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  1. So I just bought WM1 and 2 + installed the newest update. I played the original game on day one and haven't touched it since. I see some really cool improvements, and I'm really enjoying the expansion(s). On tot he bugs I encountered: 1. This bug also happened to me my first time playing. When I assign someone on a mission (in the stronghold menu), save and close the game, followed by reloading that save, instead of a 'cancel' button, the button says assign where it should say cancel (it does say cancel if i don't load the game). So me thinking I still had to assign someone to that mi
  2. I don't know what's suppose to happen, but I'd expect at least for something to happen - or for someone to at least mention it. I'm pretty far along in that quest line (just forged hammer), and those spirits haven't even been mentioned once. And just like the post above mine says: Nesta mentions the exact opposite - that the spirits being released was probably the best choice. Moreover, the conversion ratio was 2/1 for me before in Whitemarch 1 (Version 3.0) and I didn't change version. In fact, I played it yesterday. It's all a bit inconsistent.
  3. I did the same. I however didn't find the development interesting at all. I wouldn't know if the other side of things has anything interesting in store. Just do what fits your character most, I doubt it matters much.
  4. To quickly answer the thread title: no, it isn't 'bad'. At least, as far as I know you wont lose any (worthwhile) content. If you mean bad as in evil, then it might be bad - killing is bad after all
  5. probably some [spoilers] ahead: I don't really see it as a atheism vs. religion. If something feels, smells, looks and has the power of a god, isn't it simply a god? For me it was more about the regulation/freedom of information - what should the 'common' people know about and what is better kept secret? I don't know. The game at points didn't have the decision-choices I would have made (especially in the talks at the end of the game) and/or choices lacked impact on the game(world). I also ended with like 4points (or more) in rationalism. I don't however feel like I made all that rational
  6. Oh, I understand that keeping up such a high level of quality with fairly little resources is hard, that however - with all due respect - isn't my concern. All the planning and promises are done on Obisdians side. If anything, this might have shown the limits and faults of a kickstarter campaign. I'm a customer, not an investor or developer - I only care for the finished product. I have great respect for what obsidian did with limited resources. These limited resources however don't, in my opinion, excuse the quality drop in the end. But enough about that, I'm making myself forget how much fu
  7. I also greatly enjoyed the game, but the greatest game ever? Not in my opinion. I felt a huge quality drop when you got to twin elms. If they had kept the content and quality at the level of everything before that, I would totally agree with you. But as it stands, I'm rather conflicted. But I already posted my thoughts - minutes after I finished the game - earlier this weekend. As for the Nietzschean theme, I didn't really get a specific Nietzsche vibe. Then again, his work is very open for interpretation. A general Existentialism-light theme however, I could agree on. Then again, there wh
  8. It's an optional branch in the main questline. [minor spoiler] At some point you have to pray to one of four gods(or two, or all of them). I tried all of them, since the conversations where pretty interesting. One of those(Galawain) gave the additional option(s).
  9. It is a convoluted sub option below 2-3 layers of choices you already made. I believe it was somewhere under the....
  10. So I just finished the game and I want to order my thoughts. so I figured I'd do it here. Some major spoilers ahead! Where to begin... Overall I thought the first half(more like two thirds) were amazing. The second half however, was very lackluster. if I currently had to sum up this game, it would be: Amazing yet disappointing. I'm doing all this by heart, so I'm probably forgetting 90%. These are however the things that stuck with me. [spoilers ahead] Story/Quests/worldbuilding I greatly enjoyed the story and most of the quests, up to a point. The point it really began to fal
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