The end! So anticlimatic where is my ceremony of inauguration?? At least bring all the members together to congratulate me or something! Dragon Age 2 spoiler: Mainly just annoyed that the ending didn't get an epilogue like Dragon age origins telling me those little side-quests I did actually made a difference to some characters and the outcome of my bigger choices. Basically I don't need much except for some main story NPCs to have one line of dialogue mentioning all those side-quests I did as the problem with most side-quests in RPGs (in my opinion) is that they rarely ever tie into the main campaign which kinda makes me feel a little silly at times helping a lady get some rare apples when the evil overlord is pillaging the land Anyway rant over I hope the NPCs will be sightly reactive to the players actions and accomplishments in Project Eternity and truth be told it is quite simple to do with just a few extra lines of dialogue and coding to create the illusion What do you guys and gals think about NPC reactivity? Any games that do it quite well? P.S Alpha Protocol did some of this right when NPCs spoke about how stealthy or violent I was
  5. I heard that Depths of Peril kinda does that, but I can't recommend it to you, since I haven't enough courage to try it. It's a pretty fun game over all. Plus, it's only like ten bucks. Thanks for the recommendation Milten and the info Hanged Man
  6. Thanks for replying guys it's much appreciated and it is nice to see others who enjoyed Crossroads Keep and the strongholds of BG2. Truth be told my perfect game would be a role playing strategy game with many choices but the scale of such a game would be a bit daunting. Like playing a character who forges an empire and is hands on so still adventuring and general role playing but with many choices that have consequences. The closest so far has been Neverwinter Nights 2 as you personally forge alliances and strengthen a critical fortress however I must admit I loved Mask of the Betrayer more for it's fantastic story and intriguing ideas so I hope the stretch goal is reached to get George Ziets on the project. Mask of the Betrayer is the only game to date that forced me to stop role playing an evil character on my second playthrough when I spoke to the Big Tree guy in the spirit forest. Anyway as long as there is some good companions with some intersting banter and stories I will be happy with Project Eternity. At least with the fans being the financial partners in this endeavour Obsidian will not be forced to rush a game out before it is fully ready as that has been their downfall in the past I think (Lots of missing content in Stars Wars the old republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 and a few others). Anyone else know any games that give you choices and a very important role like a King? I already have almost every Bioware and Obsidian game made so I know about those ones Thanks for all your responses again and I hope this thread stays alive as it makes it more likely to get this put into a stretch goal
  7. Hello Project Eternity Forums I was just wondering if anyone else really enjoyed building up Crossroads Keep in Neverwinter Nights 2 and would like to see something similar incorporated into this fantastic project. I loved being in charge of my own little castle that protected other small villages in the area and that you got to see all the changes that your upgrades bought about. I loved having to make interesting choices that came up in petitions from NPCS. Neverwinter Nights 2 is the only role playing game that ever let me feel I was actually in charge of running something and that it made a difference. I really enjoyed randomly running in to one of my patrols I had sent out which made it much more realistic that those patrols I sent out were actually doing something on screen as oppose to off. I don't post in many forums and mainly stay in the sidelines reading interesting topics but the fact that the game is supported by gamers made me feel that our input will be heard I am a Kickstarter supporter of $20 at the moment but as soon as I can save some more money I wish to go to the $165 mark which means more hours at work for me So basically I was wondering if anyone else here on the forums really enjoyed Crossroads Keep and would like to see something similar included in Project Eterenity? Thank you for your time and consideration P.S Is there any time limit on the kickstarter campaign as with X-mas coming I won't be able to pledge any more until Feb 2013
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