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  1. In the description of the Berserker Frenzy penalties you gain confusion, your attacks and abilities are friend or foe.its not an ability you activate its a passive. Enemies shouldn't gain the effect of silver tides because they to don't benefit from any of the other passives barbs get when under the effects of confusion. For role playing effect its like you are too wild in how you fight and deal damage. That makes perfect sense. It doesn't make any sense based on what the debuff is supposed to do or from a role playing perspective why Silver tides should heal enemies, in an aoe, every time you pass a damage threshold as a barb. Like i said it makes almost no difference later but it heals for 15 to 20 points of health with high might early game which is devastating. If its just me that's done this and thinks its unfair then fine. I would like others to try out the build and see if it doesn't feel like an added layer of difficulty. If the heal was a cast spell i would understand, but i took moon godlike to warn me during combat when i hit a threshold (hurt,bloodied,near death) so don't have to count numbers since hp is gone during frenzy.
  2. Is it intentional that silver tides heals enemies when in combat? I ran a PotD Berserker Moon godlike and i assumed that my silver tides would only effect me and my allies, but instead it made the run exceptionally harder as during fights my heal would bring my enemies back from the brink of death during the really hard fights, and because barbs need high intellect i was healing the whole battlefield. I don't know if its a bug with Frenzy's confusion, but it doesn't seem fair to have it work as such a harsh double edged blade. Not only can i hurt my friends but i can literally help mobs? I hope this is a glitch. I'm 40 hours into the run and its balanced itself out now that my characters are stronger, but the first 10 levels were a nightmare on top of the patches to difficulty (which i'm happy with but i digress). High might+high intellect+3 heals per fight makes for punishing gameplay. Please change this.
  3. Some of the cipher abilities have beautiful fully fleshed out animations(mind blades, and most of the level one spells) , that aren't distracting in combat and yet others have virtually no animation at all(soul ignition, just ticking dmg and no indication that the spell is in effect without hovering the enemy in particular). I hope the devs don't intend to leave ciphers this way as many of their abilities suffer this issue,dispite the abilities themselves being so imaginative.
  4. You're completely right. I felt cheated wasting a talent point on the ability after they made it sound so useful. I'm 60+ hours in and i dont think its hit more than once, and my Cipher is my main damage source. I skipped it entirely. i got lvl 4 cipher talents and now i dont pay it any mind
  5. It's a beta. Come on. You literally already saw what the beta looked like days ago... How much of it did you think they were going to change between Gamescom and today? You paid these people to build a game and you're crying about the unfinished product? Give constructive criticism without attacking them and being sarcastic and they might fix things...
  6. I'm still feeling it out but the very first Cipher i made was horrible and wasn't any use in battle because i prioritized what i thought was important ( the ability to generate Focus through Might and Dexterity and the ability to deal dmg with my Soul abilities through Resolve) I ended up with a great concentration level, but no hp, no ability to hit anything, and if i disengaged combat i'd die from a couple of glancing blows. I spread out my stats almost perfectly even the third time around and now my Cipher functions but feels like a jack of all trades :/
  7. Whew... 4 hours in... 2 of which i spent doing nothing but die as i tried out multiple classes on Hard mode... And Obsidian this beta has bolstered the faith i had in you years ago when you said you wanted to make a game to pay homage to BG 1&2 and PS Torment. Lets begin my rant. 1) Pro - The music: I am a man who enjoys an orchestral score and the ambiance of PoE is so natural. In Town the world feels alive, and the melody is one that begs you to start a new journey, and test fate. It invokes the inevitable feeling of adventure. The Battle music is awesomely epic and terrifying when coupled with the game's merciless difficulty. I wasn't paying attention to the map during my play thru and the music started playing as i ran into that spider that drops stalactites on the party...it insta-killed my fighter and i now have an instinct to flinch when that particular theme plays.... 2) Con - The Pacing: I think everyone on the forum pretty much agrees the game is too fast. Too fast to strategize correctly, too fast to recognize when you and your party are in trouble, too fast to maneuver right ( i send my Rogue to draw out some bugs and they are on him before i can tell him to run back and my fighter to run forward). Attack animation could be slowed down, or just slow down all of combat to a near BG level becuase currently if you arent paying attention to the info around your party AND their hp at the same time people die fast. Adam experienced that first hand at the beta reveal ... (If its any consolation the animations are BEAUTIFULLY done, i appreciated the reloading animations and the spell animations are gorgeous and this is just the beta) 3) Pro - The Dialogue: I need to visit Obsidian's studio and shake each writer's hand. That was top quality conversations. Like i was won over by a single dialogue choice (Spoiler but not really) The "Cruel but kinda diplomatic" solution for the Ogre's residential dilemma... R.I.P. farmer... 4) Con - Screen Panning: No. Its too slow. The screen inches along and it isn't any faster when you use the direction keys. A simple speed up is all it needs 5) Con - Responsiveness: Everyone else already nailed this one. We need our characters to listen to us. Its pretty explanatory. 6) Con - Too much info on screen: You brought back the Uninjured/barely injured/injured/ badly injured/ near death display and i was SO PROUD that you did...but then there was these dots over everyones heads...and the auto attack reset timers... why? I mean we can already see our allies hp and to be honest the dots tell us the same thing that the injured display does and its less or a clutter since we just have to hover over them. We can't enjoy the thrill of combat when we can barely see it. Half the kids and adults here grew up on the injured system and i doubt anyone would complain if it were the ONLY system displaying hp in Pillars. 7) Pro - Armor models: Yeah....like....HELL YEAH...Great friggin job! I did not expect my Cipher to look so cool in her first piece of plate armor. I cannot wait to see unique armors!!! and weapons! Lastly and sadly a Con - Attributes: They are...kinda frustrating as you kinda need them all. They ALL work towards combat in one way or the other...there's no focusing without hurting yourself. I made a Cipher with tons of Resolve and intelligence but then i remembered how a Cipher generates focus so i put 10 points into both Constitution and Might...but then i remembered that dexterity controls accuracy and i can't generate focus unless i'm hitting things...and then i realized my Cipher is going to be the one talking to everything in the game so i have to have some kind of Perception or ill get duped all game long You may have woven the stats together too tightly. You gave us 50ish starting points which is unheard of in any RPG because there isn't a single stat that i can see being unimportant for any class. Its not BAD but its certainly not good. It makes it hard for Infinity engine veterans to understand and REALLY difficult for people new to the genre. Im still testing the risk and reward of attributes. Hopefully i'm wrong. Regardless of my Con to Pro ratio THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC ALREADY. You have a satisfied backer in me.
  8. I've beaten Kangaxx. In his second form too, just to let you know that that particular example doesnt work.
  9. The Bittersweet wait Begins...

  10. Even Watcher's Keep (Arguably the best Dungeon ever created in a cRPG) Had a way to the surface every few levels because the dungeon was THAT HARDCORE. I'm a fan of seriously difficult games but 15 levels of pain and death with no Merchants to sell to and no real respites sounds like torture. Not the good kind of torture either. I wouldn't mind the number of exits spread through out the Endless Paths as long as it isn't a straight shot. Imagine if Watcher's keep had been like that? You get to the bottom and say "Yes i did it! Now i can leave right? I have no more potions or cure spells so the developers have to let me leave right?!!". And then you see mother****in DEMOGORGON sitting on a lawn chair drinking lemonade. I would have never played Baldur's Gate again.
  11. Some agree with me that, depending on how much surplus we manage to raise before it end, they should add more companions, and use the rest to make the quality of the game better. currently players will have tons of choice in race, class, and background, but unless you make some of your own the majority companions obsidian made will be in your party. Only 3 will be left out. I don't mean to whine but someone did point out how big a difference this will be from say Baldur's Gate 2 where we had a choice of 18 fully voiced tag alongs to help you save the world.
  12. THIS needs to be seen by P:E Developers. Like this guys. This is gold right here. A thief is about more than backstabs and traps. A thief should be able to talk you into selling your mother's soul, or able to point to something in the distance and snap a low intelligence NPC's neck. A true thief is dangerous whether you are meeting him in combat or drinking with him in a pub. A fighter is a warrior, a thief? He's everything else you need.
  13. The boxed version, which is simultaneously dead and alive. I see what you did there
  14. 3mil here we come :)

  15. What kinds of god's there are don't really matter to me too much, but what i would like to see in P:E is God interaction and conflict. I don't mean the player has their preferred God's cell phone number, but something similar to TOEE where, If you were a follower or someone who did something on behalf of (Insert God name here) that god intervenes to help you. But In sort of a Greek God lore fashion. I mean being a Paladin of Eothas should have its perks besides being able to Lay on Hands. I'm not saying this should only apply to the religious classes though. If you happened to find the head of a Shrine to the Fire and War god, and fix the shrine just because you felt like it, that could possibly win you some favor without you knowing. In BG i remember donating tons of money to gods and getting nothing but reputation points and i felt a little cheated. In TOEE i gave money to St. Cuthbert and in the end stages of the game he literally saved me from Death and the hand of another god. Which blew my mind! I want more stuff like that in this game, but maybe not always so combat focused.
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